The Humble Workshop

By EHM editor Jade McKenzie

This month, I really wanted to celebrate the humble workshop. Although I have many incredible people lined up for EHM covers for the rest of the year, I felt it was important to dedicate this months’ issue to a concept that anyone can incorporate into their business as well as share with you some of my favourite events from the past year.

Simple but oh so effective, a workshop can be the one thing that gives your business the momentum it needs to reach tipping point.

  Image taken at the   Beautiful Business Mastermind   workshop, photo credit belongs to  Melanie Van Kuyk

Image taken at the Beautiful Business Mastermind workshop, photo credit belongs to Melanie Van Kuyk

If you have information to teach in a structured and interactive way, then a workshop is for you. They are great if you have interactive components you want to work through with attendees such as Q&A’s, worksheets and exercises and where you want people to walk away with something that is completed or implementable like an action plan.

They lend themselves to any industry and I swear, if you can teach it - then you can make a workshop out of it! They are also a great low cost way to position yourself as an expert and start building your reputation within the community.

Because you can go as big or as small as you like, you can start off holding workshops for 5 people in a community centre or meeting room, and build your way up to a room of 80 or 150 or more!

And don’t think that running workshops for only 5 people aren’t worth it, they totally are! It’s all about being smart and understanding how an event can benefit your business, regardless of the size.

The beautiful thing about workshops is that they give you these amazing gifts in return for your hard work:

Recognition as an expert

By running workshops in your area of expertise and using your knowledge to take people from A to B, you are positioning yourself in the market as an expert and acting as a beacon of light for those who have lost their way.

This is important for business owners because the more you are seen as a specialist in a certain area, the easier it is to attract ideal clients, fill your books with soul aligned projects and be presented with dream opportunities.

This gorgeous event was the GROW workshop by EH client and this issues beautiful cover girl, Kate Caddle. Photo credits to these and the cover belong to Anne Carolien Kohler


Increased word of mouth recommendations

Once people have attended your workshops and fallen even more in love with you, there will be no stopping them from raving about you in both their social and business circles.

You know that feeling you get when something is just SO good and you have to tell everybody about the amazing experience you had?

Well that’s how people are going to feel about you! Trust me, you will be getting emails coming through every week from people saying that they have heard fabulous things about you and they just had to contact you.


A widened audience

Even though you will come across many people who will want to work with you in some way and support you, not everyone is able, ready or in need of a one on one service with you such as coaching, consulting or having a service completed. By adding events to your list of offerings, you are able to serve people who:

a)       Can’t afford to work with you one on one yet

b)      Want the information you have in a condensed and immediate manner

c)       Need to brush up on skills but don’t need the one on one time

By holding a workshop or event, you open yourself up a whole new audience who may otherwise may not have the opportunity to work with you.

This lovely event was the Rock Your Goals workshop by EH client and EHM feature writer Sarah Jensen. Photo credits belong to Amy Agnew Photography.


Group connection

One of the things that I adore about workshops is that it can create the most wonderful connections for everyone in the room that can last a lifetime. I have lost count of all the events I have been too where people are BUZZING with excitement from not just the event content, but also all the amazing people they’ve met.

So it’s not just about the connection between yourself and your attendees, it’s also about everyone getting along like a house on fire and wanting to remain in contact after the event is over.

Providing attendees with the opportunity to connect with like-minded people is an amazing experience that has a hugely positive effect on your brand as a whole.


You become human

Don’t ever discount this, especially in the online world we live in. I have been to and managed countless events where the speaker or host is someone with a large online profile and guests leave the day excitedly talking about how they were just SO nice, and SO easy to talk to and just SO damn normal.

Think about when you met someone you admired and respected from afar for the very first time. Did you get nervous? Did you think they were incredible for spending time with you, laughing with you and patiently answering your questions? Did you think it was amazing how they confessed to having the same fears/worries/experiences as you do? Did you love them even more because on your computer screen they are remarkable but in real life they just made you feel valued and adored?

Aim for that and your business will flourish.

These fun pics were taken at the Inspired Women Business and Networking Day with our wonderful guest speakers from the Beautiful Business Mastermind. Photo credits belong to Fi Mims Photography.

And last but not least, it creates additional income streams for you!

If you haven’t checked out my article ‘Can you get a 1,940% return with only 15 people in a room? (The answer is yes!)’ yet, come and have a look over HERE. It is super inspiring to see what is possible for your own workshops AND I have more case studies about it in the future with some astounding results.

Workshops can help you gain additional income through:

// Ticket sales

// New clients who want to sign up to your one on one services after attending your event

// The sale of your premium offerings such as a mastermind or an intensive group program  

// The sale of your eProducts with event only specials or bundles

// By using your event to promote affiliate opportunities either as a bonus they receive once they sign up with you or as a way to showcase the benefits of the program you are an affiliate for

// And exciting invitations to speak at other events or to hold workshops where you get paid a speaker fee.


There are many ways to be smart and strategic about how you use workshops in your business and there are no hard and fast rules – use them in a way that lights you up!


And I have one last thought to leave you with, remember that workshops in particular are a time to be generous. Share your best information and materials that will help your attendees achieve direct results from being in that room with you.

A workshop is not the time to withhold your best work, allow yourself to shine and share your work with those who need you. The more generous you are, the more connected your audience will be with you and the more your business will benefit.

So here’s a big cheers to the humble workshop, that brings us together, allows us to teach our passions, connect with those we adore and sustain our beautiful businesses.

If you are serious about taking your events to the next level or creating an experience that will wow your guests in all ways possible, my eCourse, Workshop Wonderful, is now open for registrations for a limited time only.

This 8 week program enables you to create purposeful events with powerful outcomes and gives you everything you need to make events a successful and thriving part of your business model. You can check it out HERE and maybe even nab yourself one of the early bird bonuses if you are quick enough! Here's a little sneak peek of what's inside:

If you are running a workshop of your own, we would love to see it! And you never know, you may end up in EHM! Don't forget to keep us updated with your workshops and events, you can email us HERE.


