Embrace What Sets You Apart And Showcase Who You Really Are

By Lauren Callaghan

It’s 2016, the era of entrepreneurship! Along with that comes, the online world and that means it’s more important than ever to visually showcase who you are. People are searching for inspiration, purpose and connection and we, as business owners, rely on this engagement to flourish.

Insider Tip: A huge asset within your business that helps create this connection is your visual imagery. 

If you look to the left, to the right or even in front of you, you’ll see women all over the world creating a business and life they love.  So how are you setting yourself apart from the crowd?

Over the past four years I’ve been photographing women entrepreneurs, helping to capture visual branding imagery for their business and when it comes to creating something that is unique and engaging, there is one key ingredient that you need and it might surprise you to know that it already exists…


You are your brand! Putting it simply I know but it’s also an ingredient that so many people seem to forget about. When your community feel a connection to you, it fuels their passion and desire to buy from you. Yes, you might have an amazing service and/or product. But that only goes so far and when you can embrace what is uniquely yours and share it with your audience, they’ll want to get to know you more and will continue to find ways to connect with  you. 

Have you ever been to a networking event where you finally met someone you’ve been following for a while, only to think; “Oh! They look completely different!” or “They’re not at all like the person I thought they were?” Oh! It hurts a little doesn’t it! It’s a very strange thing to have a perception of someone and then find out you were completely off the mark. This is what I call, incongruent visual branding.  A brand that uses imagery, showcasing a person differently to who they are in “real life”.  They’re just NOT showcasing their true self.  

The women who are embracing themselves, in every sense of the word are the ones who are truly shining in their business.

Remember, it takes only seven seconds for your ideal client to make their assumptions and judgments about you and we want these judgements to be good ones. We want people to see us and think; “Oh! I really like her spunk!” And even better, “I really want to work with her because I feel like she gets me!” 

So in this online world, when our attention spans are so short and another website, another business, another expert is only a click away, it is more important than ever to visually communicate who you are, gain trust and be remembered.

You are unique! 

There is no one else in the world that has a spirit quite like yours!

It’s this unique spirit, your unique essence that sets you apart from the crowd and THIS is what your audience wants to see. We want to connect with you, so get out there and let YOU be visible.




1. Create an Emotional Connection

Images evoke emotions. That’s power of visual imagery! In an instant, you can create a connection based on the images you put on your website. Let me ask you this; How do you want your ideal client to feel when they visit your website? How do you want this person to feel when they see an image of you?  Write down three key emotive words that come to mind when you consider this and keep these emotions in mind when you create your visual brand.

2.   Express your Authenticity

I believe there’s a difference between being authentic and doing authentic. It’s not about what other people are doing, it’s not about doing something because you think you should. Just because it may have been successful for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. When you create value through products and services that are authentic to whom you really are, they become invaluable. They become authentic to you and they become the key ingredient to what sets you a part from the crowd.

Finish this sentence;

If I gave myself permission to be authentically me, I would showcase....

3.   Showcase Captivating Confidence

Easier said than done, I completely understand. Ironically, when you have a visual brand that showcases who you are, when you have imagery you are really proud of, confidence shows up! Honestly, I’ve seen it every single time. I’ve watched many businesses change, evolve and completely up level because they have consistent visual imagery that is inline with their brand. 

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work, gains success. Greatness will come. ” - Dwyne Johnson


I'm Lauren, an intuitive portrait photographer from Sol + Co and I specialise in creating authentic imagery that captures the true essence of women entrepreneurs. I have a fascination with photography! Combine that with ambition, spirit and really high standards and you will find one genuine and determined lass. I promise, when you step outside your comfort zone and create imagery that showcases you and your business in an authentic way, it’s worth it!