Feel like calling your event off? This one's for you!

By Jade McKenzie

I know.

Events can feel overwhelming, scary, uncertain and at times - a helluva lotta work. The panic that can set in when tickets aren't selling and you feel like you just aren't getting the traction you need can be crippling. Or maybe you are paralysed at the thought of how real everything just got and it feels like out of nowhere you've hit a brick wall.

If you are feeling like all you want to do is chuck it in, these reminders are for you. I hope that they give you the motivation to keep going or at least show you that you are not alone.


When you started planning this event, you had an ultimate purpose in mind. You were on a mission to help/create/inspire/teach and even change lives for the better. Amazing! Take some time to think about your why and get back the feeling of excitement that filled your belly when you first came up with the idea. Let this carry you through the funk and back into eager anticipation.


They absolutely do. They need your skills, your talents, your knowledge, your warmth, your generosity. You could be the missing piece of the puzzle for someone who really, really needs you right now. 


You are enough. As you are. Right now. This very moment. 

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed with feelings of being less than, but darling, I pinky swear that you do not need to be a damn thing more than your amazing self right now.


Yep, I promise you. No matter how scary, stressful or frantic it all feels just take a deep breath (inhale...... exhale......) and it will all fall into place. You know what to do next, so do it. Without the panic. Without the fear. With nothing but peace. 

Go get 'em tiger xx