Dare To Dream

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

It Starts With Us are an innovative company that encourages women to invest in their personal development to feel powerful and confident. Through purposeful experiences, they create opportunities for women to connect with other like-minded souls who also seek inspiration, connection and empowerment. 

Today we speak to the Founder, Kylie Wharton, about their beautiful events including their flagship event, Dare to Dream.


You describe It Starts With Us as purposeful experiences, where you create opportunities for women to connect with other like-minded souls who also seek inspiration, connection and empowerment. Your flagship event is called Dare to Dream, can you please explain what D2D is and who it is for?

Dare to Dream will be ISWU's third event featuring five amazing women as key note speakers.  The speakers have been chosen for their incredible sense of community that has seen them experience fantastic success.

ISWU events are designed with all women in mind so D2D aims to connect with both the dreamers and the doers.  Whether you've got an inkling that there's something more for you, or that you want to do something better than you're already doing it, the five speakers will be sharing their insights into how they've built their businesses and relationships to be the powerhouses they are today.


How did the idea of Dare to Dream come about and what made you want to bring it to life? 

I felt that the women who spoke at ISWU's inaugural event "Great Expectations: fearlessly facing the unknown" provided incredible insight into the challenges they had faced in their various industries and provided relevant and purposeful strategies in the process of navigating them, so 'Dare to Dream' seemed like a totally natural "next step".  

I think that the concept "Dare to Dream" resonates with every one of us.  Dreams provide motivation, inspiration and aspiration which are the pillars of ISWU's events.  If we can tap into what really makes us happy and feel validated, I think we become better women, which of course naturally flows through to the many, many roles we play in life.


You always have a gorgeous lineup of speakers. How do you decide on who speaks and what do you feel they bring to the event experience?

 I always start with a theme.  I then consider the personalities who I would like to hear speak.  Following this, I then make sure that I have speakers that will connect with a range of women according to their experiences.  Chelsea Thomas, founder of I Heart Bargains, is flying to Brisbane from Melbourne to share how she made her Instagram passion her full time job.  

Emma Henderson, Co founder and Creative Director of The Beach People, will be chatting with me about the development of her business partnership with her sister, the international success of TBP and how she balances her business responsibilities with the demands of her young family.  Sarah Merrett of Mumma Ain't Mumsy, is a Brisbane based stylist who has created a warmth within her community by helping women find their vibe in the chaos of life.  Sarah is particularly passionate about differentiating well being from vanity.  Erin Truscott is a financial planner and share holder with GCA Financial and her message is that wealth is far more than money.  She's going to share insight into why women need to take ownership of their own knowledge.  Tash Sciotto, life coach of Healthy You Happy Me, rounds out the group and will help distil the messages so that the audience can walk away with tangible strategies to make their own dreams reality.  

It's really important that the event experience is more about nurturing our well being and personal development rather than simply listening and being entertained.  I value the connection and interaction that genuine and authentic women can create when there's a shared passion and vision.


How do you want women to feel when they walk away from Dare to Dream 2016? 

I like to think that women walk away with what I call 'sparkle'.  It's that little "something something" that puts a spring in your step and makes you feel ready to take on the world.  I hope the women who come along have (many) moments where they nod their heads in agreement, feel encouraged, acknowledge their worth and know that every thing they do is so important.  

I especially want women to walk away knowing that they have invested in their personal development.  I feel that many of us are fearful of being labelled as selfish for spending the time and the money on going to an event.  But, if we're not willing to work on ourselves, who will?  We are innate nurturers for everyone close to us but we often forget to invest in our own well being. If we don't keep filling our 'cup' we can't pour for others, right?


What has been the feedback from women attending your events and how has that fueled you even further?

I still get goose bumps when I read feedback from the women who have been to an ISWU event.  My all time favourite came from my first event:  "I have left with a renewed sense of what I want to be, where I want to go, things I want to do but most importantly knowing that where I am right now is ok, who I am now is good enough and that there are so many options out there and that I AM important. I hope to be able to incorporate all of what I learnt today with my team at work!" If that isn't a reason to keep delivering purposeful events, I don't know what is!


Just gorgeous! You can purchase your tickets for Dare to Dream HERE.