Take The Stress Out of Your Party Planning With This Simple Service {SP}

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

It was just before Christmas at a gorgeous Thirsty Camel Cocktail Evening that I had an epiphany. Party preparation can be SO much easier! Being an event manager, I wish I had known this earlier :/ 

Photos by @checkandspots, @thirstyblonde2, @threebeesblog and @ntjblogger


One of my biggest issues with party planning can be the alcohol, especially when I am working on an event where the alcohol is being outsourced and needs to be taken care of by me. While there are providers out there who provide online shopping with delivery or click and collect to make my life easier, I face two problems:


1. If I get my order delivered and the venue won't take it in advance and store it for me, I have to store it in my house in advance of the event. This means I have to firstly find room and then on event day, load it all into my car - usually by myself.


2. If I do a click and collect order, I have to go into the store, get a trolley, load it all up, steer the trolley through the car park (I'm 5 foot nothing and a complete lightweight - a windy day can make this extra ummm, adventurous!), unload it into the boot, put the trolley back and come back to the car. Some days, I've had to do this with a toddler in tow - hola to the mums who get the logistical nightmare this can be. 


So imagine my freaking DELIGHT when I found out Thirsty Camel do this:


Drive through click and collect


Oh. Em. Gee. You can order and pay online up to a week in advance or even just an hour out. Good for those who plan in advance or those who need a last minute run. Then off you go to pick up your order which has been all packed up for you, cold and ready to go. You don't even have to get out of the car.

Let me repeat that.

You don't even have to get out of the car!

As soon as I heard this information, I already had a list of events I could use this for. Birthdays, engagements, weddings, celebrations, grand final day, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, Australia Day, launches, dinner parties, long lunches and even family get togethers.

With a full selection, you can have anything from wine to beer to cocktails, all with ice and maybe even some groceries if you are at one of the Thirsty Camels that provide a grocery selection.  

Photos by @theeventhead (me!), @skipping.girl, @thirstycamelbottleshops, @_eatplaylovetravel


Meanwhile, I found out that some of the drive throughs have barista made coffee or takeaway food like burgers and pizza. Seriously, why wasn't I told about this sooner?! ;) I guess being independently owned means you can have a lot more fun!  

So now there's no more loading and unloading, no more runaway trolleys that weigh more than me, no more fussing about with waiting for delivery men and finding room for storage in the house. Amazing!

Thank you Thirsty Camel for being party friendly, high heel friendly, mum friendly, windy day friendly and female friendly. With over 400 stores in Australia, there will be one near you so make sure you find your closest one HERE and put it in your little black book for the next time you are planning a party!