Event Success - An Interview With Maddison Vernon

When I think of this little lady, I think of these three words to describe her - an absolute darling.

Maddie helps stressed out students overcome the stress and burnout and thrive in their studies instead. Wonderful! I really enjoyed coaching Maddie and was excited to interview her for my Event Success series.

How have events changed your business?

Holding my first event was a spectacular experience. I felt it was something that really legitimized my business in the face of those around myself, my readers and definitely in my own eyes. 

It solidifies your message and why you are doing what you are doing in the eye of your community. Along with constantly reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing - because trust me, when you are facing lots of gremlins in relation to can I do this, what do I have to offer, is this crazy, you are constantly reminded why you do what you do. 

What do you love the most about holding events?

It was a reminder that I love connecting with people and cultivating community around me. It also really sparked something for me, the knowledge that this is a complete passion of mine, something I want to be doing a lot more of. 

I love connecting with other women, and seeing them meet each other. It was honestly a highlight to see women meeting for the first time, chatting away and talking about how they could continue to connect past my event. To think that I created a space for that to occur is incredible. 

I also love talking and getting to create a space where people can come together and talk about how they want to continue to further themselves and can grow and learn. These kind of conversations happening in real life are something that fuels me and leaves me high on life. 


How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

They left feeling empowered and at peace with themselves. 

I had an attendee say before she came to my workshop she was ready to go home and study more because she thought she had to do that. But afterwards she said she was going home to relax because she knew she deserved that. That really goes to show that the attendees walked away a little big kinder and gentler to themselves. Something we everyone can always be reminded of I think. 

What are your top tips for a stress free event?

Get support: I would not have created this event without the help of Jade, would still be in the works and I don’t think it would have been as successful as it was without her. I am in no way putting down my own efforts because I know I did some incredible things I am very proud of. But if I didn’t have Jade’s expertise, skills, help and extreme amount of support I would not have done the things I needed to. 

If you can look at how you can work with someone to go through this process, otherwise ask another business person who has done it so they can help you. Of course your loved ones are important during this time to support and cheer you on, but having a cry to someone who understands how HARD it is to find a venue or how to create a running sheet can prove to be invaluable.

Be prepared: On the days before the event you want to be smooth sailing, and on the day of the event you definitely want to be relaxing and enjoying what you are about to create and put on. So my big suggestion would be to be as prepared as you can be, if it’s not perfect don’t stress, things certainly come up. But ensuring you are prepared is the best way to wake up and run your event with minimal stress. 

Celebrate: I always think celebrating is such a huge part of any adventure and learning process, so my last tip would be to celebrate your achievement. Pay dues at how far you have come and treat yourself to something special really anchoring in those positive feelings. 


Amen sister! You can keep up to date with all of Maddie's adventures and workshops HERE.


Article by Jade McKenzie, Owner of EVENT HEAD Event Management and Editor of EHM