Taking On The World // Natalie MacNeil

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Natalie MacNeil is an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, author of She Takes on the World and The Conquer Kit, and the Creator of SheTakesOnTheWorld.com.

She Takes On The World is one of the top sites on the planet for entrepreneurial women. It was recognized by Forbes on “Top 10 Websites for Entrepreneurial Women” and was featured by ForbesWoman on “Top 100 Websites for Women.” She Takes on the World is also the 2013 recipient of “Website of the Year” at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Today, Natalie and her team at She Takes on the World are focused on transforming businesses around the world through The Conquer Club, a 12-month implementation incubator for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Natalie is frequently quoted and interviewed in the media. She has appeared in top media outlets like Glamour, People StyleWatch, Inc., Forbes, ForbesWoman, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Entrepreneur.com, Globe and Mail, Mashable, and more.

If you think that all sounds super impressive, that’s because it is! And how exciting that Natalie is sharing with us her insights into the role events play in her life and business.

Thank you so much for speaking with us today Natalie, I am absolutely thrilled to have you with us! I absolutely love what you are doing with She Takes On The World and the Conquer Club, can you please give our readers a quick rundown of who you help and how you help them?

I started She Takes on the World as a personal blog in 2008 that I wrote as I built my media business and traveled the world. She Takes on the World gained recognition as a top business blog for women, and soon I found myself being featured in media outlets around the world, including being listed by Forbes on “100 Best Websites for Women.” I used that momentum to turn She Takes on the World into its own company, and I launched The Conquer Club.

The Conquer Club is everything I wish I would have had when I was starting. The truth is, you can learn a lot in a 6 or 8 or 12 week program, but it’s not enough time to actually implement and apply all that learning. That’s why The Conquer Club is a 12 month incubator that helps you take massive action. My goal with The Conquer Club is to also feature several mentors and experts in the community, and not just me, although I love sharing my expertise and helping our members grow. You need different perspectives when you’re building a business and that’s really the bridge we’re building for people.


Looking back, what role have events played in your own personal journey from when you started your business until now? And have you found that attending or hosting events opened you up to more contacts, networks and opportunity?

Yes, events have been powerful catalysts for my growth and success. Events are how I got to connect and ask questions to powerhouses like Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, Gina Bianchini, and so many other entrepreneurs I look up to. In hosting events, I have deepened the relationships I have built with people online, and nothing beats that in-person connection.

As part of the work you do, you connect regularly with your gorgeous community through speaking and events, namely your AMAZING retreat for the Conquer Club. Why do you choose to have events as part of your business?

On my book tour earlier this year I had the privilege of speaking at events and meeting so many entrepreneurs. In the early days of She Takes on the World I knew everyone in our community by name. With the growth we have experienced in our business over the last few years, that’s just not possible anymore yet I care about maintaining those personal connections more than ever.

Events create that bridge between my team and I, and our community. I just arrived home from hosting our annual Conquer Retreat and the feedback has been mind-blowing. It was our best event yet, and mostly importantly, it has brought everyone in The Conquer Club Inner Circle closer together.

It’s magic.


One thing that I think we can all agree on is that everything you put out into the world is done with such passion. It literally jumps off the screen! How do you translate what is online, into the real world at your events? Do you do anything in particular with your branding, session topics, venues, speakers or the way they are run?

Thank you. That’s exactly what I want people to feel when they engage with my work. I spend a lot of time scouting locations. We have been to ten countries with our events now, and I always want our venues to feel like inspiring places to reflect and grow. I aim to make the experience feel expansive, with time for planning and also time for recharging and nourishing the soul.

There are also lots of surprises and gifts we weave in, which always bring people so much joy. I have trained in modalities like EFT and reiki, and I’m also a meditation teacher, so all of that training comes into play during our retreats too. I believe personal growth and business growth go hand in hand, and focusing on both during the Conquer Retreat is probably way our attendees always accomplish so much in the months following the experience.

When you are running your own events, is there a certain part of the day that just really lights you up and gives you an incredible amount of joy? A part of it that may even make you want to shed a few happy tears?

Definitely the meditations I lead. On our last two retreats I have led the group through a 90 minute meditation and sound healing journey that participants have had the most incredible experiences through. We just got back from Tulum, Mexico and we’ve had numerous emails and messages saying, “That literally changed my life. I can’t believe it.”

