Meet The Maker // Violet Gray

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Violet Gray is one of those beautiful brands that you can't even call a brand or a business - it's a movement, a collective and a beautiful intention to create something purposeful and honest. Their jewellery is created with so much passion and care that whether you are the purchaser or receiver of one of their items, you can FEEL the good energy radiating out of the delicate silver tin each unique piece is housed in.

As a supplier for some of my clients and their events, I wanted to dig even further into the Violet Gray story and learn more about how Alex and Frances see their jewellery being used at other people's events and hear about the beautifully intimate workshops they hold for their community. So, let's hear from the girls! 

TELL US ABOUT THE JOURNEY OF violet gray and the idea behind intentional jewellery?

Alex : Oh gosh... Violet Gray and her journey. Well, she was 'birthed' in Indonesia in 2012 when I was living there. I was really attached to a dream to make jewellery and so I moved there from Europe to pursue it. At this stage, there was no set plan, no set style, no set inspiration... I just began to bead. Combining crystals and sterling silver, I became really interested in the meaning behind stones and the power that they carry. So I would bead, then feel out a piece and a story or a purpose for that piece would unfold really organically. 

I'm not sure how or where the term 'intentional jewellery' evolved in relation to our brand, but each of our pieces is created and offered with an intention. In a world that moves so quickly, it is easy to become disconnected from yourself.

So much time in the head, not enough time in the present. So where intentional jewellery is magical is that it becomes a physical, tactile reminder to align you back with your focus or intention. With the power of presence, you enjoy your life more... Simple right?! 

YOU describe the brands core values to include creating something of purpose; how do your beautiful jewellery pieces centre around this value?

Frances : That value is based on not wanting to be the manufacturer of another piece of throw away junk in a world based on consumerism. What we would rather create is something that you love and treasure, that really means something to you.

Our message is not to just buy more and fill your life with spur of the moment shopping (and credit card debt). Our message is to take a step back and if something we have made really speaks to you, bring it into your life and attach a purpose to it.

Feel it, wear it, love it and one day, pass it down to your child or niece or nephew. Those are the type of tangible products that we support and believe in. Things that have a purpose in your life, things that mean something to you.

violet gray certainly has a gorgeous community spirit about it with your ambassadors and also your charity support, why is it important for you to keep a strong bond with those that support your business?

Alex : Because it is the community that makes Violet Gray even possible. We are so lucky to have collaborated with amazing Ambassadors, women that have become deeply respected friends of ours. But our community extends far beyond our Ambassadors, the charity alignment or the 'Insta-famous' - we cherish every single woman that wears a piece of our jewellery. It is this international community of diverse women that co-create the presence that is Violet Gray.

you hold in-person gatherings which we love to see! what kinds of events do you run and how does your jewellery play a role?

Alex : Oh boy, we love holding space. So we host sporadic Intention Circles - where we guide the attendees to connect with nature, with their own creativity and with an intimate group of other women. You create your own crystal bracelet and walk away realising how truly intuitive you actually are. 

I hold space and take bookings for Blessing ceremonies - for Mothers to be. This is a sacred, traditional celebration of one women as she transitions from Womanhood to Motherhood. Where the focus in Western cultures are often centred around the physical preparation, a Blessing ceremony prepares the woman emotionally, spiritually and mentally. These circles are incredible moving.  

And lastly, as a community initiative, we are about to start holding space for fortnightly Woman's Circles on the Gold Coast. This will be fun.... 

Violet Gray

how can other event hosts and facilitators use your products within their own workshops and events?

Frances : They are perfect for this. They work so beautifully as a gift to remind the wearer of the experience or life changing moment one has gained from a workshop or event. We really value the experiences that game-changers are out there creating and aim to support as many teachers / guides / coaches / light workers as possible. So we offer generous discounts for these types of things. Be sure to get in touch with us for more info. 


how does your jewellery continually serve the recipient long after that initial box is opened?

Frances : I like to think of the box as a burst of love. Our greatest hope is that the receiver feels the amount of love that goes into every package as soon as they open it. From there, the piece is made to grow with you. It can change with you and hold many different intentions throughout a lifetime; reminding the wearer of this message in a tactile way every day. 

For instance, I am the lucky custodian of one of our beautiful amethyst rings. Initially, my intention was to look beautiful as a part of my outfit on a special day. Simple. But now it has become a talisman of safety and protection in every moment.

As I approach my day, especially on days where I feel vulnerable, this ring is literally my rock, bringing with it a feeling of ease and confidence. 

2016 is well and truly here! what is on the horizon for violet gray?

Alex and Frances : We have so many big plans that it is a little overwhelming. At this present moment we have just opened our first showroom on the Gold Coast. The year is already filling up with international trips, product development and inspiring group work (oh and general life stuff - like newborn babies, fur-babies and renovations).

It seems that it is never a matter of 'what' we are going to fill the year with but 'how' are we going to fit all of our inspiration into such a short amount of time. All that we can say is 'watch this space'... Inshallah. 

Aren't they just gorgeous?! You can keep up to date with all things Violet Gray HERE and if you ever get a chance to go to one of their workshops in person then make sure you get yourself there!

All photo credits belong to Violet Gray