Easy Recipes // Detox Smoothie

By James McLoughlin

Went a little too hard at those post-event drinks last night? We've all been there. We've got the ultimate hangover cure to replenish the vitamin B that last nights cocktails depleted. 

This hangover cure smoothie can be pre-made the night before, prior to your first martini.

The green plants in this smoothie are detox powerhouses set to replenish your vitamin B and help your body detox. Broccoli is especially helpful as it contains the detoxing amino acid, cysteine. That means liver support, as does the alkalizing lemon.

Banana and coconut water inject much needed potassium, which was lost to bathroom breaks. Coconut water is especially effective here as it contains the same five electrolytes as human blood. That's what we call deliciously effective hydration. We include chocolate protein for sweetness and more alcohol removing amino acids. We prefer plant based powders as they don’t further compromise alkalinity like whey and casein.

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s not just for Sunday mornings. The ingredients are absolutely perfect for starting your day and powering you through an event. Two servings of vegetables, detoxing lemon and a clean source of protein leads to energy, great skin and weight loss.



1 big handful of Kale
4 stems of raw broccoli
1 large frozen banana
1 whole peeled lemon
1 scoop of vegan protein powder
400ml coconut water 



Add all ingredients to your blender and mix until well combined.  Too easy!


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James McLoughlin is the co-founder of Green Press, a true pioneer in the health and wellness space, dispelling the stigma that health is boring. Green Press was created to help people feel alive. Their flagship cafe in Melbourne, informative blog, and online store offer an inspiring insight into the world of healthy living.