Being able to hold space for that kind of experience brings me immense joy, especially since I’ve done all this training over the last decade and created a deep personal practice to be able to do that. I’ll be creating more of these multi-dimensional experiences as I move forward creating more unique events for our community.


This is one cheeky question we like to ask our cover girls, just like musicians have riders, business owners usually develop their own little list of must haves. What can’t you live without at your events?

I bring my Tibetan bowls, tuning forks (lots of questions at airport security about those haha), lots of printed #SoulShots from our new meditation experience soulseconds.com, candles, and amazing music playlists that people love.


And finally, for the entrepreneurs and business owners out there who want to know the secrets to running an event that is raved about for the days, months and years to come, what is your best advice?

Leave space for magic and serendipity. Don’t pack the schedule so tight that people don’t have a chance to personally connect with each other informally. Create space for people to get to hang out, enjoy the environment, relax, and experience those serendipitous connections and moments that you just can’t force. That is my biggest piece of advice to all of you as you create your own event experiences that people remember you for.



What beautiful insights from a gorgeous entrepreneur! You can keep up with all of Natalie MacNeil's events and programs HERE


All photo credits belong to Natalie MacNeil

EHM Attends // The Blackline by Lauren x Lemon Canary

By Emma Newby

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, it is the best way I know how to show you the divine workshop held at Lemon Canary HQ late last month. So here goes. 

Every beautiful detail was well thought out and generosity (which I think is truly Jasmin’s trademark) was abound. As well as being taught calligraphy by the beautiful Lauren from The Blackline, the participants were treated to delicious Witches Chase Cheese and some divine Italian wine, such a decadent, yet relaxed afternoon. 

If you can make your way to a workshop at Lemon Canary HQ (or want to hold your divine event there) run, don’t walk, it is truly a beautiful experience.

All images courtesy of Emma Newby

Meet The Founder // Combardis

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Combardis is a firm favourite at Event Head HQ and at our events with their beautiful, intentional mists. We wanted to know more about the Combardis journey, so we asked the Founder, Karen, to share more of her story and how business owners can use these gorgeous creations in their own workshops and events.

We would love to hear about the journey of Combardis and how your love for essential oils flourished into a beautiful business?

I have always been passionate about holistic health & wellbeing practices and about four years ago commenced a course in energetic healing. It wasn’t a coincidence that around the same time I connected with some amazing soul sisters who so kindly shared their vast knowledge of energetic healing techniques and specifically their experiences with essential oils. 

Whilst I have been using essential oils for a long time - whether it be soaking in a relaxing bath or as a natural way to induce my first child! - I really hadn’t immersed myself fully in understanding the myriad of uses and benefits.

As my experiences deepened and I enjoyed the benefits both on a physical and an emotional level, I decided to commence an aromatherapy course to further my knowledge. The journey has led me to appreciate the vital role plants play, not only in the ecological balance of our planet but in helping to strengthen the link between our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Blending the essential oils into a mist format and connecting each mist with a relevant affirmation, resonated with me as an uplifting and engaging way of enjoying the oils on an emotional level, strengthening the mind-body connection. It also offered a really lovely way to share the oils with friends and family. It was the idea of using the oils aromatically and with intention that inspired me to create different blends, each with a purpose or desired feeling in mind. I would glean feedback from friends and take on board their personal requests.

Hence the creation of ‘Even Me Out’, ‘Free The Spirit’, ‘Present Moment’ and ‘Calmer Kids’. My friends and family received a lot of mists as gifts for a while there! The idea continued to evolve and I realised there was a greater community willing to try the mists.  

The name Combardis is a word made up by my daughter when she was just 3 years of age (she is now 11). When asked what it meant she replied … ‘to be happy and healthy’. When she was about 6 she said to me that when I started my ‘healthy’ business it should be called Combardis. It seemed the perfect fit when thinking for an inspiring name for my new business creation. 

The journey has been wonderful and immensely fulfilling on a personal level. I am grateful every day for the wonderful connections I have made with like minded souls.

You describe your goal at Combardis as enhancing one's sense of vitality and wellbeing, how do your unique elixirs promote this feeling?