Happy Planning!

Jade x


Working with Florals at Your Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Bespoke Botanics was established to blend a love affair of flowers, artistic design and all things beautiful.  We spoke to Founder, Angela Zegir, who has been able to immerse herself in the world of design, creativity and passion, combining organisational skills and creativity.

 Image courtesy of Bespoke Bontanicals

what are the benefits of working florals into your event set-up, especially when looking to provide a memorable experience for guests?

It is ideal to consider florals at the conception of an event, to ensure you allow for space, cost and something to suit the audience. The aesthetics of an event are as important as the content of an event.  People resonate with a well-designed space and florals show that you’ve thought through the look and feel of a room.


What are some ways you can work floral arrangements into a workshop or event?

Florals can be used in so many ways, they really are versatile.  From a small bouquet that your guests see immediately on arrival, through to flowers on tables and up to large scale installations.  They are flexible and can be themed to color palettes and seasonality for a consistent and relevant look. Post event it is thoughtful to share the flowers with guest as a take home reminder and talking point or perhaps use them as a lucky door prize.

 Image courtesy of Bespoke Botanicals

How can working with seasonal trends assist in the look and cost of your event florals?

Each changing season brings new delights in terms of flowers and importantly foliage. Realistic budgets can be worked with (assuming you don’t want to fly in Peony Roses on the off season) using the abundance of local grown produce. We love incorporating foliage such as figs, pomegranates and cumquats in season to mix things up and create talking points. Right now with the stunning autumnal colors, a few large branches cut from the trees can add something magical to your event without a large cost.


How can working with a professional florist assist in ensuring the freshest and best look?

We all have our talents and I’ve learnt over the years to engage with those who are passionate and knowledgeable about their industry so I can focus on mine. Anyone can buy some lilies at the fruit shop for a vase and at times that is all that’s needed.  However, building a relationship and engaging with a florist allows you to take comfort that element of your event will be taken care off. Florists have access to the widest variety of flowers and foliage at wholesale prices. It’s the mixture of unusual floral combinations and design which a florist can provide that creates a talking point.

 Image courtesy of Bespoke Botanicals

What are some of your favourite arrangements and flowers heading into the cooler Australian months?

Being a florist is a little like being a mother.  I’m not meant to have favourites! Having said that, I am sad to see the color palette and form of Dahlia’s disappear from our markets over the coming weeks as they are just so vibrant to work with. For perfume you can’t go past the delicate Daphne, freesias and hyacinth to knock people off their socks – mix it with some home grown mint for a stunning display.  I also have a deep love affair with poppies and look forward to their arrival each year. It’s a myth that winter isn’t a good time for flowers.  They are just different and a good florist will know what to select to make an impact for your event.

You can check out Bespoke Botanics services which include events, weddings and weekly deliveries HERE.


All images courtesy of Bespoke Botanics


Five Reasons you Should Host an Event (even if you’re an introvert!)

By Anna Dower

 Image courtesy of  Prue Franzmann

Image courtesy of Prue Franzmann

If you had asked me two years ago if I considered myself an introvert or an extrovert, I wouldn’t have even blinked an eye: my answer would have instantly been INTROVERT.

After all, I sat in front of my computer every day, communicating with clients and peers almost solely via the Internet. I often formed friendships and relationships with people I had never met before - let alone spoken to. I rarely, if ever, had face-to-face meetings. 

That suited me just fine. I was never one for small talk. I didn’t enjoy being in the spotlight and besides, all the cool people were introverts anyway, right?

However to be honest, it did get lonely at times. 

Which is probably why, two years later, I am now putting myself out there. In a mega way!

These days you will find me happily chatting on podcasts, doing video interviews, running in-person workshops, flirting with the camera on professional photoshoots and, most importantly, enjoying it. 

What changed?

With the help of a beautiful community of like-minded boss ladies, I changed. My Dream Big Community was always meant to be strictly online (nice and safe for an introvert!) but over the years friendships formed, we all became cheerleaders for each other and it eventually came to a point where I knew it was time to meet these inspirational entrepreneurs in real life.

Much to the surprise of my inner introvert, that’s exactly what I did. Under the  guidance of the very talented and clever event organiser, Jade McKenzie, I threw a Christmas dinner event in Brisbane and Sydney (because being a solopreneur is extra tough during the silly season, when everyone else is attending Christmas parties). 

 Image courtesy of  Prue Franzmann

Image courtesy of Prue Franzmann

Both dinners were sold-out and pre-event my anxiety levels were off the charts - after all I was an introvert, what the heck was I thinking? What would I talk about? What if everyone thought I was hideous (my Facebook profile pics are very kind!)? What if … What if … What if … 

Somehow, and despite my fears, I made it through the first event in one piece.  But better than that, I made it through the first event with a giant grin on my face. I’d made new friends, reconnected (in person!) with existing ones and done myself proud. All while being true to my inner introvert.

 Image courtesy of  Fi Mims Photography

Image courtesy of Fi Mims Photography

It made me realise by refusing to step outside of my comfort zone and into the real world, by refusing to fully show up, I had done myself a great injustice. It also helped me realise that hosting and running events (even as an introvert!) has many awesome benefits. Here are just some of them:

+ Those names and profile pics I’d been chatting with online for years … they were real people too. With their own quirks, insecurities, stories and full-to-the-brim inspiration. 

+ People are kind. Even if you suck at small talk. And even if you participate in your own one-woman drinking game of sip and speak to help get over your initial anxiety. 

+ When you put yourself out there, people see you. Sounds pretty obvious, but for a long time I thought that people would just find me, without me having to be seen. But people don’t have time to find you … you need to show them who you are and what you’re about. 

