4 Stunningly Stylish Event Gifts and Favours

Buying gifts for people is something I have always loved doing and whenever I get a client emailing me saying, 'Help! I need some cute gifts for my workshop attendees', I get super excited and they get to breathe a sigh of relief as I scurry away to find them the perfect presents. 

When you run a premium in person workshop or event, it's not always necessary to buy your attendees gifts, however if you can in build it into the price of your program or event, it does add something special to the day and is always very much appreciated by the recipient.  Who doesn't love receiving a beautiful gift to enjoy after the event is over?


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How to Work With Your Florist For Your Event

For something a bit different I thought I would focus on flowers this week as I am forever using florists across the country for my clients events. I LOVE flowers at events, they are one of my favourite parts of the decor and they make me positively squeeaaal with delight. One of the beautiful florists I work with is Tillda Flowers so I interviewed the owner Casey to get her view on florals at events...


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New York Travelshoot

One of the highlights for me this year was going to New York and Hong Kong for a whirlwind trip up to the big apple to be a speaker at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy's Inspiration Day.  As part of that trip my husband and I had a fun little experience we were there - we had a Travelshoot!

Paul and I have our beautiful wedding photos to look back on from 2008 but since then, we've not had any more done, bar the odd selfie while travelling! We have so many gorgeous photos of our little bun and even some with bun and me, but nothing with Paul in it so I thought we'd grab this chance and do something fun for us and they turned out great! 


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