The act of simply pausing for a moment to mindfully spray the mist helps to bring about a sense of calm and balance. It is in this moment that the breath slows to inhale the scent and there is an opportunity to just notice. Creating a mindful moment helps us to slow down and observe our feelings without judgement. This practice alone can assist in reducing stress and balancing the emotions.

On a physical level, when the mist is inhaled, the plant essence is immediately absorbed into the body. The aroma sends a signal to the limbic system which is the centre of memory and emotion. Essential oils can therefore have a powerful effect on the mind, mood and emotions. They may energise, calm, empower, inspire or simply nurture and comfort. 

Taking it one step further, when essential oils are used with positive affirmations, the ‘living energy’ of the scent can help to magnify the intention. Each mist blend is accompanied by a relevant affirmation eg: Inner Strength - I am the source of my own happiness.

My goal is to provide a simple yet effective tool in the form of an aromatic mist that may be used to enhance positive feelings and emotions.  

We love your aromatics mists, they are perfect for the busy traveler or entrepreneur! Are there any specific benefits to using use an aromatic mist over an oil?

There are so many ways to the enjoy essential oils. I love misting because it’s so easy yet effective. Experiencing the oils aromatically has a supportive effect on the mood and emotions and the simple act of misting helps to create a mindful moment. 

Because the essences are dispersed and released into the air they can instantly refresh, revive, balance the senses as well as support the respiratory system. The mists are very transportable and can be used anytime, anywhere.

The mists are also perfect for traveling as they may be used to purify the air and cleanse the energy in a hotel room or meeting space. 

Mindfulness and clarity are popular topics amongst event organisers and attendees, how can people include mist and elixirs in their daily routine to ensure they are 'event ready' on these big days?

Using the mist in mindful ritual is a wonderful way to start the day or prepare for an event. It helps to ground one in the present moment and set an intention. Similarly, the mists may be used during the day to refresh and rejuvenate. 

I follow this mindful ritual … 

Simply pause for a moment and spray the mist over your face and hair. Breathe the natural scent in deeply and just notice how you feel. Use this moment mindfully to relax your body and set an intention for your day by repeating an affirmation that resonates with you.

How can event hosts and facilitators use your products within their own workshops and events?

Recently I attended a 2-day workshop and our host placed Clarity mists on each of the tables. It was really fabulous to watch participants use the mists during the day to refresh and energise.

Highest Potential is also used in workshops and events where participants are setting goals and intentions for positive change. The ritual of using the mist helps to create an association in the brain with the scent and the desired outcome or feeling. 

Inner Strength is another mist blend that is used in health and wellness workshops where participants are seeking to form new habits. The mist also assists after the event when back at home to stay focused on newly formed habits and goals. 

2016 is well and truly here! What is on the horizon for Combardis?

My goal is to continue to share the mists within the personal development and wellbeing space by collaborating with like-minded businesses and wellness experts. I am excited to be working on a new range of wellbeing kits that will include gorgeous complimentary items to enhance feelings of harmony and peace.

There will be some minor design upgrades as well to reflect the progress made so far and to ensure the mists are available for the growing number of wholesale enquiries.


Combardis mists are such a wonderful addition to have in the home, office and at events. And to introduce you to the range, Karen and Combardis have a fabulous offer for EHMagazine readers, offering 20% off online purchases. Simply enter the coupon code EVENTHEAD at checkout when making any purchase from HERE!  

The Hidden Value of Intimate Events

By Davina Hearne

I believe that as a society, despite being more connected than ever, we’re craving human connection more than ever before. These days most of us are so busy that we don’t have time for others in the same way that previous generations did.  Global communication is at an all-time high, our social networking and online connections are thriving; yet at the same time, our real life connections and offline communities are diminishing.

We’re spending more time in front of screens building our businesses, following our passions and trying to ‘get ahead’, at the expense of spending time with other humans, making real connections and developing real friendships. I’ve come across this myself over the last couple of years as my own business grew and gave me the opportunity to travel.        

While the travel took me to amazing places, I would often find myself feeling like something was missing, and it took a while to work out what it was. Being in front of my laptop all day made it difficult to make genuine connections offline. I would attend events, thinking I was going for the content, but I soon realized I was actually searching for real-life connections with other people who shared my beliefs and understood me.    

At the time, most of the social interactions I was having were at large business events where people were primarily focused on networking, with their own selfinterest in mind. More times than none, I left these events feeling deflated and empty with a pocket full of business cards from  people who had  no real interest in anything beyond my financial status and what I could do for them.

