How Events Can Grow Your Business

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Events are a versatile way to get in front of your audience and connect with them on a deeper level. As much as the online world provides us with a great platform to share knowledge and build community, there is nothing more fulfilling than bringing that community together in person and engaging with them on a truly human level. 

I really want to challenge you to think about how you can bring an event to life in your current business. It can be as big as a five date tour up the coast or as simple as a casual gathering at your local café but whatever it is, I want you to step up and shine. 

When you look around, do you notice that every successful entrepreneur you admire either includes events on their yearly calendar in line with their launches and offerings, or that they grace a stage regularly? They know that events:

// Are a sure fire way to keep increasing their brand awareness

// Are a brilliant way to sell out their latest offering within a short amount of time

// Help generate social media buzz, free publicity and insane amounts of word of mouth recommendations

// Keep them relevant and in the public eye


And we know that events:

// Can create to actionable and positive change

// Can lead you to a community of people that make you feel like home

// Can give you heart bursting moments of joy

// Can motivate you, inspire you and MOVE you!

And I know, that you can delight in all of this too by running your own events.

The real beauty of events is that they can be as intimate or as large as you like. There's no hard and fast rules for what is 'successful'. Having a room of 10 can grow your business as much as a room of 100. Heck, I ran an event for 3 people which grew my business!  

If you haven’t put on an event before and you are not quite sure what type of event would suit you, you can think about doing:

- Workshops

- Spoken Word Presentations

- Retreats

- Networking Events

- Launches


As an event professional, I have seen first-hand just how rapidly events can grow a business and the positive effect they have on your brand.

Being online business owners and entrepreneurs, we are so used to working with our clients online but a beautiful and inspiring way that we can give knowledge and impart wisdom is in person. How amazing do you feel when you walk away from a great event?

One of the most important things you can do for your community, your clients and yourself is to give with purpose and events allow you to give your talents, your skills, your compassion and your gifts in a way that is fulfilling to you and empowering to them.

Whether you are a coach, a consultant, a creative, a yogi, a service provider, a graphic designer, a photographer, an author, a blogger or an ice cream maker, events are an amazing way to establish yourself, connect with those who need you and take your business to a new level.  So go on, give them a try!

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