Catch up on EHTV!

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Do you need some extra inspiration for your event planning? Through EHM I always aim to give you the behind the scenes view of events and what it’s like to plan and run them for yourself and in 2015 I created EHTV as a way to dig in even deeper with my interviewees.

This series of interviews will give you some incredible insights from some of the most wonderful women I know who create and run their own events or work at other peoples events. And thanks to the incredible Olsen Hotel's gorgeous event spaces and my partners in crime at the Best Men Films, these insights are packaged up beautifully in HD for you.

Learn about:

Bringing online connections into to real life events with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy CEO and Founder Julie Parker

Creating events and working with guest speakers with EPIC Events Founder Suzanne Chadwick

Events for service based business with Soul Wellness owner Melissa Farrugia

Styling for events with Ruffles & Bells Founder Eliska Lam Chan Siy

Working with your venue with The Olsen Hotel Sales Manager Kylie Finnemore

Public speaking with Heart Sparks owner Johanna Parker

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I had so much fun making these and I can't wait to bring you more in 2016!