I was looking for something more, I wanted to meet authentic people who were motivated, inspiring and most of all genuinely interested in other people. And as I looked around, I realized that I wasn’t the only person in search of this. In fact, almost everyone I would come into contact with waslooking  for their own version of this – connection  with people who shared their beliefs and understood them. I noticed that I was finding more value in the intimacy of smaller events than in the grandiosity of bigger events and here are the reasons why:

1. Easier to Personalise

At a small event (2-150 people), the host can personally know each person attending and is in a position to make every attendee feel valued, special and vital to the experience of the group as a whole. At this size, the event can even be tailored to cater for the personalities of the group   and to create a very personalised experience.    

2. Meaningful Conversations

The attendees of a smaller event seem to relax and allow their true self to be present more quickly. This has a knock- on effect of having real, meaningful conversations that can lead anywhere. Ironically, people tend to get more by 'giving more’ and so despite having less people to meet, they actually get more value from the people they do meet.

3. Deeper Connections and Lasting Friendships

The attendees of a small event have more chance to connect with each other. There isn’t so much overwhelm and FOMO, so people are more willing to spend the time getting to know each person they speak to. This inevitably leads to deeper connections and lasting friendships.


All in all, I believe small events that encourage deep connections between people who are authentic and willing to help others are on the rise. They allow people to feel valued, worthy and fulfilled. They give us the room to create the friendships we’re craving and to remove the growing feeling of loneliness in our society.



Davina Hearne is a nomadic entrepreneur from New Zealand who spends her year split between NZ, Australia, the Europe and USA. She believes that we are all craving more deep and meaningful connection in our lives and so, through her business Social Alchemy, she organises intimate and exclusive gatherings in each of the places she visits. Continuous learning and personal growth are vital for Davina, which is evident through her background is in Aviation, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Building Businesses. Community plus having a positive impact on the world are topics very close to her heart and she loves a great discussion about how to bring these to life in new and exciting ways.

Top Juice

Not just another juice or salad bar; Top Juice source the freshest produce and exotic fruits and vegetables to create their delicious, healthy and convenient menu. 

Visit Top Juice instore to try a wide selection of refreshing beverages - from fruit and veggie juices, icy frappes, smoothies, protein shakes and organic coconuts to nutritious wheatgrass shots and blended breakfast shakes. And their melon mixes, natural yoghurts, rice pudding, muesli and decadent chocolate-dipped fruit make for the perfect meal or treat.

After Top Juice catered for the most recent Event Head Insider event, we asked them to share their story with us and how business owners can work with them to get healthy and delicious catering at their own events. 

It’s incredible to see that Top Juice actually started in 1989 as a fruit and veggie shop and that today it still has the same original owners, but you now have 52 stores across the country that are feeding thousands of hungry customers each year! Why do you think Top Juice has grown to such wonderful heights over the last couple of decades?

Top Juice caters for a more health-conscious approach to food that is also delicious and convenient. Our offer has broad appeal, satisfyingthe growing demand for healthy juices, smoothies and salads made from fresh natural ingredients.

Our commitment to quality local produce and providing customers with extensive menu options as well as being happy to mix and match juice ingredients to customers taste has contributed to our success. Top Juice is definitely an authentic offer which resonates with our customers and has become a brand that people can trust! 

What is your philosophy on how you source and prepare your food and juices? 

Our product is our passion - we aim to live up to our mantra ‘Top Quality, Top Juice’. Any product that can be sourced within Australia, is sourced locally. This develops a great relationship with local growers, and results in a consistent supply, quality and range of product. 

We source our food from the markets every morning. From here, our salads and seasonal fruit are prepared by our passionate chefs - the result is a fresh product that looks and tastes home-made.

Your menu is so delicious that it lends itself perfectly to events – I can see your products being used at events as juice bars, yoghurt and fruit bars, salad bars, morning and afternoon tea breaks, buffet style lunches and more! What are your group catering options and are they suitable for events of any size?

We have done a lot of catering in the past - this includes meetings, parties, sport events, school events, and more. 

Top Juice offers fruit baskets and hampers (perfect for gifts), chocolate strawberry trays, a large range of garden salads, fruit salads and seasonal fruit, as well as trays of our natural yoghurt with toppings.