+ There was absolutely nothing to fear. The women I met and interacted with at my events weren’t criticising me or talking behind my back like I’d feared they would. They were warm, welcoming and supportive. 

+ It’s pretty darn good for business. By talking face-to-face with new people and getting to know them on a personal level, I was able to connect with them in a more meaningful way. I gained leads, friends and even new business. 

 Image courtesy of  Fi Mims Photography

Image courtesy of Fi Mims Photography

Last but not least, I know for a fact that by hosting my own events, I positioned myself as a quasi expert. My brand is more memorable and I’m more confident because of it. 

Not too bad for an introvert, huh?


Anna Matjasec is an art director, graphic designer, and the creative force behind Design With Style. She is the co-founder of ROOOAR, the digital magazine that's redefining the landscape for female entrepreneurs. She’s also a business mentor, using her hard-won wisdom and expert insights to help her clients bring their big-ass biz dreams to life.

Zeetings // Turning Events into Conversations

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Zeetings is a cloud based presentation and content interaction platform that transforms the audience from passive viewers into active participants. Zeetings creates a genuine connection between presenter and audience, changing the paradigm from one way to two way conversations.

A “zeeting” is a social, interactive and accessible collaboration via any connected device while data driven analytics help hosts understand what their content community is thinking. Sounds super cool right? We definitely got excited when we first heard about it! So we spoke to Zeetings Co-Founder  and CEO Rob Kawalsky to hear more. 

And Zeetings are generously giving away a free one month event package valued at US$345 (A$475) to one lucky winner! Keep reading below and find out how you can enter and be a winner!

We were so excited when we heard about Zeetings! We’d love to hear how Zeetings was born – was there a particular lightbulb moment that sparked the idea?

There certainly was!  It happened at a pitch event in Silicon Valley with 20 Australian startups in the room.  The whole setup for the event was impeccable: it was held in a beautiful room with some really sophisticated projector and AV equipment, the place was filled with investors, media, and members from the startup community, it was a really exciting atmosphere.  There couldn’t have been a better environment for Australian companies to come pitch their business ideas - but what followed couldn’t be further from perfect.  

When the first company went onstage to pitch, the projector didn’t work, they couldn’t get their slides up on the screen, and they were frantically grappling with their laptops and equipment to figure out the problem.  It was pretty clear that even before they had started presenting, they had already lost the audience.  People were chatting, looking at their phones – they’d completely lost interest.  They eventually recovered and managed to deliver the presentation.  Then the next company went up to pitch. They opened up their slides from DropBox and started talking, but three slides in, they realised that they had opened an older version of the file! 

Something had to be done!

Presentations, and events more broadly, haven’t fundamentally changed in decades with attendees expected to simply sit back and be passive. What has changed dramatically, however, is the technology available and the desire of people to get involved. We realised there was an incredible opportunity to leverage mobile and other technologies to open up a dialogue at events – to really get attendees to sit up, lean in and get involved.


Zeetings is incredibly user-friendly, can you tell us how it suits all level of tech-savvy guests and how this makes it so unique?

The North Star that has been guiding us is simplicity. It’s not just about the look and feel of the platform, but also about how users feel when they are using it. This starts with a user interface which is not just extremely intuitive, but also familiar. 

This approach starts from the first point of contact guest have with Zeetings. To join in at an event, guests just open a browser and type in a simple URL. That’s it! There is nothing to download, nothing to install and guests don’t even need to create an account. Also, it works on any connected device.  

This seamless experience continues once you’re in with the right content, questions and more appearing on your device automatically at the right moment. It’s like magic! 

How is Zeetings a good fit and tool for anyone holding events, even small business owners who don’t have the big budgets of large corporations?

Zeetings is used by many small businesses because it’s a great way for them to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Not only does it take their events to the next level but it sends the message that they’re innovative, entrepreneurial and on the cutting-edge of technology.   

Technology is an amazing leveller.  Take polling for example. Years ago, you would need to rent physical clickers to distribute to your audience if you wanted to conduct a poll. Not only was this expensive—and hence, only companies with big budgets could afford it—it was also restrictive and not user-friendly at all. With Zeetings, clickers are replaced by people’s mobile phones. It makes the user experience far more superior at a much more cost-effective price.

The approach we have taken with Zeetings is that it should be easy enough and affordable enough to use for small events, yet powerful, secure and stable enough to use for large events. Our free plan is feature-rich and it’s ideal for small groups. Our next plan up is just $95 per month and it should cover everything a small business needs. 

We also make sure our pricing is transparent and fair. There are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees. If you have an event in one month but none the next month, you can simply downgrade to the free version. 


What are the features Zeetings that can be utilised to create compelling experiences that engage audiences?

An event should be an unforgettable experience. The best way to do that is to transform the audience from being passive spectators into active participants. Zeetings does it in several ways. 

Firstly, you can broadcast your content, such as slides, to participants in real-time – when you move to the next slide, their screen automatically updates too. Placing your content on participants’ devices creates a sense of ownership the boosts audience engagement and information retention.Slides are just the beginning though. With Zeetings you can ask your participants poll questions and display the results dynamically on the main screen as votes come in. We offer several poll formats and the results are illustrated beautifully and instantly.

The platform gives participants a voice. Throughout an event or during a Q&A session, participants can share their comments and post questions in real-time. Finally everyone, including the shy ones, has an equal opportunity to ask questions without someone hogging the microphone. Participants can also vote for the questions they most want answered by ‘liking’ them, giving the presenter a chance to move on to questions that the audience really wants answered. 

As a host, you can display individual questions asked by participants on the main screen with just one click – this is a great way of focusing everyone’s attention on the question being addressed. You can also display all the questions as a live feed as they come in. 

We see Zeetings as a dynamic and worldly service, can a business owner or entrepreneur use this platform for their workshops and events internationally? 

