It’s Time To Ditch The Self-Promotion Sabotage

By Niki Hennessy

Soulpreneurs, coaches, health and wellness professionals, do you find ‘selling’ a bit yuck? Does promoting your new product, upcoming workshop, or overall brand building bring out an erky perky, creepy crawly feeling?

Unfortunately it’s fairly common amongst the heart-centred business community, and it is especially strong for women. Selling can feel exposing, confronting, car-salesman-slimy. We worry that it will make us look egotistical and pig headed, or even worse - desperate.

Well, sorry to be blunt, but it’s time to call bullshit on the self-promotion sabotage.

If you want to authentically and whole-heartedly build your business then you need to communicate with your ideal customers. The whole ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy does not apply here ladies!

Enough with the self-depreciating tall poppy syndrome, it’s time bust through those blocks, to own the power and potential of self-promotion and to take away the ‘bleh’ factor.

So, to take away the yuckiness here are two simple tips that will help you embrace your inner brand ambassador and unleash the marketing maven within.

#1 Knowing WHY you do what you do is the key!

Knowing your ‘why’ is touted around a lot, but there’s a reason why ‘why’ is so important - Your ‘why’ is what’s going to turn your prospects into your customers. The ‘why’ is the real reason people will buy from you or want to work with you. 

‘Why’ is the heart-to-heart connection that will connect you with your customers/clients and will keep them coming back for more.When you know your ‘why’ it gives you something bigger, but it also gives you something straight from the heart that you can talk about. Your ‘why’ is communications gold! 

Rather than starting out by telling people WHAT you can offer them, tell them WHY you’re offering it, why you do it. 

BIG SECRET TIME – it is so much easier to talk about ‘why’ than ‘what’ – NO sliminess, NO tall poppy syndrome. All authenticity. All heart.

Talking about your ‘why’ anchors what you’re doing in your higher purpose, in the big picture you’re working towards manifesting every day and if you’re struggling with the self-promotion yicks this feels SO much more authentic and way less salesy. 

#2 Be confident in the value that you have to offer

Time to pull the plug on the inner mean girl monologue.

Enough of the self-depreciation. Enough of the doubt, smack talk and playing small.

What you have to offer is unique and there are customers/clients waiting for you. No one else can offer what you can, no one else can benefit your customers or clients in the way you’re able to. 

Do justice to your potential to benefit the lives of other people with your one-and-onlyness. Sing it from the rooftops, be loud and proud of what you’ve got and all the good that it can do. (Pst this is where talking about your ‘Why’ comes in!)


Once you break through the bull, stop undermining the value of your offering and focus on WHY you are turning up in the world in the beautiful way that only you can you‘ll be able to whole-heartedly promote your products or services. 

Your communications will bleed authenticity, because it’s coming from an honest place, with full acknowledgement of the benefits and value you offer. What. A. Relief!


Niki Hennessy is a communications coach who specialises in helping coaches, entrepreneurs and soul-centred game changers unlock their communication potential and find their authentic voice. 

Photo credits belong to Melanie Van Kyuk