We cater to groups of any size - you can find a comprehensive page of all of our options on our online catering site. Customers can order their catering in store or via our website www.topjuice.com.au and clicking through to the catering page.

What are your top tips for providing food at events that is delicious, nutritious but also fuss free for the event organisers? 

Often the hassle with organising catering is finding something that everyone likes that is convenient and represents good value. People are also looking for healthy options which offer some variety.

At Top Juice we’ve got you covered - our catering team are always available to answer any questions and assist with your requirements. Our delivery services take the stress out of transporting fresh food - we can either deliver direct or to any one of our 52 stores, to be picked up locally! Our catering range is the healthy alternative with something for everyone.


Perfection! You can find out more about Top Juice and put in your own order HERE

All photo credits belong to Top Juice

Dare To Dream

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

It Starts With Us are an innovative company that encourages women to invest in their personal development to feel powerful and confident. Through purposeful experiences, they create opportunities for women to connect with other like-minded souls who also seek inspiration, connection and empowerment. 

Today we speak to the Founder, Kylie Wharton, about their beautiful events including their flagship event, Dare to Dream.


You describe It Starts With Us as purposeful experiences, where you create opportunities for women to connect with other like-minded souls who also seek inspiration, connection and empowerment. Your flagship event is called Dare to Dream, can you please explain what D2D is and who it is for?

Dare to Dream will be ISWU's third event featuring five amazing women as key note speakers.  The speakers have been chosen for their incredible sense of community that has seen them experience fantastic success.

ISWU events are designed with all women in mind so D2D aims to connect with both the dreamers and the doers.  Whether you've got an inkling that there's something more for you, or that you want to do something better than you're already doing it, the five speakers will be sharing their insights into how they've built their businesses and relationships to be the powerhouses they are today.


How did the idea of Dare to Dream come about and what made you want to bring it to life? 

I felt that the women who spoke at ISWU's inaugural event "Great Expectations: fearlessly facing the unknown" provided incredible insight into the challenges they had faced in their various industries and provided relevant and purposeful strategies in the process of navigating them, so 'Dare to Dream' seemed like a totally natural "next step".  

I think that the concept "Dare to Dream" resonates with every one of us.  Dreams provide motivation, inspiration and aspiration which are the pillars of ISWU's events.  If we can tap into what really makes us happy and feel validated, I think we become better women, which of course naturally flows through to the many, many roles we play in life.


You always have a gorgeous lineup of speakers. How do you decide on who speaks and what do you feel they bring to the event experience?

 I always start with a theme.  I then consider the personalities who I would like to hear speak.  Following this, I then make sure that I have speakers that will connect with a range of women according to their experiences.  Chelsea Thomas, founder of I Heart Bargains, is flying to Brisbane from Melbourne to share how she made her Instagram passion her full time job.  

Emma Henderson, Co founder and Creative Director of The Beach People, will be chatting with me about the development of her business partnership with her sister, the international success of TBP and how she balances her business responsibilities with the demands of her young family.  Sarah Merrett of Mumma Ain't Mumsy, is a Brisbane based stylist who has created a warmth within her community by helping women find their vibe in the chaos of life.  Sarah is particularly passionate about differentiating well being from vanity.  Erin Truscott is a financial planner and share holder with GCA Financial and her message is that wealth is far more than money.  She's going to share insight into why women need to take ownership of their own knowledge.  Tash Sciotto, life coach of Healthy You Happy Me, rounds out the group and will help distil the messages so that the audience can walk away with tangible strategies to make their own dreams reality.  

It's really important that the event experience is more about nurturing our well being and personal development rather than simply listening and being entertained.  I value the connection and interaction that genuine and authentic women can create when there's a shared passion and vision.


How do you want women to feel when they walk away from Dare to Dream 2016? 

I like to think that women walk away with what I call 'sparkle'.  It's that little "something something" that puts a spring in your step and makes you feel ready to take on the world.  I hope the women who come along have (many) moments where they nod their heads in agreement, feel encouraged, acknowledge their worth and know that every thing they do is so important.  

I especially want women to walk away knowing that they have invested in their personal development.  I feel that many of us are fearful of being labelled as selfish for spending the time and the money on going to an event.  But, if we're not willing to work on ourselves, who will?  We are innate nurturers for everyone close to us but we often forget to invest in our own well being. If we don't keep filling our 'cup' we can't pour for others, right?


