EHM ATTENDS // GROW by Kate Caddle

By EHM Feature Writer Emma Newby

From time to time, I think we can all use a little self love boost. Whether we are seasoned professionals at taking care of ourselves or struggle to find time to shower (cue a house full of kids, a full time job and a penchant for people pleasing) it is so important to put on your own mask first (cue gorgeous flight attendants you are supposed to be paying attention to); but how often do we do it? 

Kate Caddle is a life coach, writer and speaker, self love expert and spirituality guru and a pretty beautiful human being. I was lucky enough to attend her very first stand alone event, GROW: Inner Expansion & Self Love, or as I like to describe it, an afternoon filled with a room of divine women. 

Walking into Boheme + Body alone, I was welcomed with a big smile, a warm hug and a personalised little gift pack. I was totally in the right place. Workbooks, candles and coconut water littered the tables and the room was about half full when I arrived, leaving the ever important “where will I sit?” question hanging in the air. I ended up at a little table with some friendly women and felt like it wouldn’t have mattered if I had chosen the other one, it would have been just as warm and inviting.

Kate ticked all the boxes for a beautiful event. Amazing (did you hear me say Ah-mazing) space, generous sponsors, lovely catering and the most beautiful attention to detail I have seen in a really long time. It was pretty much event perfection. 

All of that means nothing though if the content doesn’t ring true, that and the participation, the conversation and the interactions between attendees... lucky there were definitely no problems there! The room was inviting, the conversation between strangers was flowing and Kate’s facilitation of the self love workshop content made me think she had been doing it for years. 

Kate encourages small, meaningful inspired action on the path to self love, things you can stick to, things that light you up and actually implementing them, which, if you are anything like me can totally be the hardest part. The afternoon brought me a little closer to these three things, inspired by Kate and her story, the implementation started that very day!

If you want to feel loved, heard and have a cracking good afternoon, I can’t recommend getting along to one of Kate’s workshops enough, it was truly beautiful.


Photo credits belong to Anne Carolien Kohler