Definitely. Firstly, when you’re hosting a workshop or event, Zeetings empowers people who are not physically there to interact with the presentation alongside the rest of the audience. With just an internet connection, remote participants can feel as if they’re there and getting involved just like everyone else.  

As a presenter, you can also take Zeetings with you across the globe. Zeetings is cloud-based, so everything is accessible from anywhere. Sign in to your Zeetings account from anywhere on any device and your content, polls, surveys and all the other interactive elements are good to go. 

With 2016 almost at the half-way mark, what is on the horizon for Zeetings?

One benefit of empowering the audience to engage digitally is the ability to gather critical feedback from them. All this data is saved and presented in your analytics dashboard.

We see tremendous demand from event managers for more data about their events and participants. People want to make more informed decisions about what works and what to avoid and people want to know which participants to follow up with post-event and what the perfect follow up message should be. Over the coming period, we are focused on delivering these types of meaningful insights to event hosts and presenters. 

We’ve been privileged to work on some incredible events in the first half of the year and we are excited for more.


Don't forget - Zeetings are giving away a free one month event package valued at US$345 (A$475) to one lucky EHM reader! 

Heart-racing audience engagement. Transform your events by empowering everyone in the audience to participate, right from their own device. For your chance to win a Zeetings Events package for a month, valued at US$345, simply TELL US – how do you keep your audience inspired?

The winner will be drawn Monday 30th May at 9am. 


All images courtesy of Zeetings

Music For Your Next Event

By Tina Bangel

If you think hard, I bet you can think of a song that reminds you of a special day in your life, like your graduation, the first single you bought, your wedding song, or the song to your first slow dance.

Music is a powerful tool. Music can make an impact in your life as well as business. It has the ability to help bring your events to the next level and solidify your whole vision and message. 

It can provide guests with a talking point.

Most importantly, it allows your guest or clients to breathe, think and feel. Where can you see yourself using music at your next live event or function? 

Here are just a few ideas to help you decide where you can incorporate music within your event. Just like a good song, your event needs to have an introduction, a body, a climax, an ending and an outro.

Let’s think about your event like a well-written song that takes you on a journey!

 Image courtesy of Tina Shah Doshi   

Image courtesy of Tina Shah Doshi



As guests gather and register, use music to set the mood

It's a great idea to use instrumentals (no vocals) as it eases the mind. 

Play something that sets the tone of the event. For example if you are holding a Yoga event, play music that feels calming. If it’s a sporting event, use songs or music that is motivating and uplifting.


Introduction to your event

You can use sites such as Audio Jungle to find music to set the mood and tone you would like.


In between speakers, as they walk on and off stage

Not only will it excite your audience but it will also pump up the speaker. An appropriate song can get them in the mood to inspire your guests.

Is there are particular song that represents the speaker and their brand?

Think of Tony Robbins, he uses high impact music to get the audience up and clapping. It livens up the whole room.

During an “Evening with Oprah”, Oprah had a female DJ who played all the fun dance hits catered for the middle-aged women who practically grew up watching her show. Abba hits like dancing Queen to Taylor swift songs were played. Because of this we didn’t mind that the show started an hour late!


You can use a singer or performer to break up the speaking. It’s a way to help your audience regroup their thoughts and get centered before the next round of speakers.

You may have a theme running through the event. 

I was asked to organize a choir for a Children’s foundation. Their theme was to nourish children in a war torn country, so they asked me to prepare the children to sing, “We are the World.” 

Perhaps there is a performer who represents your message. Oprah always uses India Arie. Her poetic and inspiring words in her songs creates a prayer-like atmosphere within the audience.

The person you hire should emulate the event. Does the performer match your brand?

Please keep in mind that if you ask a band or performers to sing or prepare a song that is not in their repertoire, you need to give them at least 3 weeks to prepare for it. 


During my singing workshop I held a visualization section. The attendees were blown away with the impact the music had. They noticed a big difference in made conjuring up their visions. It was with ease and made them feel as if it were real.

  Image courtesy of Dreamachine

Image courtesy of Dreamachine


Wrap up the event

Once the final farewells are made on stage, you can segue into a closing song and slowly fade out. It gives the audience a feeling of closure. It also indicates that it’s time to leave the room, which event holders want to adhere to, in order to avoid over time fees.

During network session

Because there will be lots of people talking, I would recommend music that is ambient and not too loud, but loud enough to set a mood. Although, if you would like a party atmosphere where people are free to dance then go ahead and play the danceable tracks.

Music providers can include:





Big band


Children’s or Adult Choir

Find performers who can cater for the majority of your attendees as possible.

Be sure that they are located in a spot that won’t be intrusive to the guests but they are still able to communicate with them. Consider the space you have in the venue. Will it only fit a duo or is it big enough to fit a whole band?

I would highly recommend hiring professionals to create the right atmosphere. It’s important to give them a run down of the event. Share your vision with them so they can help you create an unforgettable event. 

And if you need some inspiration, download your free PDF of a list of songs that you can refer to for your event HERE


Tina Bangel is a vocal coach and professional vocalist. ACE award winning, Tina has been part of leading corporate bands often travelling Australia. You can find Tina ‘s “Be Heard” Album on iTunes as well as her podcast called “One Voice can change the world.” Sydney based she lives with her foodie family, which includes her husband, son and their mini-foxie Gloria. 

Meet the Founders // Pop of Love

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

A Pop Of Love is a creative collaboration between friends and fellow mums Sandra Chau of Simply Peachy and Amelia Soegijono of Pictures and Hearts Photography. They are an Australia based modern pop-up photography studio specialising in capturing cool and beautiful portraits for kids at every age.

As mothers, they appreciate how quickly kids grow and change and believe in providing fun and affordable ways for you to document those memories every step of the way. They make it fun and easy for you to capture those precious memories as they grow up, so we spoke to them about their gorgeous concept and how they've taken an event based concept and built a business around it.


