Event Success - An Interview With Sonya Lovell

What can I say? I loved working with this lady! 

Determined, action taking and dedicated, Sonya Lovell woman is trail blazing her way into womens hearts and helping them live their best possible lives. 

I am excited that this months Event Success interview focuses on the fabulous experience events give to those attending and she is a gorgeous example of how events can serve people in so many ways - they don't have to be just cut and dry in the way they give people information.

Hear what Sonya has to say about the value that events provide.

How have events changed your business?

Introducing live events to my business was the BEST thing I have ever done! There is an amazing energy generated at an event and this energy allows you to create an unforgettable experience for your community.  You are able to capture people’s senses, their imaginations and their heart.  And it is these magical moments that stay with them long after the event.  It was the beautiful Maya Angelou that said “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Holding an event allows you to provide an experience that makes your clients feel special, significant and connected.  And I have found that this has built loyalty, trust and a strong sense of belonging to my business.

What do you love the most about holding events?

Everything!!  But my greatest thrill comes from allowing myself to pause, stand back and take everything in on the day.  Observing new friendships spark, eavesdropping on the laughter, chatter and joy all while soaking in the vibrant, positive and abundant energy.  There really is nothing better than that moment of witnessing connection.  Community and connection are so important.

 Photo Credit: Lauren Emily; Photography:   www.laurenemilyphotography.com

Photo Credit: Lauren Emily; Photography:  www.laurenemilyphotography.com

How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

From what they’ve told me they feel empowered, inspired, educated and wanting more!  My hope is that they leave connected, empowered, inspired, motivated and informed. 
I’m a bit of a closet perfectionist so I spend a lot of time creating a warm, gorgeous and safe environment that allows my attendees to open up to the full experience on offer at the event.

What are your top tips for a stress free event?

It’s all about your team.  Starting with an awesome Event Manager like Jade to your support team leading up to and on the day. Be clear with your communication and ideas, delegate everything that you can and assign each team member specific tasks on the day.  Appoint a team leader who is everyone’s first point of contact on the day to allow you time to focus on your guests.  And finally, surrender and trust that you can host an amazing experience without having to succumb to stress and pushing too hard.


You can keep up to date with all of Sonya's news and upcoming events including her Live Your Best Life workshops here


Article by Jade McKenzie, Owner of EVENT HEAD Event Management and Editor of EHM