Event Success - An Interview With Danielle Price

This Event Success interview is with the lovely Danielle Price, founder of She Will Shine. I first met Danielle when she attended my very first Babies and Business event and I invited her to be a speaker at my second event.

I've also worked with Danielle on her Clever Mamma Catch-Up's where mums in business get together and connect in a vibrant and fun way.

Hear what Danielle has to say about how events have changed the way her members connect and engage with each other.

How have events changed your business?

After such a successful inaugural event last year, it completely transformed Clever Mamma from what had initially began as an online business to what it is now, a community very much focused on providing practical face-to-face tools, personal connections and collaborations to grow businesses. 

Seeing relationships literally being created before my eyes completely re-affirmed my beliefs that like-minded women are able to connect, support and thrive given the opportunity.

What do you love the most about holding events?

It’s “real”. Connections may have initially formed online but it’s the personal face-to-face conversations that really bring out each person’s unique story and perspective based on their own background and experience. It’s where the magic happens.

How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

Inspired, excited and my personal favourite, they have an increased self-belief. Self-belief is such an integral ingredient to success (both personal and professional) and there is no greater example of this then when we see like-minded women who have travelled or are currently travelling a similar path to our own. “If she is doing it… I can too.” We are all on our own journeys but having the knowledge that we have each other for support unites us all.


What are your top tips for a stress free event?

Use an Event Manager. You can waste so much precious time trying to do things yourself when it’s not your strong point. Focus on what you are good at and leave the experts to do the rest. And if something doesn’t go exactly to schedule just roll with it, you’d be surprised how often it can turn out even better than the original plan.


Love it! Thanks so much Danilelle!


Article by Jade McKenzie, Owner of EVENT HEAD Event Management and Editor of EHM