Meet the Maker // Gutsy Girl

By EHM Editorial Assistant Kate Cooper

Meet Sharyn; the effervescent, joyous & gorgeous lady behind Gutsy Girl - A place that projects truth, wisdom and encourages women to find their inner energy and confidence. 

Sharyn is all about developing deep trust within yourself through her homemade products and workshops, with this in mind we asked Sharyn to tell us more about the story behind Gutsy Girl and how it all came about.




Tell us about the Gutsy Girl mission and how did your business come about?

The Gutsy Girl mission is to provide transformative events and intentional products & resources to help women and girls to align with their truth, cultivate self-confidence & deeper self-awareness, practice spectacular self-care & self-love, embody positivity and conscious healing to become the heroine of their own life.

I began Gutsy Girl in 2012 as a mixed media and handmade jewellery artist with an Etsy shop and sold my creations at local handmade markets. After many years dabbling in multiple creative and artistic pursuits, a question formed in my thoughts: why not me? So from there, rather tentatively and with huge fears, I began and haven’t stopped since.

Following what I believed was a massive failure at my first group art exhibition where I didn’t sell a single artwork, I embarked on my own vision quest of sorts, to ‘know thyself’ and to work on core beliefs through self-healing, diving deep into every trauma and anxiety I ever experienced using creative expression and art as my medicine. It was extremely hard and a very painful process to go through. I can look back now and know that I needed to go there but it still shocks me how dark it all was and how dormant trauma is a roadblock to living a wholehearted life.

It wasn’t until late 2014 that I really took myself seriously and really started exploring all that I create now.

I’m a mama to a free spirited almost 10 year old girl and I see every day that what I’ve been doing for these past few years has been of tremendous benefit to her. She has seen me laugh and cry (a lot) through it all. I don't think silencing our emotions or our tears, sends the right message to our children.

When I started Gutsy Girl it was my secret hope that something beautiful would come from it. I see the effect in my daughter’s personality every day. She is rarely without a smile and she truly believes she can do anything. I know she can. I feel it.


You hold regular workshops which we love to see! What kinds of workshops do you run and how do these help the women who attend?

During 2015 I led several Full Moon gatherings where I would focus on a different topic each time according to astral energies and my intuition. These gatherings included shamanic drumming journey, reiki, meditation, chanting, singing, movement, journaling, creative expression and conversation. On paper it appears very simple. The commitment each individual makes to themselves by showing up and participating ignites the path to self-mastery. Doing the work is important. You can have all the rituals, tools, teachings & meditations in the world, but if you don’t apply them and practice them in your life outside of the gatherings, change will not occur.

I also taught a Creative Fire & Desire Map weekend workshop which combined intensive journaling, art, storytelling, breathwork and Desire Map training to uncover core desired feelings. The combination of these activities reinforces the lessons learned and discovering core desired feelings through The Desire Map enables participants to hone in and focus on how they want to feel every day and following on from that, aids them in setting goals and intentions they wish to fulfill.




Did you have to overcome any personal fears or doubts to run your own events? If so, how did you overcome these?

Oh yes! Next to driving, public speaking is, or should I say was, my biggest fear. I think both are very similar and to illustrate, these are a few thoughts that come to mind: it’s being behind the wheel, having to take control and be in control, being ‘it’, being safe and providing a safe space whilst also not being in control at the same time because of all the external factors involved.

I’m an introvert and have worked very hard on building self-confidence. I’m forever learning and building trust and confidence in myself. It's not something you learn from someone else, you learn yourself. It's trial by fire sometimes.

It took me many years to overcome my fear of driving and remarkably, a much shorter period of time to overcome my fear of public speaking once I felt it had something to do with my life purpose. When I’m teaching at a workshop or gathering, I’m in my element and whatever fear was there at the start, dissolves. I’m passionate about what I do and what I want others to receive from the experience.

Continuing to show up has helped to quell the fears of being seen and heard. Doing deep soul work solo and Reiki are the two practices which have supported me. It has been hard work and very uncomfortable at times but this is how I know I’m growing! I was attuned to Reiki soon after I realised that I was an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person at the end of 2014. Feeling all the ‘feels’ is my superpower.


You say that you believe in teaching others to trust their inner wisdom to attain TRANS-FORMATIVE self-mastery. How do your beautiful products and tools assist people on this journey?

Every product is created to provide and support spectacular self care and self-love. Essentially, I create what I need, use them myself and then I share it with others.

The Gutsy Girl One Word Mantra necklace handmade by me in 100% recycled sterling silver, is an extra special intentional gift and a way for the wearer to be reminded every day of their one word mantra, core desired feelings or guiding word. This necklace is what birthed Gutsy Mantras, a beautiful set of 16 mantra cards which I released in mid 2015.




How can other event hosts and facilitators use your products within their own workshops and events? 

Gutsy Mantras are a great focus tool that can be used to affirm and reignite inner truth during grounding, balancing and journaling activities. I would say that many of the mantras act as mini teachings themselves. They can be read out loud as an embodiment tool for each person to gauge how the words feel in their bodies, to find deeper meaning within themselves and to stir their souls in a way where personal shifts in self-belief and trust occur.

Gutsy Mantras also make an excellent inclusion in goodie bags for event attendees and coaching gifts to clients.

Gutsy Gift Boxes provides a wide selection of handmade, holistic and healing gift boxes, plus custom options designed to fit your requirements, client and event needs. Gift box contents include handmade jewellery, crystals, inspiration products, organic and natural skin & body, spiritual tools and accessories. I collaborate with other product artisans to bring unique and handcrafted products to my customers.

I also create essential oil, gemstone and essence blends intuitively based on core desired feelings and intentions.


What keeps you motivated to explore more and continue to be inspired?

I’m a Seeker and eternal soul student. I’m always looking for greater knowledge, to understand myself and others better and to be of service to others. I’m driven to ‘know’ and ‘feel’ in synchronicity! Being multi-passionate means that many things keep me inspired, it takes a lot to keep me entertained! But I seek that from myself, I don't rely or expect others to do that for me. I like to experiment and try new things creatively, to keep things interesting, to never be bored and always evolving. The rabbit hole is never ending in my reality, and I like it that way.

2016 is well and truly here! What is on the horizon for Gutsy Girl?

Definitely more events, workshops and collaborative opportunities.

February 2016 sees the launch of Sister Soul Medicine Sanctuary. At this stage there will be once a month Sanctuary women’s circle held on or around the New Moon – a great time to set new intentions, connect with kindred spirits, create and learn spiritual and creative practices. The first one is on Friday 5 February at Soul Space Brisbane and I've joined Global Sacred Circle where women will be hosting events like this all around the world. The second event is on Wednesday 9 March at Silo Paddington.

Under construction at the moment is a 4 month in person foundational program titled Sister Soul Medicine for women who are committed to diving deeper into their spiritual journey. There will be in person circles, Skype calls, weekend workshops, assignments to provide practice and reinforcement of the teachings and a celebration ceremony on completion.

I’m hoping to have further opportunities to guide teen girls following a guest spot teaching Crafting Your Personal Gutsy Mantra at the Shine From Within Personal Development Course in January 2016 – such an amazing experience! This year is all about creativity and connection so I'd also like to begin mother and daughter creative workshops.

What else? Additions to the Gutsy Mantras collection. I'm also having fun making incense blends, altar tools, bath and body products & a tried & tested self-care kit for Empaths - so expect to see an expansion of those offerings very soon!


How exciting does this all sound? Keep up to date with all things Gutsy Girl HERE!