Meet the Founders // Pop of Love

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

A Pop Of Love is a creative collaboration between friends and fellow mums Sandra Chau of Simply Peachy and Amelia Soegijono of Pictures and Hearts Photography. They are an Australia based modern pop-up photography studio specialising in capturing cool and beautiful portraits for kids at every age.

As mothers, they appreciate how quickly kids grow and change and believe in providing fun and affordable ways for you to document those memories every step of the way. They make it fun and easy for you to capture those precious memories as they grow up, so we spoke to them about their gorgeous concept and how they've taken an event based concept and built a business around it.


Yes they are mini events! The idea came about after we both became mums and realised that kids didn’t have the longest attention spans (or at least ours didn’t!) and the thought of taking them out to a park for a one hour family shoot would get us hyperventilating (cue the migraines!). So we thought why not create a way for parents to be able to ‘pop’ in for a quick photo session with their kids and get some snaps of them as they are, at whatever age or milestone they’re in - hence the pop up nature of our events.

That said, even though they are smaller scale events, there’s still quite a bit of planning involved leading up to each session. Our monthly Sydney pop ups are held at our Surry Hills studio so lucky for us venue sourcing isn’t required usually, but for any of our events outside of Sydney (like our Melbourne one in July!) we need to spend a bit of time researching the right studio. Our photography style is one that’s very natural and light-filled so making sure the venue has a lot of natural light is key!

 As we are still a very young business, we spend a lot of time promoting our brand and pop ups on social media, so as soon as we set a date for our next sessions, we hustle! Once we start getting bookings, we start planning the styling for the day as that’s when we’ll know a bit more about the kids coming through the studio. As a part of our booking process, we ask parents to share information about their kids (e.g. age and interests) so that we can cater the shoot to them. We have met so many kids along the way, all of which are so different, this part of the planning process is really crucial for us. Otherwise it would just be chaos!


As we allow for 2 kids per session and have 2 sessions per hour, we can have up to 24 kids coming through the studio in one day! And for anyone who has kids, you can just imagine how tiring and chaotic it can potentially be. So we do a lot of prep work leading up to our pop ups like sending out further information packs for our attendees which for example, recommend them to come early so the kids can settle into our space and we also try to give them an idea of what to expect on the day so there is no confusion. We are all about setting the expectations. Then on the day of the pop up, we set up a table of snacks and refreshments and a play area to keep them happy while they settle in or wait for their session. This is also where our getting to know each child (when a booking is made) comes in handy as we can then tailor the snacks and activities to the ages and interests of the kids coming through the studio on the day.

With both your skill sets, we would imagine the creative energy would be always flowing. How do you find working in a collaborative environment benefits your concept?

Yes you are absolutely right! The great thing about our partnership is that we both bring a different skillset to the business so we complement each other really well and this allows us to be able to focus on what each of us does best. Sandra focuses on styling and Amelia, photography and we tackle the boring admin together. In our individual businesses (Simply Peachy and Pictures and Hearts Photography), we both work alone and have to do everything - even the things we don’t love, so it has been really refreshing, as well as inspiring to have another person to work and bounce ideas with. We’re also each other’s personal cheerleaders in A Pop Of Love as well as our other businesses so we’re always there for one another if one of us gets a bit overwhelmed by work or life in general.

What is on the horizon for A Pop of Love? At the moment, your sessions include children, do you have plans to open up to families, couples & friends?

We love what we have created with A Pop Of Love and our aim is to be known for our fun, stylish and modern photography for kids. Would we open up our sessions to families, couples and friends? Never say never! You just might see us popping up with some sessions for others! In the meantime, it’s all about the kids - as mothers, we appreciate how quickly kids grow and change and believe in providing fun and affordable ways for parents to document their developing personalities every step of the way. We want to be about snapping up those fleeting memories of children in the most authentic of ways so both parents and the kids can look back on them in years to come and remember what they were like. That might mean some tears, lots of smiles or even no smiles and that is all fine by us. We get it - all kids are different and we love that.

So for now, we mainly pop up in Sydney once a month and our next sessions are on 25 June and 13 August but we would really like to take A Pop Of Love to other Australian locations. So.. we are heading to Melbourne on 23 July and are so excited! We’ve had a lot of interest in other cities so that’s definitely the next step for us and we can’t wait to see where this all takes us.

You can check out A Pop of Love's services, offerings and upcoming dates HERE!


All images courtesy of A Pop of Love Photography