Yes they are mini events! The idea came about after we both became mums and realised that kids didn’t have the longest attention spans (or at least ours didn’t!) and the thought of taking them out to a park for a one hour family shoot would get us hyperventilating (cue the migraines!). So we thought why not create a way for parents to be able to ‘pop’ in for a quick photo session with their kids and get some snaps of them as they are, at whatever age or milestone they’re in - hence the pop up nature of our events.

That said, even though they are smaller scale events, there’s still quite a bit of planning involved leading up to each session. Our monthly Sydney pop ups are held at our Surry Hills studio so lucky for us venue sourcing isn’t required usually, but for any of our events outside of Sydney (like our Melbourne one in July!) we need to spend a bit of time researching the right studio. Our photography style is one that’s very natural and light-filled so making sure the venue has a lot of natural light is key!

 As we are still a very young business, we spend a lot of time promoting our brand and pop ups on social media, so as soon as we set a date for our next sessions, we hustle! Once we start getting bookings, we start planning the styling for the day as that’s when we’ll know a bit more about the kids coming through the studio. As a part of our booking process, we ask parents to share information about their kids (e.g. age and interests) so that we can cater the shoot to them. We have met so many kids along the way, all of which are so different, this part of the planning process is really crucial for us. Otherwise it would just be chaos!


As we allow for 2 kids per session and have 2 sessions per hour, we can have up to 24 kids coming through the studio in one day! And for anyone who has kids, you can just imagine how tiring and chaotic it can potentially be. So we do a lot of prep work leading up to our pop ups like sending out further information packs for our attendees which for example, recommend them to come early so the kids can settle into our space and we also try to give them an idea of what to expect on the day so there is no confusion. We are all about setting the expectations. Then on the day of the pop up, we set up a table of snacks and refreshments and a play area to keep them happy while they settle in or wait for their session. This is also where our getting to know each child (when a booking is made) comes in handy as we can then tailor the snacks and activities to the ages and interests of the kids coming through the studio on the day.

With both your skill sets, we would imagine the creative energy would be always flowing. How do you find working in a collaborative environment benefits your concept?

Yes you are absolutely right! The great thing about our partnership is that we both bring a different skillset to the business so we complement each other really well and this allows us to be able to focus on what each of us does best. Sandra focuses on styling and Amelia, photography and we tackle the boring admin together. In our individual businesses (Simply Peachy and Pictures and Hearts Photography), we both work alone and have to do everything - even the things we don’t love, so it has been really refreshing, as well as inspiring to have another person to work and bounce ideas with. We’re also each other’s personal cheerleaders in A Pop Of Love as well as our other businesses so we’re always there for one another if one of us gets a bit overwhelmed by work or life in general.

What is on the horizon for A Pop of Love? At the moment, your sessions include children, do you have plans to open up to families, couples & friends?

We love what we have created with A Pop Of Love and our aim is to be known for our fun, stylish and modern photography for kids. Would we open up our sessions to families, couples and friends? Never say never! You just might see us popping up with some sessions for others! In the meantime, it’s all about the kids - as mothers, we appreciate how quickly kids grow and change and believe in providing fun and affordable ways for parents to document their developing personalities every step of the way. We want to be about snapping up those fleeting memories of children in the most authentic of ways so both parents and the kids can look back on them in years to come and remember what they were like. That might mean some tears, lots of smiles or even no smiles and that is all fine by us. We get it - all kids are different and we love that.

So for now, we mainly pop up in Sydney once a month and our next sessions are on 25 June and 13 August but we would really like to take A Pop Of Love to other Australian locations. So.. we are heading to Melbourne on 23 July and are so excited! We’ve had a lot of interest in other cities so that’s definitely the next step for us and we can’t wait to see where this all takes us.

You can check out A Pop of Love's services, offerings and upcoming dates HERE!


All images courtesy of A Pop of Love Photography


Simple Mindful Routine For Nervous Speakers

By Rachael Kable

The first time I spoke at an event, there was a big moment which took me by surprise. After being introduced to the audience, I stood up and moved to the front of the room and, suddenly, everyone was looking at me. It was like I'd been given an injection of fear. I'd spent months preparing my talk, weeks practising out loud and that whole day doing all the self-care routines I could think of. It still didn't stop that big moment from taking my breath away.

As an introvert with an ingrained fear of public speaking, the fear was totally expected and luckily, I had a plan of action! On each of my cue cards, I'd written a short mindfulness routine to look at whenever I was feeling overwhelmed. This routine was short, simple and easily incorporated into my talk to help me stay grounded and as calm as possible.  

My mindful routine went like this:




Those three simple words guided me through the whirlwind of speaking in front of 60 women for twenty minutes, using only a few cue cards. For someone who used to read speeches word for word while shaking, sweating, stammering and stressing, this was a massive transformation. I whole-heartedly believe that using a mindful routine empowered me to speak to the best of my ability (and actually enjoy it!). Below, you'll find each step of my mindful routine explored in more detail, so you can understand and implement this routine yourself!


The reminder to breathe was especially important. When we're nervous or stressed, our breath becomes shallow and sharp and we might not even notice. By simply taking one, deep breath, we disconnect from the space of fear and signal to our bodies that we're safe. It's a moment to refresh, find clarity and create calm. 

Breathing is also an important aspect of talking, allowing our voices to project strongly and confidently across the room. It feels weird to stop talking (even just for a few seconds!) while you're in the middle of presenting. However, from the audience's perspective, it is totally normal. If you watch confident public speakers, you will often hear pauses and silence. In some ways, it adds to the power of their speech because it allows time for their message to sink in. 


Mindfulness creates so many opportunities to connect meaningfully with other people. In my own life, my relationships have been strengthened by less multi-tasking, more awareness of how other people are feeling and enjoying the time I spend with my loved ones, rather than worrying about anything else. 

