Event Success - An Interview with Julie Parker

Without a doubt, Julie Parker is one of the shining lights in my life. Her supportive soul has been there with me long before I started my own business and when I eventually did go out on my own, she was there to lift me up, encourage me and open me up to opportunity. The words unbelievably grateful don't quite cut it! 

I was super excited to interview her for my Event Success series as she has been a key part in many of my events and I have seen her business evolve over the past few years to include events which I have been lucky enough to be involved with. 

As a renowned speaker, MC, trainer and event holder, Julie knows a thing or two about what it takes to have a great event so here we go with this months Event Success!

How have events changed your business?

Being in person with people is my favourite place to be.  And while that often involves being one on one with them while I am coaching, the buzz and joy I get from hosting an event or a workshop simply can’t be beat.  

Events allow me to reach a wider audience in a shorter period of time so from a business perspective that’s clearly a great win, however they also allow me to see people come together and do things such as network, make friends and even have life changing conversations.

I can’t imagine having a business now where I did not hold events and workshops because of the connection and community they help people build and also the amazing ability they give me to reach out to exactly who I want to draw closer to my work. 

What do you love the most about holding events?

It’s people coming together that I love most of all and hearing afterwards how they are now doing something together either as friends or colleagues.  However having the chance to speak to groups of people about my passion areas such as life coaching, personal development, self-love and business is also amazing.

I’m one of those strange people (!) who actually loves public speaking so much that I not only want to do it in my business, but I love to do for others events as well.  It’s one of the times and places where I feel most alive and in my best creative zone.  In many ways it’s where I feel most myself and of service to others. 

How do attendees feel when they leave your events?

Well I know how I want them to feel – and that’s inspired, uplifted and just a little bit more confident and self-aware of how amazing they are in comparison to when they arrived.  If I can help someone feel that and realise that when they come to an event of mine or one I am hosting for someone else then I’m happy.

And those who know me know that I take how people feel really seriously and anything I can do to help craft those feelings they are most looking for I want to be a part of.  So to me having people feel wonderful when they leave any event I am involved in, is the most important thing I need to facilitate.  

I absolutely want things to look beautiful, be punctual and provide everything they say they will but it’s creating these feelings in people that’s truly most important of all.  

What are your top tips for a stress free event?

Get help.  If your role on the day is to be up front inspiring and hosting others, then you cannot do that while directing people to the bathrooms, ensuring they are registered, and liaising with staff about cups of tea.  Pay someone reliable and skilled (like Jade – who is amazing!) to do it for you, or if your budget is tight ask a trusted friend or relative to be your ‘wing woman.’  It will save you so much time and stress freeing you up to do exactly what you do best and what people have come to see you do too.

Create little touches.  So often it’s the thoughtful ‘little touches’ at events that leave such a big impression.  A small gift for those attending, a posy of flowers in the bathroom, ribbons on chairs, a surprise addition to the day that no-one knew about – all of these things add up to create an overall experience and impression of you as being someone who cares and has really taken the time to think about your attendees experience.  Make it magical for them but know that you don’t have to have a magical budget to do it.  And if you can make those little touches ‘on brand’ and showcasing you and your business in a greater way – that’s even better!

Focus on how you want people attending to feel, and build everything for your event around that.  If you want them to feel safe, nurtured and cared for, think about the type of venue you’re going to need to ensure that happens.  If you want them to feel inspired, alive and creative – what activities are you going to need to do for that to occur?  And if you want them to feel beautiful you need to truly consider how much beauty you are injecting into the event to match that expectation.  If you pay detailed attention to this one thing alone the likelihood of your event being a success is assured. 


Aaah love it, she has absolutely nailed everything that I recommend to my clients. Told you she was a pro! ;) You can find out more about Julie and her business the Beautiful You Coaching Academy here.  


Article by Jade McKenzie, Owner of EVENT HEAD Event Management and Editor of EHM