Yes, it happens. A lot! I see so many amazing women who want to hold their first event but find it too confronting to put themselves out there. No matter how far along you are in your business, there are going to be times where you have a burning desire to do something but you haven’t started because of:

a)    Fear
b)    Overwhelm
c)    Comparisonitis
d)    All of the above. Boo!

And if you find that you aren’t breaking through and it’s actually holding you back, it can be frustrating with a capital F. 

So what can you do when the brick wall in front of you doesn’t look like it’s coming down anytime soon? Pick up the hammer and swing girl! Here are a few ways you can build yourself up to holding your very first (and amazingly fabulous) event!

Testing the waters before you dive in deep can save head and heartaches. Many people do beta tests of their new service or offering before launching to the public to help iron out the kinks before the ‘real’ thing. 

In terms of events, I suggest starting small and being budget friendly. Develop kick ass content, hire a room that doesn’t cost more than $150 for the day, invite 5 people who are your ideal client and you know will give you honest and comprehensive feedback and get the show on the road!

This will help you practice your presentation, help you develop the content further, give you confidence to go to the next level and also provide you with testimonials and word of mouth that you can use to promote your next one. For such a low investment, it will provide you with a tonne of value without the risk.


When I feel overwhelmed, it’s because I have a whole bunch of thoughts whirling around my head and no way to execute them. Cue panic stations. I created the Ultimate Event Toolkit especially for this reason. It breaks everything down week by week so you know what to focus on and what can wait, without actually forgetting anything – huzza!  

Get all your thoughts down on paper, organize them into a timeline and work on them piece by piece. Before you know it, you’ll have done the bulk of the work and that thing called overwhelm? All in the past baby!

Sometimes we just don’t feel good enough. Sometimes we just feel like a small fish in a freaking massive pond. And sometimes we let those thoughts get in the way of what we really want to do and how we want to do it. But I am telling you – screw that. You are good enough. You are a beautiful fish in a pond full of opportunity and people who appreciate everything you do! I pinky swear.

If you feel like your confidence needs a boost, do something that feeds your soul. Hang out with a group of women who always leave you feeling energized. Call a girlfriend who will remind you how amazing you are. Have a session with your coach where they will give you a reality check and tell you that you are brilliant and to go for it. Or put out a save the date and let all those RSVP’s and notes of support buoy your spirits. 

Do whatever works for you and remember – every time you do one little thing, you are getting that much closer to achieving your dream. Go for it! 


Article by Jade McKenzie, Owner of EVENT HEAD Event Management and Editor of EHM