Connection with my audience was something I genuinely wanted to foster during my talk, however, I knew it would be easy to get swept away by nerves, fear and excitement. So, I added it to my mindful routine. Whether it meant a simple smile to someone, using open body language, or making eye contact, mindful connection allowed me to share my message, rather than tell it. I could see listeners acknowledging and responding to my words and it encouraged me to keep going! 


Tapping into a sensation in my body was a simple way to keep bringing myself back to the present. A few times during my talk, my mind was distracted by unhelpful thoughts such as “I wish I hadn't said that” and “I'm not good at this.” As soon as I noticed a thought like that, I deliberately focused on a sensation, such as the material of my dress, my feet on the ground, or the movement of my hands. In a couple of seconds, I'd disconnected from my unhelpful thought, become present and prepared myself to keep moving forward. It might not seem like much, however this little practice stopped me from feeling overwhelmed by my own negative thoughts or limiting beliefs and gave me the chance to keep going without their influence.

If speaking is something you want (or have!) to do during your event, try using this mindful routine to enhance your time in the spotlight. Even if you don't feel comfortable being there, mindfulness can be a powerful practice to help you deliver your message passionately and confidently, while engaging with your audience.


Rachael Kable is a passionate mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of her top-rated podcast, The Mindful Kind. When she's not writing or helping women create meaningful mindfulness practices, you'll find Rachael cuddling her fun-loving pooch, stretching out on her yoga mat, or enjoying delicious coffee. To connect with Rachael, head over to her online space at 


Image credits belong to Rachael Kable

Using Social Media Images For Event Promotion

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Event branding and graphics play an important role in your marketing and promotion so we spoke to Catherine Howarth of The Ruby Gateway who is a soul-fueled Business Mentor and Creative Coach about why they are key and how you can use them with your own events! 

  Photo credit belongs to Mel Van Kuyk Photography

Photo credit belongs to Mel Van Kuyk Photography

Let’s start at the beginning – what are the benefits of having great graphics as part of your event promotion?

Social media graphics are a great way to quickly communicate information about your event in two ways:

1. Event details: sharing the basics of who, what, where and when, and

2. Event inspiration: sharing the event purpose, themes, key messages and learnings 

I believe that inspirational graphics in particular, are a great way to create interest in the content of your event and build buy-in with your community. With inspirational graphics you are creating an emotional connection and attracting the perfect attendees to your event.

By consistently posting a variety of branded graphics, you are creating visual recognition of your event and reinforcing the event topic and messages, helping to build momentum, anticipation and excitement and keeping your event top of mind with your tribe.

When it comes to posting about your event on social media, it’s a good idea to follow the 80/20 rule; where 80% of your content is entertaining, educating or inspiring and 20% of your content is promoting and selling. With this rule in mind, you can see how graphics can be a great way to support your other event promotions such as Facebook event pages and the sharing of links to website landing pages and sales pages such as Eventbrite etc.

How do people organising their events ensure a clear message about the day is transferred to potential attendees through their promotional graphics?

You want your graphics to reflect the purpose of your event. Think about how you want to inspire your audience, how do you want them to feel, what messages and key learnings do you want them to take away? Then think about how you can share these visually as a graphic, using images and words.

Some ideas are; creating a series of tips that relate to the key learnings; inspirational quotes based on the event messages and themes; key words that relate to the topics; testimonials from past attendees… You can then use the graphic as a visual prompt to expand upon in the comment you write when posting.

For example, I had a client who’s event was a ‘Self Love’ Goddess Workshop, with themes around self-love, self-care and self-worth, and feeling empowered. So beyond the graphics outlining the event details, some additional graphics could have been inspirational quotes on self-love, self-care and self-worth, a series of tips on the three themes, or even having individual graphics with these words and asking her tribe what these words meant to them, or how they incorporated them into their daily practices etc. as ways to create engagement and interest in the purpose of her event.

Graphics are a great way of inspiring your tribe about your event, giving them snippets of information that piques their interest and has them signing up to learn more about how you can help them at your event.


Does it help to keep the same consistent image leading up to your event or are you better to use a number of different images to grab different reader attention?  

Given that there’s going to be several weeks of promotion in the lead up to your event, I believe it’s a good idea to mix up the graphics you use. As long as you are creating a consistent design style, using fonts, colours and images to ensure your event has cohesive branding, then a range of graphics will keep your promotions feeling fresh and interesting.

With the graphics that are promoting the event details, you may want to consider using a signature image; whether it’s a photo of you as the speaker; an image that relates to the topic; or an image that relates to the feeling you want to invoke in your attendees. 

You could also have secondary support images; you may have additional speakers; images that relate to the type of attendee you want to attract; photos of past attendees with testimonials; as well as photos that relate to the venue, catering, goodie bags and general ambiance.

At a minimum, I would suggest having one signature graphic that relates to the event details, which is used throughout the promotion. This can be updated to reflect early bird and full prices, ticket sale updates (50% sold), days left to enroll etc. Your signature event graphic could then be supported with some inspirational graphics throughout your promotion, using the same fonts, colours or image style.

Apart from social media, where else can event organisers use their graphics to promote their events?

Here’s some ideas on repurposing your graphics: 

Promotional: your website; your emails and newsletters; flyers; advertising in magazines (online and off); affiliate marketing; networking events

At your event: venue signage; welcome board; welcome table; banners; backdrop; AV presentation; event schedule; workbooks covers; worksheets headers

Your inspirational graphics could be used within workbooks; in frames on tables; within notebooks; as a set of postcards. 

If your planning on repeating your event, you can simply update the details and reuse.

For those who are not confident in designing their own images, what are their options in getting professional looking images created for them?

A graphic designer is going to be the best person to create your promotional images. They can create a suite of graphics that work with your current branding style, or create a secondary style for your event that compliments your business brand.

