How to make your event activation pop

By Kathryn Thompson

We all know that events are the best way to leave a lasting impression on your clients, and to build the all important face-to-face connection with your brand.

But with so many events and activation's going on these days, it’s hard to stand out.

So if you are putting your hard earned money and oh so valuable time in to hosting an event, it's very important that you take the time to plan and create something special. A launch or activation event should be a memorable experience and an innovative one as well.

Here are four ideas that you use to make your event POP:

1.      Gift bags

Some kind of prize or gift bag at your event activation can work to make it a more memorable experience. Having a keepsake or some type of merchandise that you can give away can help to improve your brand recognition and ensure that people are still talking about your event for days and weeks to come.

2.      A unique venue

While many companies opt to host launch events from head offices or from their shop space, you can also opt for a unique venue for your event or activation. Taking your party on the road and renting out a unique space can be a fantastic way to create an impression from the get go.

3.      Special guests

surprise guests or a celebrity guest at your event activation can really get people talking. If you have created the type of party atmosphere that draws in a sports star, high-profile investor or even a local celebrity this can increase the buzz around your event, and help you get that priceless press coverage.

 4.      Social media support

Your events MUST have social media support these days. By promoting a hashtag for your event, your guests can share pictures during the event to their networks, which will help you gain further publicity. You can mention the hashtag on the invites, signage, menus and on the back of bathroom doors. Instagram printers such as KeepSnaps can be a great addition to your event as they can print photos directly from Instagram as they are hash-tagged. This can be a great way to encourage guests to use your hashtag, and give them a take home memento from your wonderful event.

 Use any one of these top methods to really make your event pop!

Agency Director at Media Motions Kathryn Thompson has over 7 years’ experience in the media industry. With a love of tourism, digital media and events, the Media Motion team are willing to explore new territory, push the boundaries and get your business booming on Instagram