What has been the feedback from women attending your events and how has that fueled you even further?

I still get goose bumps when I read feedback from the women who have been to an ISWU event.  My all time favourite came from my first event:  "I have left with a renewed sense of what I want to be, where I want to go, things I want to do but most importantly knowing that where I am right now is ok, who I am now is good enough and that there are so many options out there and that I AM important. I hope to be able to incorporate all of what I learnt today with my team at work!" If that isn't a reason to keep delivering purposeful events, I don't know what is!


Just gorgeous! You can purchase your tickets for Dare to Dream HERE.

A celebration for party makers & confetti shakers

By Tanya Castellino

I’ve been running my online business Life’s Little Celebrations for the last 5 years - which is a blog, directory and business network for small businesses who service children’s celebrations.

Through my business I have made many connections online and in person and also developed a community of business owners in the party/event/baking industries around Australia.

My passion is for small business in this industry and developing this community has ignited inme the passion to assist business owners in this industry to really flourish their small business!

As part of this network we have monthly online business Q and A’s on various business topics…think social media, branding, marketing etc. These have been so valuable and it was from doing these Q and A’s and also seeing the connections happening online in this community – that I realized I needed to create something where this could all happen in person.

There is a lot of online connection and interaction which takes place on social media in the party industry – but a real lack of opportunities to replicate this connection in the “real world”.

There are a lot of business conferences and workshops with valuable knowledge being shared but none specific for businesses in the party industry which address some of the challenges and issues this industry is facing.

So it got me thinking…what if there was a day when business owners could come together and meet other likeminded business owners and learn business tools specific to their industry?

It is because of this and also because of my passion to see small business owners in this industry flourish – that I developed the Celebrate conference day – a business bash for party makers and confetti shakers!

Thankfully I discovered Jade from Event Head who I enlisted for some event coaching and who helped me pull my concept together and build my framework and really understand the “why” behind my event!

The largest decisions were the venue and the speakers but I know the guests will adore the beautiful venue (The Deckhouse, Woolwich NSW) and the amazing 5 speakers that have been enlisted to teach and inspire a room full of business owners!

I am so excited to fill the room with amazing business owners in the party, event and baking industry – and see the lightbulbs go off and their brains tick and eyes light up as they hear practical advice to get their business flourishing!

What do I know the attendees will get out of this day?

1) Networks and connections

Attendees will meet industry peers that they can continue to connect with and tap into for support, collaborations and resources when running their business long after the conference has ended.


2) Tools

Attendees will receive practical tips they can apply straight away to start flourishing their business across a variety of areas. Specifically these practical tips will be delivered to be applied to their industry.


3) Inspiration

Attendees will enjoy beautiful water and harbor views, be surrounded by amazing industry individuals and hear from incredible speakers – they are bound to be inspired for their business by the end of Celebrate!

It is exciting (and daunting!) to be creating a new event however I can already sense the buzz that will be present at Celebrate and the connections and successes which will come from this day event!


Tanya Castellino runs Life’s Little Celebrations. A directory, blog and business network to promote and connect small businesses who service children’s celebrations! She is a Sydney mum of 3 young children who spends a little too much time on Instagram and is most happy with some magazines and macarons to enjoy!

Photo credits for picturs 1 and 2 belong to Fi Mims Photography

Learnings from a WTF?! Workshop

By EHM Feature Writer Sarah Jensen

A couple of years ago I went to what was possibly the worst workshop EVER.  And I’m talking BAD (think leaving before the event is over and asking for a refund bad).

After the frustration wore off and I realised even a refund wouldn’t give me back the hour and a half of my life I’d lost, it dawned on me that while I might not have learned what I thought I would at the event, there were actually some really cool things I could learn from bad teacher dude. 

1. Make people feel welcome and let them know what to expect

Bad teacher dude started off the class by telling us ALL about himself, his company and the services they offer (instant ick factor because he was selling before he’d taught us a thing).  

What he didn’t do was welcome us, let us know where the bathrooms or fire exits were, whether there’d be any breaks and what the outline for the workshop was.  It was salesy from get go and that’s not cool!

Key learning: introduce yourself in a friendly, relatable way, let guests know what to expect during the event and cover off the essential housekeeping items before you dive in to the content.