You could talk to your designer about the possibility of creating design templates for you to update using online editing programs like Picmonkey or Canva. 

For example, I created a series of branded templates for one of my clients to use for her inspirational quotes. Set up in Canva using a range of coloured backgrounds and images, my client simply updated the quote copy to easily create a suite of professional looking graphics.

Depending on your skill levels, this may work for you too, or you may want to stick within your zone of genius and leave the creativity to your designer.


Catherine Howarth of The Ruby Gateway is a soul-fueled Business Mentor and Creative Coach who works with women who want to make a difference in the world through their coaching, consulting. She draws on her graphic design background of 20+ years to guide clients on how to confidently create their own visual content that beautifully reflects your purpose, your message and your brand. Learn how to create your own social media graphics or check out Catherine's services HERE


All images courtesy of Catherine Howarth

Meet the Founders // Make Nice

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

The first of its kind in Australia, Make Nice is a three day event for creative women to learn from an exclusive lineup of international and homegrown industry vanguards in an intimate un-conference format. 

The inaugural Make Nice is on 2 - 4 June, 2016 as a part of Vivid Ideas. Differentiating itself from other conferences, the intimate environment at Make Nice will provide practical advice for working in the creative industries, promote the importance of a thriving and supportive professional ecology, and foster ongoing dialogue for the continued exchange of ideas.

Make Nice is as much about sharing knowledge between pioneering creative women during round-table discussions and practical presentations, as it is about forming valuable and genuine relationships with other attendees during programmed social events. We love that the event is about conversation so we spoke to co-Founder, Ngaio Parr, about everything Make Nice!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We would love to hear about the Make Nice Un-Conference and the how the idea was born?

My Co-Director Alex and I both returned to Australia after studying and working as creatives in the United States for a while, and found it very difficult to feel supported, particularly by other women in the creative industries. The support networks and friends we had made in a matter of months in America took years to cultivate in Australia. 

There was a generosity of knowledge and network sharing in America that we felt was lacking here. It is great to be competitive, dedicated and have drive, but not when it runs the risk of disadvantaging an industry from growing collectively or keeping other women down. We wanted to create something for women who are doing well - but perhaps working freelance, or working in a studio with few female role models, to connect with other creatives. In their own field and beyond.


We love that you are taking a different approach to a more traditional conference schedule, what steps have you taken to ensure dynamic and extraordinary experience for guests?

Make Nice caters for women who have some experience under their belt - so they have opinions and ideas that we want to hear about. We wanted to build an un-conference format to help facilitate this exchange at all levels (emphasis on the exchange). It encourages people to get to know who else is in the room and is far less passive than traditional conferences.

Essentially, an un-conference style event is an informal exchange of information and ideas between participants. We have a amazing lineup of presenters and panelists, but we also know that the attendees in the room have a wealth of knowledge and we want to engage with and take advantage of that breadth of knowledge. We want our attendees to feel like they’re an essential part of the event, part of the movement, because they are. Our attendees can expect two days of programming that includes keynote presentations, panels and round-table discussions curated by those in the room. For good measure, we've opted to balance these sessions with plenty of good times too - with opening drinks, breakfast, coffee and tea, and a dinner and dance party included in the ticket price.

What has been your promotion and marketing tactics? Do you find social media campaigns along with mailing lists work hand in hand, or has one been more successful for you?

As an event in its inaugural year with limited exposure, our main priority was spreading the message and ethos of Make Nice as far and wide as possible. This involved using as many tactics including social media (organic and paid), e-marketing via our mailing list, advertising and publicity. 

In terms of what’s worked “best”, it depends on your definition of the word. We’ve successfully grown our e-news database by 300% and consistently receive open rates of over 60% - well above the industry average of 30%. Although our database is on the smaller side compared to other organisations, the quality of people who follow us are 100% on brand and keen to hear from us. 

Likewise, our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) have all grown at a strong rate and continue to rise as we grow closer to Make Nice. Since January, Facebook has grown from 109 to 626 likes, Twitter from 54 to 182 followers and Instagram from 161 to 991 followers. Our decision to boost certain posts worked in our favour as they reached a total of 20,000 people.  


You have some amazing Partners and Sponsors on board, supporting the event. How did you go about approaching organisations and companies that reflect what the event values are all about?

It was really important to us that we ‘walked the walk’ and only partnered with companies and sponsors that truly believed in women. We’ve made sure to not only curate an amazing group of women to present, but have made sure that we are also collaborating with women in every aspect of the event. We have amazing women-run Flour and Stone and Love Soup providing our food, Two Birds Brewing to cheer for our beer (the first female-owned and run brewery in Australia), women-led Cake Wines bringing the wine, and an all women team in the Make Nice studio. Partnering with companies that are owned by or championed by women makes our hearts happy.

The Make Nice Un-Conference is a part of the Vivid Ideas 2016 Program, do have any plans to branch out into other cities in the future?

We’ve been blown away by requests from women all around the world asking us to bring Make Nice to them in London, Los Angeles, Japan, and Pakistan! Of course we’d love to do all of it, though it does make us a little dizzy thinking of all the additional work involved. We’re also dreaming of presenting Make Nice in conjunction with a festival like SXSW in Austin - it would be a fantastic way to pull interesting women together to discuss the collective experiences we have.


Check out Make Nice and buy your ticket HERE!


All images courtesy of Make Nice Un-Conference

Skin Care for Busy Entrepreneurs

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

We know that when you stand up on stage at events, you want to look your best. With the daily stresses of being a busy entrepreneur, looking after your skin can sometimes feel like the last thing you want to do so we spoke to Sheridan from Kew based Shine Skin and Body about easy but effective skin care routines that anyone can do!

The EHM community is made up of busy entrepreneurial women who don’t have a lot of time to themselves. Can you let us in on a few simple, yet effective steps to take care of our skin, even when things are really busy?

