A celebration for party makers & confetti shakers

By Tanya Castellino

I’ve been running my online business Life’s Little Celebrations for the last 5 years - which is a blog, directory and business network for small businesses who service children’s celebrations.

Through my business I have made many connections online and in person and also developed a community of business owners in the party/event/baking industries around Australia.

My passion is for small business in this industry and developing this community has ignited inme the passion to assist business owners in this industry to really flourish their small business!

As part of this network we have monthly online business Q and A’s on various business topics…think social media, branding, marketing etc. These have been so valuable and it was from doing these Q and A’s and also seeing the connections happening online in this community – that I realized I needed to create something where this could all happen in person.

There is a lot of online connection and interaction which takes place on social media in the party industry – but a real lack of opportunities to replicate this connection in the “real world”.

There are a lot of business conferences and workshops with valuable knowledge being shared but none specific for businesses in the party industry which address some of the challenges and issues this industry is facing.

So it got me thinking…what if there was a day when business owners could come together and meet other likeminded business owners and learn business tools specific to their industry?

It is because of this and also because of my passion to see small business owners in this industry flourish – that I developed the Celebrate conference day – a business bash for party makers and confetti shakers!

Thankfully I discovered Jade from Event Head who I enlisted for some event coaching and who helped me pull my concept together and build my framework and really understand the “why” behind my event!

The largest decisions were the venue and the speakers but I know the guests will adore the beautiful venue (The Deckhouse, Woolwich NSW) and the amazing 5 speakers that have been enlisted to teach and inspire a room full of business owners!

I am so excited to fill the room with amazing business owners in the party, event and baking industry – and see the lightbulbs go off and their brains tick and eyes light up as they hear practical advice to get their business flourishing!

What do I know the attendees will get out of this day?

1) Networks and connections

Attendees will meet industry peers that they can continue to connect with and tap into for support, collaborations and resources when running their business long after the conference has ended.


2) Tools

Attendees will receive practical tips they can apply straight away to start flourishing their business across a variety of areas. Specifically these practical tips will be delivered to be applied to their industry.


3) Inspiration

Attendees will enjoy beautiful water and harbor views, be surrounded by amazing industry individuals and hear from incredible speakers – they are bound to be inspired for their business by the end of Celebrate!

It is exciting (and daunting!) to be creating a new event however I can already sense the buzz that will be present at Celebrate and the connections and successes which will come from this day event!


Tanya Castellino runs Life’s Little Celebrations. A directory, blog and business network to promote and connect small businesses who service children’s celebrations! She is a Sydney mum of 3 young children who spends a little too much time on Instagram and is most happy with some magazines and macarons to enjoy!

Photo credits for picturs 1 and 2 belong to Fi Mims Photography