Working with Florals at Your Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Bespoke Botanics was established to blend a love affair of flowers, artistic design and all things beautiful.  We spoke to Founder, Angela Zegir, who has been able to immerse herself in the world of design, creativity and passion, combining organisational skills and creativity.

 Image courtesy of Bespoke Bontanicals

what are the benefits of working florals into your event set-up, especially when looking to provide a memorable experience for guests?

It is ideal to consider florals at the conception of an event, to ensure you allow for space, cost and something to suit the audience. The aesthetics of an event are as important as the content of an event.  People resonate with a well-designed space and florals show that you’ve thought through the look and feel of a room.


What are some ways you can work floral arrangements into a workshop or event?

Florals can be used in so many ways, they really are versatile.  From a small bouquet that your guests see immediately on arrival, through to flowers on tables and up to large scale installations.  They are flexible and can be themed to color palettes and seasonality for a consistent and relevant look. Post event it is thoughtful to share the flowers with guest as a take home reminder and talking point or perhaps use them as a lucky door prize.

 Image courtesy of Bespoke Botanicals

How can working with seasonal trends assist in the look and cost of your event florals?

Each changing season brings new delights in terms of flowers and importantly foliage. Realistic budgets can be worked with (assuming you don’t want to fly in Peony Roses on the off season) using the abundance of local grown produce. We love incorporating foliage such as figs, pomegranates and cumquats in season to mix things up and create talking points. Right now with the stunning autumnal colors, a few large branches cut from the trees can add something magical to your event without a large cost.


How can working with a professional florist assist in ensuring the freshest and best look?

We all have our talents and I’ve learnt over the years to engage with those who are passionate and knowledgeable about their industry so I can focus on mine. Anyone can buy some lilies at the fruit shop for a vase and at times that is all that’s needed.  However, building a relationship and engaging with a florist allows you to take comfort that element of your event will be taken care off. Florists have access to the widest variety of flowers and foliage at wholesale prices. It’s the mixture of unusual floral combinations and design which a florist can provide that creates a talking point.

 Image courtesy of Bespoke Botanicals

What are some of your favourite arrangements and flowers heading into the cooler Australian months?

Being a florist is a little like being a mother.  I’m not meant to have favourites! Having said that, I am sad to see the color palette and form of Dahlia’s disappear from our markets over the coming weeks as they are just so vibrant to work with. For perfume you can’t go past the delicate Daphne, freesias and hyacinth to knock people off their socks – mix it with some home grown mint for a stunning display.  I also have a deep love affair with poppies and look forward to their arrival each year. It’s a myth that winter isn’t a good time for flowers.  They are just different and a good florist will know what to select to make an impact for your event.

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All images courtesy of Bespoke Botanics