Key Elements For A Stylish Entrance

By EHM Feature Writer Eliska Lam Chan-Siy

They say if you're making an entrance, make sure it's a grand entrance.

So the question is how do you make it grand? Technically, for any event, you want to wow your guests at the very beginning. Same as how we style our house's hallways because that is the first space our guests steps into our “space”. We make sure the floor's newly polished, every thing is kept in the right places, maybe have a nice artwork...all this because it says a lot as a nice introduction to your home. 

Think the same for events. If you are the hostess, most likely, you won't be there to welcome your guests by the registration table. You make sure that you have someone from your team to welcome them with a smile and greet them by the door. But you would want your guests to experience something more and treat them to a day they will never forget. And better yet, deliver your brand or your message to everyone who walks in. 

Greeting your guests with a smile is definitely still a must but here are some key things to think about for a stylish entrance:


1. A welcome message board

Make your guests feel like you are formally welcoming them with a nice signage or chalkboard. Write a simple welcome, your event name or a nice quote to kick start their experience. Remember to write it in a font that is close to your brand logo for nice fluidity.

2. Dress your registration table

Unfortunately, a plastic trestle table wouldn't make a good impression in this case. Hire a table cloth and a flower arrangement for your registration table. Consider this as a first station where your guests will have initial contact with your team. Have posters, promos or your social media accounts nicely printed to inform your guests more about you while their registration is being confirmed. 


3. Frame the door

In my professional opinion, the door is always a great transition into an event. It almost feels like you're being transported into an experience so look into ways to dressing your door. Have a floral garland around the edge of the door or have dramatic lighting by the entrance. 

4. Divide your space

If styling the door isn't an option for your space, you can always opt to put a WOW-divider. A wow divider creates mystery to what is yet for your guests to see. It can be curtains or even a backdrop wall that has your brand name on it. This gives your guests a great photo opportunity for your event and gets them really excited to what is yet to come.


There you have it , four key elements you can think of to create a welcoming and stylish entrance for your next event.

Photo credits belong to Ruffles and Bells