What is your purpose?

By Jade McKenzie

Events are a crazy fun way to connect with your audience, get your new (or existing) products and services out there and keep developing your brand. As a world that is more and more focused on doing everything online, events bring back the personal face to face connection that we all desire. Who doesn't want to meet their favourite webspiration/business idol/Ryan Gosling?! 

If you have an inkling of an idea for an event but lack the clarity you need to really get things fired up, then you just need to know your purpose. Trust me, everything else will flow once this nail is hit on it's shiny, little head. 

Take some time out and ask yourself -




Write down EVERYTHING that comes into your head. Do you want to:

- Launch a new product or service and generate interest

- Give loyal followers the opportunity to meet you and hear your speak 

- Sell a product or service offering

- Provide valuable information in your area of expertise or teach others what you know

- Make people feel good about what you do


Once you have a list of your whys, you can nut out your purpose and have a clear vision for your event. You will go from:

I want to teach business owners how to market their businesses on a budget.


I want to hold a training day for solopreneurs on how to effectively market their business on a small budget. The purpose of the event will be to teach business owners 10 simple ways they can promote their business online for less than $100, promote my '10 Ways to Market' e-course, generate testimonials for my website, gain mailing list subscribers and position myself as an expert in this area.

Using your purpose you can identify  important information like the size and length of the event, your target market, the type of venue you will need, what content you can include, what help you require and what point of sale equipment you need. It will also help generate any copy for your sales page and promos. Hooray! 

One of my own examples is the Babies and Business event. It's core purpose was to reach out to working mothers who feel overwhelmed at the mum/wife/work/life juggle and provide them with gentle, soulful and caring advice that will help them lose mothers guilt forever and gain practical advice on how to bring balance to their busy day. We also wanted to give attendees the opportunity to connect with our four speakers and other mums over a delicious afternoon tea at the Park Hyatt and spoil them with gift bags.

I was ecstatic when the mums left buzzing with excitement, having been so open with their experiences and connecting on such a deep level. Our purpose helped shape every part of the event and because of that, it was everything we dreamed.

The more specific you are, the easier it will be to organise all aspects of your event so don't be afraid to give that pen a workout.

Happy planning!