2. Have a plan for your presentation

Bad teacher dude was all over the place like a mad woman’s knitting.  There was absolutely no logic, flow or order to what he was presenting.  He jumped from topic to topic and repeated himself a lot (and not in the good, reinforcing the point kind of way).

Key learning: spend time planning your content, test it out on a friend or family member and read it out loud or record it and listen back so you can hear for yourself whether the topics you’re covering flow in a way your guests will enjoy and understand.

3. Talk like a normal person

Bad teacher dude LOVED his jargon.  He was throwing it into almost every sentence and after a while it got plain irritating.  People started off the night asking him to clarify, but after a while we all gave up and tuned out.  

Key learning: using words people don’t understand doesn’t make you smarter or prove you’re an expert, it can actually make your guests feel uncomfortable, so make sure you tailor your content for your audience and the topic you’re presenting.


4. Don’t be a d***

Bad teacher dude liked to talk about himself. A LOT.  If he wasn’t telling us how great he was, he was telling us how amazing his company was and that we should pay them money for their amazing services (which weren’t that amazing).  (Noting too that this workshop was held at a community venue where the teachers were there to help people learn a particular skill, not plug their products and services.)

Key learning: weaving in personal stories so people can relate to you or the topic you’re teaching = awesome.  Talking about yourself constantly and for the sake of it when it has no relevance to anyone in the room = loser move.


Now I KNOW you’re nothing like bad teacher dude, but I wanted to share this experience with you because sometimes in life we don’t learn what we expected, but if we’re open we might just learn something better.  So if you end up at an event that isn’t what you expected, instead of getting super cranky (like I did to begin with), look at what you can learn from the event – like how not to present or what you don’t want to do at your own wonderful workshops – and then go forth and be awesome!


All photo credits belong to Kate Di Blasi Photography

Win With The Olsen Hotel

Book in your winter event at the Olsen and you could win a dinner for you and five friends with celebrity chef Justine Schofield!

EHM Attends // Adore Your Cycle with Claire Baker

By EHM Feature Writer Emma Newby

A rainy long weekend evening was the perfect setting to sit down at Soul Space Brisbane and have a chat, a chat about periods. Well, not just periods, but cycles. 

Claire Baker is a coach, mentor and creative genius who continually blows my mind with her simple, yet effective techniques to get more out of life. Adore Your Cycle is no exception. 

We sat, in circle and were encouraged to be open, respectful and real.

A three hour open conversation, sounds like an incredibly long time to talk about a subject that we, as women, are encouraged to ‘keep secret’ (cue hiding pads and tampons to make your way to the bathroom at work!) yet it flew by.

The content of the workshop was informative, informal and honest with injections of personal stories from Claire and the participants themselves. Claire paints the picture of our cycles as seasons, moving through Spring, Summer, Autumn and finally Winter and the beauty (and possible peril) that comes with each of those.

The message? By paying attention to your body, you can prepare for your most productive times of the month and know when to give yourself a little breathing room. A simple, yet incredibly clever way to do things. Why work against yourself when you don’t have too. 

There were some fabulous sponsors on board for the event including Tom Organic, Tsuno and Juju all looking to encourage women to take charge of their menstrual health while being conscious of the environment. 

I love an event where you leave feeling empowered, and this did certainly not disappoint, if you can get your hands on some of Claire’s work, I can’t encourage you enough. 

Word on the street is there is more coming on this topic from Claire, stay tuned!


Photo credits belong to Emma Newby

Event Head Insider Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the recent Event Head Insider Events in both Byron Bay and Melbourne.

It was amazing to spend time with you all, speaking about the important role events play in all types of business and how they can lead to further connection, community and sustainable success.

It was also wonderful to answer so many burning questions everyone had around their own personal events and to discuss everything from event types to building event teams, sponsorship to event planning and energy management to promotion and so much more.

Thank you so much to our gorgeous sponsors who played such an important and gorgeous role in these events:

Thank you to Mel Van Kyuk for these pics of our gift bag sponsors:

And thank you to Jenni Williams Photography for these pics of the Melbourne Insider Event:

They were so much fun and I can't wait to host more workshops and events in the future! Make sure you sign up on the right to get your free 8 Weeks to Event Success checklist and to hear about new workshops and events as they get released!

Jade x