EHM Attends // Adore Your Cycle with Claire Baker

By EHM Feature Writer Emma Newby

A rainy long weekend evening was the perfect setting to sit down at Soul Space Brisbane and have a chat, a chat about periods. Well, not just periods, but cycles. 

Claire Baker is a coach, mentor and creative genius who continually blows my mind with her simple, yet effective techniques to get more out of life. Adore Your Cycle is no exception. 

We sat, in circle and were encouraged to be open, respectful and real.

A three hour open conversation, sounds like an incredibly long time to talk about a subject that we, as women, are encouraged to ‘keep secret’ (cue hiding pads and tampons to make your way to the bathroom at work!) yet it flew by.

The content of the workshop was informative, informal and honest with injections of personal stories from Claire and the participants themselves. Claire paints the picture of our cycles as seasons, moving through Spring, Summer, Autumn and finally Winter and the beauty (and possible peril) that comes with each of those.

The message? By paying attention to your body, you can prepare for your most productive times of the month and know when to give yourself a little breathing room. A simple, yet incredibly clever way to do things. Why work against yourself when you don’t have too. 

There were some fabulous sponsors on board for the event including Tom Organic, Tsuno and Juju all looking to encourage women to take charge of their menstrual health while being conscious of the environment. 

I love an event where you leave feeling empowered, and this did certainly not disappoint, if you can get your hands on some of Claire’s work, I can’t encourage you enough. 

Word on the street is there is more coming on this topic from Claire, stay tuned!


Photo credits belong to Emma Newby