Meet the Founder // Wellineux

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Today we chat with Amanda McMillan co-founder of  Wellineux a place that believes in inspiring and empowering individuals through 8 integrated areas; discovery, nutrition, movement, rest, mind, connection, resources and growth.  As Wellineux's Strategy and Experience Director, we loved hearing from Amanda about their approach to whole body wellness and combining these ideas with regular events and collaborations.

Thank you so much for your time today Amanda, it is so wonderful to have you with us! We’d love to know, how did you find yourself exploring health and wellness as a career and co-founding Wellineux?

I was engulfed in a role as a founder of an organization that I didn't align to.  I was giving 110% of myself to the organization and people within it at the detriment of my husband, two little girls, family and friends.  I had never dropped my girls off to school.  I had lost who I truly was and the gifts I had to give to myself and those around me. I knew that something had to change and that’s when myself and my very good friend Michelle, came up with the idea of founding a wellness collective.

Not a two dimensional collective based on purely nutrition and exercise but a holistic collective that dropped the need to tell people what to do but helped people to find their own way to be the best versions of themselves. We wanted Wellineux to inspire and empower others on their journey of me but also ourselves. Our journey to wellness is never ending, as is the case for us all, but incredibly rewarding and it is such a joy to be part of their lives of others as they make a commitment to themselves.  

You describe Wellineux as "providing wellness services that guide you to find the power within and take control of your wellbeing". Can you please tell us a little about how your Journey of Me book (or JOM as it’s affectionately known) can assist people in experiencing this?

The Journey of Me (JOM) is part daily journal, part self discovery exercises and part inspirational goodness. The book is based around the 8 areas that we believe make up holistic wellness; self-discovery, nutrition, movement, mind, rest, connection, resources and growth. Each month focuses on a different area with the opportunity to understand yourself better, set intentions based on who you are and reflect on your progress. 

So many people have told us that the JOM helps them to make small and sustainable shifts regularly. Most importantly they say that these shifts that are based in a deep knowledge of who they are and not what they or others think they should be.

Some people choose to work through the JOM on their own, others do it with a friend, partner, relative or coach and yet others do it as a group that meets regularly like a book club. What’s great is that there’s no right way to wellness and the JOM helps people to find both themselves and their way to wellness. 

Apart from the physical products that you sell such as the JOM, you also run regular events. What steps do you take to ensure that your events are unique and inspire positive change? And do you find that your products such as the JOM allow participants to continue the journey after the event is long finished? 

We love the opportunity that events provide us with to meet and connect face to face with new and longstanding members of the Wellineux community. We know that people are busy and there are so many events out there that they could attend, so we want to make each event truly inspiring and long lasting in its benefits. 

We have a breakfast series called Atelier which welcomes an inspirational speaker focusing on one of our areas of wellness, collaborate in the management of events such as The Wellness Summit and Utopia Wellness, run Personal and Corporate one day retreats and have more exciting events planned in the year ahead. 

The key for us with all of our events is to provide options, ideas and approaches for people to find out more about themselves and choose their way to move forward with their wellness rather than telling them what to do. That means inspiring speakers, lots of activities to try, helpful take aways, and heaps of opportunities to connect in a fun way with likeminded individuals. 

All of our products from the JOM to our coaching, group coaching circle (Coterie), vision board kits, mindful minutes, affirmation cards and inspirational book INQ provide inspiring ways for our community to continue their journey of me after the event and well into their future. 

We love that you collaborate with some of the most wonderfully inspiring events in the country such as the Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival. Are you big fans of collaboration and how do you find the right people to collaborate with?

Collaboration is at the heart of Wellineux, in fact when we defined our guiding philosophy, which we call heart and soul, we were really clear that no one person is the ‘expert’ for anyone’s life. In fact, we believe in creating options and opportunities for people to find their own way to wellness and to being their own expert.

No two people are the same and therefore no two paths to wellness are the same. With this in mind, we seek out people who share our heart and soul and who have a passion and commitment to helping and inspiring people on their own journey of me. We have connected and collaborated with an amazing range of inspiring individuals and brought their stories, wisdom and gifts to our community.

We have also collaborated with specific events like The Happiness and its Causes Conference, The Wellness Summit and Utopia Wellness to connect with a wider range of these individuals, bring their talents to our community and meet face to face with more and more individuals who are starting to travel along their own journey of me. The energy, inspiration and change which comes from these events is magical. 

What has been the most surprising thing you have learnt diving deep into the world of events and are there any lessons you wish you had known before you started? 

Without a doubt we’ve enjoyed each and every event. We’ve learnt that no two events are the same even if the speakers and content are the same, the audience and the individuals within it are always different. This is such a joy and aligns so well with our belief that no two people are the same.

Although we are all on our own journey, each one of us is different and therefore each audience is different. One of the great things about events is that you learn something different each time whether it’s from the speakers or the audience. We’ve learnt that as much as you plan for an event, there is always something which doesn’t go as you planned and sometimes it’s those unplanned moments that create the magic.

This realisation has prompted us to keep space within our events for the spontaneous, the magic that comes from bringing a group of wonderful people together and allowing ourselves to watch and be part of the magic as it unfolds. 


And finally on a more personal note, what keeps you motivated to explore more and continue to be inspired?

My children and my husband are such huge motivators in my life as is my commitment to inspire others on their own journey of me. I have a huge passion for learning more and more about myself and I believe that this is how I can best be of service to my family and the Wellineux community.

I’m continuing to learn how to walk the tightrope of focusing on myself and focusing on others and love the growth I am experiencing. I feel blessed to go to work everyday and be inspired by the people I meet and the unique and inspiring stories they have to share. I am reminded and endlessly motivated by the knowledge that we are all travelling our own journey of me. 

What an incredible journey that Amanda and the Wellineux team have been on! You can keep up to date with all of their incredible events and get your hands on a copy of their famous JOM and other gorgeous products that I've purchased for my own clients, right HERE.