Meet The Founder // Combardis

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Combardis is a firm favourite at Event Head HQ and at our events with their beautiful, intentional mists. We wanted to know more about the Combardis journey, so we asked the Founder, Karen, to share more of her story and how business owners can use these gorgeous creations in their own workshops and events.

We would love to hear about the journey of Combardis and how your love for essential oils flourished into a beautiful business?

I have always been passionate about holistic health & wellbeing practices and about four years ago commenced a course in energetic healing. It wasn’t a coincidence that around the same time I connected with some amazing soul sisters who so kindly shared their vast knowledge of energetic healing techniques and specifically their experiences with essential oils. 

Whilst I have been using essential oils for a long time - whether it be soaking in a relaxing bath or as a natural way to induce my first child! - I really hadn’t immersed myself fully in understanding the myriad of uses and benefits.

As my experiences deepened and I enjoyed the benefits both on a physical and an emotional level, I decided to commence an aromatherapy course to further my knowledge. The journey has led me to appreciate the vital role plants play, not only in the ecological balance of our planet but in helping to strengthen the link between our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Blending the essential oils into a mist format and connecting each mist with a relevant affirmation, resonated with me as an uplifting and engaging way of enjoying the oils on an emotional level, strengthening the mind-body connection. It also offered a really lovely way to share the oils with friends and family. It was the idea of using the oils aromatically and with intention that inspired me to create different blends, each with a purpose or desired feeling in mind. I would glean feedback from friends and take on board their personal requests.

Hence the creation of ‘Even Me Out’, ‘Free The Spirit’, ‘Present Moment’ and ‘Calmer Kids’. My friends and family received a lot of mists as gifts for a while there! The idea continued to evolve and I realised there was a greater community willing to try the mists.  

The name Combardis is a word made up by my daughter when she was just 3 years of age (she is now 11). When asked what it meant she replied … ‘to be happy and healthy’. When she was about 6 she said to me that when I started my ‘healthy’ business it should be called Combardis. It seemed the perfect fit when thinking for an inspiring name for my new business creation. 

The journey has been wonderful and immensely fulfilling on a personal level. I am grateful every day for the wonderful connections I have made with like minded souls.

You describe your goal at Combardis as enhancing one's sense of vitality and wellbeing, how do your unique elixirs promote this feeling?

The act of simply pausing for a moment to mindfully spray the mist helps to bring about a sense of calm and balance. It is in this moment that the breath slows to inhale the scent and there is an opportunity to just notice. Creating a mindful moment helps us to slow down and observe our feelings without judgement. This practice alone can assist in reducing stress and balancing the emotions.

On a physical level, when the mist is inhaled, the plant essence is immediately absorbed into the body. The aroma sends a signal to the limbic system which is the centre of memory and emotion. Essential oils can therefore have a powerful effect on the mind, mood and emotions. They may energise, calm, empower, inspire or simply nurture and comfort. 

Taking it one step further, when essential oils are used with positive affirmations, the ‘living energy’ of the scent can help to magnify the intention. Each mist blend is accompanied by a relevant affirmation eg: Inner Strength - I am the source of my own happiness.

My goal is to provide a simple yet effective tool in the form of an aromatic mist that may be used to enhance positive feelings and emotions.  

We love your aromatics mists, they are perfect for the busy traveler or entrepreneur! Are there any specific benefits to using use an aromatic mist over an oil?

There are so many ways to the enjoy essential oils. I love misting because it’s so easy yet effective. Experiencing the oils aromatically has a supportive effect on the mood and emotions and the simple act of misting helps to create a mindful moment. 

Because the essences are dispersed and released into the air they can instantly refresh, revive, balance the senses as well as support the respiratory system. The mists are very transportable and can be used anytime, anywhere.

The mists are also perfect for traveling as they may be used to purify the air and cleanse the energy in a hotel room or meeting space. 

Mindfulness and clarity are popular topics amongst event organisers and attendees, how can people include mist and elixirs in their daily routine to ensure they are 'event ready' on these big days?

Using the mist in mindful ritual is a wonderful way to start the day or prepare for an event. It helps to ground one in the present moment and set an intention. Similarly, the mists may be used during the day to refresh and rejuvenate. 

I follow this mindful ritual … 

Simply pause for a moment and spray the mist over your face and hair. Breathe the natural scent in deeply and just notice how you feel. Use this moment mindfully to relax your body and set an intention for your day by repeating an affirmation that resonates with you.

How can event hosts and facilitators use your products within their own workshops and events?

Recently I attended a 2-day workshop and our host placed Clarity mists on each of the tables. It was really fabulous to watch participants use the mists during the day to refresh and energise.

Highest Potential is also used in workshops and events where participants are setting goals and intentions for positive change. The ritual of using the mist helps to create an association in the brain with the scent and the desired outcome or feeling. 

Inner Strength is another mist blend that is used in health and wellness workshops where participants are seeking to form new habits. The mist also assists after the event when back at home to stay focused on newly formed habits and goals. 

2016 is well and truly here! What is on the horizon for Combardis?

My goal is to continue to share the mists within the personal development and wellbeing space by collaborating with like-minded businesses and wellness experts. I am excited to be working on a new range of wellbeing kits that will include gorgeous complimentary items to enhance feelings of harmony and peace.

There will be some minor design upgrades as well to reflect the progress made so far and to ensure the mists are available for the growing number of wholesale enquiries.


Combardis mists are such a wonderful addition to have in the home, office and at events. And to introduce you to the range, Karen and Combardis have a fabulous offer for EHMagazine readers, offering 20% off online purchases. Simply enter the coupon code EVENTHEAD at checkout when making any purchase from HERE!