Top Juice

Not just another juice or salad bar; Top Juice source the freshest produce and exotic fruits and vegetables to create their delicious, healthy and convenient menu. 

Visit Top Juice instore to try a wide selection of refreshing beverages - from fruit and veggie juices, icy frappes, smoothies, protein shakes and organic coconuts to nutritious wheatgrass shots and blended breakfast shakes. And their melon mixes, natural yoghurts, rice pudding, muesli and decadent chocolate-dipped fruit make for the perfect meal or treat.

After Top Juice catered for the most recent Event Head Insider event, we asked them to share their story with us and how business owners can work with them to get healthy and delicious catering at their own events. 

It’s incredible to see that Top Juice actually started in 1989 as a fruit and veggie shop and that today it still has the same original owners, but you now have 52 stores across the country that are feeding thousands of hungry customers each year! Why do you think Top Juice has grown to such wonderful heights over the last couple of decades?

Top Juice caters for a more health-conscious approach to food that is also delicious and convenient. Our offer has broad appeal, satisfyingthe growing demand for healthy juices, smoothies and salads made from fresh natural ingredients.

Our commitment to quality local produce and providing customers with extensive menu options as well as being happy to mix and match juice ingredients to customers taste has contributed to our success. Top Juice is definitely an authentic offer which resonates with our customers and has become a brand that people can trust! 

What is your philosophy on how you source and prepare your food and juices? 

Our product is our passion - we aim to live up to our mantra ‘Top Quality, Top Juice’. Any product that can be sourced within Australia, is sourced locally. This develops a great relationship with local growers, and results in a consistent supply, quality and range of product. 

We source our food from the markets every morning. From here, our salads and seasonal fruit are prepared by our passionate chefs - the result is a fresh product that looks and tastes home-made.

Your menu is so delicious that it lends itself perfectly to events – I can see your products being used at events as juice bars, yoghurt and fruit bars, salad bars, morning and afternoon tea breaks, buffet style lunches and more! What are your group catering options and are they suitable for events of any size?

We have done a lot of catering in the past - this includes meetings, parties, sport events, school events, and more. 

Top Juice offers fruit baskets and hampers (perfect for gifts), chocolate strawberry trays, a large range of garden salads, fruit salads and seasonal fruit, as well as trays of our natural yoghurt with toppings.

We cater to groups of any size - you can find a comprehensive page of all of our options on our online catering site. Customers can order their catering in store or via our website and clicking through to the catering page.

What are your top tips for providing food at events that is delicious, nutritious but also fuss free for the event organisers? 

Often the hassle with organising catering is finding something that everyone likes that is convenient and represents good value. People are also looking for healthy options which offer some variety.

At Top Juice we’ve got you covered - our catering team are always available to answer any questions and assist with your requirements. Our delivery services take the stress out of transporting fresh food - we can either deliver direct or to any one of our 52 stores, to be picked up locally! Our catering range is the healthy alternative with something for everyone.


Perfection! You can find out more about Top Juice and put in your own order HERE

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