Photo Booth Your Event For Marketing Success

By Justin Jowett

Photo booths make the most fantastic and often underestimated marketing tools. For the last ten years they have been one of the most talked about "must have" items for weddings and parties but their greatest potential value actually lies in corporate events.

Whether it be product launches, client or staff events, expo stalls, shopping centre stalls set ups or the company Christmas party, a photo booth can get any brand noticed and more importantly remembered in an engaging and non pushy way.

There are a few ways a photo booth hire can be used for marketing purposes but the simplest and most cost effective way is by having a custom or corporate logo appear on the photo-strip itself. This can either be in place of one of the photo-strip frames (generally the bottom frame) or it can be in addition to the standard frames depending on the photo booth. Having a logo appear on the photo-strip ensures that the brand will be seen and remembered for years to come as most photo-strips end up in a prominent place like the fridge or on a photo wall.

Another option is a custom artwork to create unique background imagery. Depending on the style of photo booth this can be achieved via posters or backdrops. We all know that people love to share their images in this digital age but imagine if every photo booth shot from your event had your brand imagery and/or messaging as a about great exposure!

For the larger brands with bigger budgets there is photo booth branding also know as a "photo booth skin". This involves custom imagery wrapping of the entire photo booth. It is often achieved in the form of printed decals, corflute, panelling or magnetic posters to really give the brand the ultimate exposure.

Any of the aforementioned ways, or better still a combination of them, are really going to set your brand up for amazing exposure but the true scalability and scope comes more into play when you combine this with a photo booth which has built in social sharing capabilities. Many booths can now connect to the internet and tap straight into social applications like Facebook and Instagram for instant sharing.

Imagine your brands reach when your guests step out of a photo booth covered in your brand, collect their photo-strip (which also has your brand via a logo or backdrop) and then use the social sharing interface to instantly post it on Facebook, Instagram etc to all their friends.....That is cost effective and market penetrating brand marketing on steroids!

If you're planning an event and looking for new and interesting ways to successfully and cost effectively market your business, product or brand then you have to utilise the potential of the modern day photo booth. 

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Justin Jowett  is the Head of Operations at Photobooth Finder. A free online service that saves event holders time and money in the often confusing search for the perfect photo booth.

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