3 good reasons why you need help at your next event

By Jade McKenzie

We all kinda feel like we can do everything ourselves right? At home it’s the cleaning, the shopping and the child wrangling. In your business it’s your core client work, the administration, the graphic design and bookkeeping. And when things get busy and the you-know-what hits the good old proverbial fan, my god don’t you feel streeeeetched. 

The same goes for events. It can be completely do-able to organize and run everything yourself, but if one thing falls out of place, you can guarantee the rest will follow suit and you will end up one stressed little chook.

Even if my clients are running a super straightforward event for a small group of 15 people, I always recommend they have someone to help them. It can be a friend, your sister or your husband. It doesn't matter who it is as long as they aren't in an old pair of trakkie daks and they have your back.

And to be honest, this isn't just about you. It’s about who are in the room with you and what they deserve as an attendee. So here are three good reasons why you need help at your next event.

1.    It gives you time to connect with your attendees

People have paid money to be with you and to see you speak. It’s always nice if you can dedicate some proper time to connect with them. Thank them for coming and find out more about them. 

Don’t you feel cared for, valued and sometimes even pleasantly surprised when a host comes and spends time with you? If you have to tick everyone’s name off at the door, get all the guests settled, attend to questions, show people where the bathroom is, ensure the venue is on time and chase things down, you won’t have any of that precious time. Get someone else to handle it all for you. 


2.    They will be able to do the things you can’t

There will be things that you would like done on the day but can’t physically do while you are presenting. Things like taking photos of you speaking for your website, taking photos of the group in action, getting the morning or afternoon tea set up and doing social media updates and sneak peeks. A helper will be able to get this all done for you and more.


3.     You will be present

This is the most important reason of all. When you are standing up there in front of your audience do you want a clear head and the ability to be completely present with what you are saying and who you are saying it too? Or do you want a mind that's ticking over with a presentation plus thoughts about what needs to happen and when and is that morning tea coming up soon and dammit I should have taken a group photo earlier and ooh I need to remember that for my facebook update and oh no why is the lady from the venue coming in, what does she need and oh someones come in late, 'there's a seat up the front here' and.... you get my drift. Clear or cluttered? An easy choice to make.


We all need a little help sometimes. So go on, take it.