Step one: Removing make up before bed is a must. An oil cleanser is a gentle and easy yet greatly effective way to emulsify and remove your make up. Unlike harsh make up wipes that can end up doing a lot more damage than good to your skin.

Step two: Make a serum your skin's new best friend. Many have multiple purposes that can pack a punch of benefits into your skin care routine, without needing 10 different products to do the trick.


Are there some routine essentials you recommend to people? Is it beneficial to for everyone to have a cleanser, toner and moisturiser in their beauty routine or is that a bit old fashioned now?

Those usual suspects can still be great to keep in your routine but the main essentials to add are a good exfoliant, serum and sunscreen. Exfoliating twice a week will ensure glowing radiant skin. Serums are designed to work at a deeper level in the skin than a moisturiser and have many purposes from collagen strengthening, energy boosting, to blemish fighting... The list goes on! Most of all and almost always forgotten, sunscreen is undoubtedly the number one step in protecting the skin from advanced ageing. 

Also - don’t forget your neck!

How can people travelling for their events ensure their skin is feeling fresh, even after dehydrating plane trips and long hours on the road?

Hydration is the key. The 1st thing- Drink water and minimise alcohol! Having a good home routine so your skin is in the best shape possible is the base of it all. My cheat is flying in a sleeping mask; starts you off with the most hydration possible and then you can use it before your event to plump up your skin. 


With so many beauty products on the market, it can be quite overwhelming know what to purchase and when! Do you need to have a complicated routine for it to be good? 

Get the right advice. So many people go off recommendations from the internet or what friend uses or off department store staff not trained in skin or skin analysis. You don’t need 20 products, but the products you use need to be the right ones for YOUR skin, YOUR concerns recommended by someone who knows what they are talking about, not a girl with a part time job in a shop.  


Many of us would take ourselves to a beauty salon as a treat as we know the benefits are always amazing! How often would you recommend people visit their beautician to ensure healthy, glowing skin?

On average the skin cells cycle through their natural process of growing and falling off the surface every 4 weeks. Receiving skin treatments once a month is the best preventative of skin problems as the beauty therapist is able to pick up on any signs the skin is telling us before they even become a problem. It needs to be looked at as more of a treat and as a necessity as the part of us we show to the world and makes us feel good

You can book in for your next beauty treatment at Shine Skin and Body HERE.


Images courtesy of Shine Skin and Body

Kathryn Hocking // Masterminds & Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Kathryn Hocking helps passionate service-based entrepreneurs create unlimited impact and income through profitable, purpose-driven eCourses. An eCourse Expert and Launch Strategist, Kathryn built a multiple six-figure business in less than two years through the creation of high quality, passion-fuelled online programs.

Her signature offering, the eCourse Launch Formula, has helped more than 250 entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to put the ‘lifestyle’ back in their lifestyle business through the creation of their very own profitable eCourse.

In the last two years, she's created the Ultimate eCourse Mastermind as a next level offering and incorporated in person workshops and retreats into her business model, so we chat about why she likes them and how they benefit the group.


There is a big difference between creating an e-Course and creating a sustainable e-Course based business. I realised that my participants wanted what I had which was a multiple six-figure business off the back of a flagship e-Course. I also knew that some people struggle to take action and stay focused and need more intensive support to gain the clarity and strategy to really grow their e-Course and so I decided to create a really niche Mastermind for these people.



The events are critical to this program because a Mastermind really is about the intimate group support and being vulnerable and this is hard to develop in a purely online format. I have three events spread out over 10 months and these are a time to take my participants away from their day to day, bond as a group and draw on the unique expertise and experiences of the group and gain clarity on their next steps. I also deliver training and bring in guest experts and each participant has some hot seat time to really focus on their business.


It is important for a number of reasons: 

- to get them away from their day to day responsibilities to focus on themselves and their business goals

- to bond as a group

- to deliver training that is best delivered in-person

- to keep the momentum and commitment going for a year long program

- to have fun! 

what benefits have you experienced from holding the events from a professional point and a personal point of view?

The events have been so amazing for me on a personal and professional level. I am an introvert and so I don't want to be running live training constantly but I love having three events over 10 months that I can really look forward to. They have built my confidence in myself as a coach, trainer and facilitator (despite being a professionally qualified and experienced corporate trainer!) and they have allowed me to go so much deeper with my clients than I can through my e-Courses. The events have drawn a lot of interest to my business and because I put so much love and care into the events people really want to experience it for themselves. Events have opened up a whole other revenue stream for me and provided more options to grow my business.

what unique add-ons do you like to include in your mastermind that speak to your brand and personal style?

I put a lot of care into the experience of my events from beautifully branded workbooks and custom notebooks, to gorgeous flowers and gifts for every attendee - it is an opportunity to make my participants feel valued and special for a couple of days and to get excited about their businesses (and e-Courses!). I also always bring in guest experts to break up the training and to allow the participants to learn from other experts relating to building an e-Course based business. 

what would be your advice for someone looking to incorporate in-person events into their online business?

My experience has been that they are better as a more mature strategy, as in after I had built my niche, reputation and list but I can also see how they can be great as lead-ins to an e-Course or premium program. So whenever you choose to incorporate an event make sure that you have a clear strategy and know what purpose the event serves and also make sure that you set a budget and stick to it as events can become unprofitable very quickly if you don't understand your numbers!

Kathryn Hocking helps passionate service-based entrepreneurs create unlimited impact and income through profitable, purpose-driven eCourses. An eCourse Expert and Launch Strategist, Kathryn built a multiple six-figure business in less than two years through the creation of high quality, passion-fuelled online programs. Her signature offering, the eCourse Launch Formula, has helped more than 250 entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to put the ‘lifestyle’ back in their lifestyle business through the creation of their very own profitable eCourse.


All images courtesy of Samara Clifford