Meet the Founder // Insta Kombi

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Looking for a unique way of capturing your guests and memories at the next special event? Then look no further than Insta Kombi! They add a fun flair to photo booth set-ups with this gorgeous restored 1974 Volkswagon Kombi. We chatted to Insta Kombi's founders Kiefa and Jake about what makes this photo booth a little different to the rest.

how was the idea for insta kombi born?

Insta Kombi started out of a love for Kombi's and photography! When we saw the idea we did some research and found there wasn't any like this around Queensland. We already had our beautifully restored kombi, so the question was, why wouldn’t you turn your Kombi into a Photo Booth?


what makes insta kombi different from other photo booths? i'm guessing it's the fact that it's a kombi?

You guessed it.. we are the only VW Kombi photo booth in Queensland and Northern NSW. The instant our eye catching Kombi is set up it changes the mood of any event and people are drawn to her. She's a memory maker and ready to document all of the good times and great vibes from any event. 

why do your guests love your photobooth and choose it over traditional options?

Our guests usually choose our photobooth for its quirkiness and the experience inside the kombi. The minute you see her she catches your eye and draws you in. The kombi is a real show piece and adds that perfect classic charm to any event. Unlike other traditional photo booths our guests love the fact that the kombi also doubles as a great prop for professional photos or promotional material of their events.


what type of events can you be hired for?

We do it all!  Weddings, parties, corporate functions, brand launches, marketing events and even festivals. Insta Kombi is amazing for outside venues and with a bit of forward planning can be easily taken inside too. We service anywhere from The Sunshine Coast to Byron bay and everywhere in between. 

what's the funniest photo that's been taken in insta kombi?

We find sometimes the funniest photos can be when people are not ready as its gets the laughter flowing for the rest of their strip series! We have noticed everyone loves to get a photo with our pretty pink flamingo!!

Well this is definitely on kombi that looks like so much fun! You can take a look at Insta Kombi packages and events HERE.


All photo credits belong to Insta Kombi