Find Your Event Purpose and Define Your Outcomes

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Events are a crazy fun way to connect with your audience, get your new (or existing) products and services out there and keep developing your brand. As a world that is more and more focused on doing everything online, events bring back the personal face to face connection that we all desire. Who doesn't want to meet their favourite webspiration or business idol nd learn directly from them?

If you have an inkling of an idea for an event but lack the clarity you need to really get things fired up, then you just need to know your purpose. Trust me, everything else will flow once this nail is hit on it's shiny, little head, that's why I've decided to give you the whole first module of my eCourse, Workshop Wonderful, completely FREE

Within this module - What Is Your Why - using my signature 5 step process, we will find your event purpose and create the foundations of a memorable, fulfilling and insanely well run event.

Together we will be going over:

- Why you want to do this workshop
- What you want to get out of your workshop
- How you want your attendees to feel at your workshop
- What you want your attendees to do after your workshop
- What would make you most proud

It doesn't matter where you are up to in the event planning process, this module is going to help you get clear on your desires AND help you achieve them.

In module one you will find:

- A welcome video
- SIX downloadable and editable PDF worksheets
- A powerpoint presentation with audio and full transcript

I didn’t hold back – I am giving you EVERYTHING you need to set yourself up for event success and an experience that will have guests seriously raving about you and how amazing their day was with you FOR FREE. Trust me, if you want to have an event that goes above and beyond and positions you as an incredibly generous, knowledgeable, organized and professional event facilitator and host, this is how you do it.

Claim yours now HERE and please share with anyone else that you think would benefit!