Music For Your Next Event

By Tina Bangel

If you think hard, I bet you can think of a song that reminds you of a special day in your life, like your graduation, the first single you bought, your wedding song, or the song to your first slow dance.

Music is a powerful tool. Music can make an impact in your life as well as business. It has the ability to help bring your events to the next level and solidify your whole vision and message. 

It can provide guests with a talking point.

Most importantly, it allows your guest or clients to breathe, think and feel. Where can you see yourself using music at your next live event or function? 

Here are just a few ideas to help you decide where you can incorporate music within your event. Just like a good song, your event needs to have an introduction, a body, a climax, an ending and an outro.

Let’s think about your event like a well-written song that takes you on a journey!

 Image courtesy of Tina Shah Doshi   

Image courtesy of Tina Shah Doshi



As guests gather and register, use music to set the mood

It's a great idea to use instrumentals (no vocals) as it eases the mind. 

Play something that sets the tone of the event. For example if you are holding a Yoga event, play music that feels calming. If it’s a sporting event, use songs or music that is motivating and uplifting.


Introduction to your event

You can use sites such as Audio Jungle to find music to set the mood and tone you would like.


In between speakers, as they walk on and off stage

Not only will it excite your audience but it will also pump up the speaker. An appropriate song can get them in the mood to inspire your guests.

Is there are particular song that represents the speaker and their brand?

Think of Tony Robbins, he uses high impact music to get the audience up and clapping. It livens up the whole room.

During an “Evening with Oprah”, Oprah had a female DJ who played all the fun dance hits catered for the middle-aged women who practically grew up watching her show. Abba hits like dancing Queen to Taylor swift songs were played. Because of this we didn’t mind that the show started an hour late!


You can use a singer or performer to break up the speaking. It’s a way to help your audience regroup their thoughts and get centered before the next round of speakers.

You may have a theme running through the event. 

I was asked to organize a choir for a Children’s foundation. Their theme was to nourish children in a war torn country, so they asked me to prepare the children to sing, “We are the World.” 

Perhaps there is a performer who represents your message. Oprah always uses India Arie. Her poetic and inspiring words in her songs creates a prayer-like atmosphere within the audience.

The person you hire should emulate the event. Does the performer match your brand?

Please keep in mind that if you ask a band or performers to sing or prepare a song that is not in their repertoire, you need to give them at least 3 weeks to prepare for it. 


During my singing workshop I held a visualization section. The attendees were blown away with the impact the music had. They noticed a big difference in made conjuring up their visions. It was with ease and made them feel as if it were real.

  Image courtesy of Dreamachine

Image courtesy of Dreamachine


Wrap up the event

Once the final farewells are made on stage, you can segue into a closing song and slowly fade out. It gives the audience a feeling of closure. It also indicates that it’s time to leave the room, which event holders want to adhere to, in order to avoid over time fees.

During network session

Because there will be lots of people talking, I would recommend music that is ambient and not too loud, but loud enough to set a mood. Although, if you would like a party atmosphere where people are free to dance then go ahead and play the danceable tracks.

Music providers can include:





Big band


Children’s or Adult Choir

Find performers who can cater for the majority of your attendees as possible.

Be sure that they are located in a spot that won’t be intrusive to the guests but they are still able to communicate with them. Consider the space you have in the venue. Will it only fit a duo or is it big enough to fit a whole band?

I would highly recommend hiring professionals to create the right atmosphere. It’s important to give them a run down of the event. Share your vision with them so they can help you create an unforgettable event. 

And if you need some inspiration, download your free PDF of a list of songs that you can refer to for your event HERE


Tina Bangel is a vocal coach and professional vocalist. ACE award winning, Tina has been part of leading corporate bands often travelling Australia. You can find Tina ‘s “Be Heard” Album on iTunes as well as her podcast called “One Voice can change the world.” Sydney based she lives with her foodie family, which includes her husband, son and their mini-foxie Gloria.