Yvette Luciano // Illuminating The Way

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Yvette Luciano is a devoted soulpreneur coach and the multi-passionate sole director and founder of Earth HQ. I first met Yvette when I volunteered to help her with her first Melbourne event in 2013 and have enjoyed watching her beautiful business grow to new and exciting heights ever since.

Yvette’s 15+ years of media and marketing experience in the entertainment industry began with organising rock shows and promoting bands, which eventually led to marketing and management roles with some of the largest record companies and artists in the world.

After a health and soul shift in 2010, Yvette immersed herself in health studies including nutrition and yoga, accompanied by a seachange to sunny Queensland where she founded Earth HQ in January 2013.

Yvette and her growing team achieved unprecedented success in the field and have produced sold-out events attended by more than 30,000 people while continuing to manage some of the most influential lightworkers in the wellbeing world.

Through The Earth Academy, Yvette is devoted to coaching and training the new wave of upcoming leaders and healers to live their life purpose and raise their platforms and profiles to create a healthier, happier world. Today we get to speak to her about the importance of events in creating positive change and the behind the scenes at Earth HQ.

Thank you so much for your time today Yvette, it is so wonderful to have you with us! You are a well-respected PR, marketing and events maven in the health and wellness industry and Earth Events has inspired such positive change by giving incredible leaders the ability to step up on stage and share important messages. Your clients include our Issue One cover girl Gala Darling, Gabrielle Bernstein and Pete Evans. In your work with your clients, how have you seen events impact their businesses and the way they share their message?

It’s incredible to witness first-hand the impact on their businesses and audiences. I love being part of the laughter, tears and breakthroughs at events with Gala and Gabby, it’s always inspiring to hear the book signing line stories (and witness the happy tears) as the attendees hug their favourite author or blogger for the first time.

These experiences are unforgettable for the audience members. They become lifelong fans (and friends)

A highlight has been experiencing tens of thousands of Pete Evans fans bring their friends and families to learn how to cook healthy meals from their favourite TV celeb! Pete has one of the most devoted audiences, which grows even deeper after they spend the day with him. Pete is very generous with hugs and answering questions during book signings. The audience doesn’t forget something like that. It’s a story they remember and tell forever.

It’s no different to music concerts - who doesn’t remember the time they met their favourite band and got a hug and selfie! These are cherished memories, and brilliant experiential marketing.

Your audience is having a brand experience they will never forget.

The digital realm doesn’t come close to the live experience and building a devoted and loyal fanbase.

Since launching in January 2013, Earth Events has hosted almost 100 events across Australia and New Zealand for 30,000+ attendees. What do you believe are the most important elements of a truly soul shifting event that looks to create long lasting change for the attendees?

All of our events aim to be both transformational and entertaining. I believe that live experiences are one of the most direct and potent ways to really ignite change in your audiences life - and most fun!

We love to include do-them-in-the-moment elements like guided meditations or journalling and almost always include interactive Q + A segments to encourage the audience to be part of the event and conversation. 

One of the best things about live events in the wellbeing and soulpreneur worlds are the friendships, community and connections.

When people are on a journey to improve their health, life or career it can be a little lonely. Many of our event attendees just love the atmosphere and energy of being in a room with like-minded people on a similar path. 

We’ve seen really beautiful friendships ignited from our events. It’s one of the things that makes me most proud, as I remember feeling quite isolated when I stepped out of the music scene and into the wellness world.


Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners start small with their events, facilitating workshops or events for even just a handful of people and gradually working their way up to speak in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. What are your top tips for those who are just starting out in their events and are worried about the numbers early on?

Events are one of the most risky yet worthwhile parts of business. It’s one thing I always encourage clients to start small with. And hey, nothing better than selling out your first run!

Always remember that even someone like Gabby Bernstein who sells out thousands of tickets now, started with intimate workshops for 5 people in her lounge room.

Back when I was playing music gigs in my old band, those first gigs with 15 people were great practice runs for the gigs with hundreds.

And sometimes you will be very pleasantly surprised. When I first started Earth Events three years ago, I had no idea if anyone would show up. The world of wellness events wasn’t what it is today - it’s exploded since then.

For our first event I booked an inexpensive venue and (to my surprise) sold out all 100 tickets within the first couple of days. It attracted interest and a positive vibe, while giving me the confidence to take it on the road and continue forward. Most of our events are now filled with hundreds (and sometimes thousands).

When you start out you are much better selling out a smaller room, than having a half empty ‘impressive’ venue. It’s best that you spend less time stressing about filling a big space, and more time focused on creating a memorable experience for your audience.. for the right reasons.

And sometimes it’s the intimate events that are the most enjoyable as an attendee.

You can really focus on creating the ultimate brand experience with all the sights, smells, taste, feel for you, your message and your brand.

We recently held a soulpreneur workshop day capped at 16 people. And despite our biggest events this year being around 1,500 capacity, that intimate workshop was one of my favourites - and the most life changing for the attendees.

Remember all the little things and how they will reflect on the attendee experience.  From the moment they hear about your event, to the ticket purchase, to the pre-event correspondence, to the arrival at the event, to the comfy seating.

Find you flow, use your first couple of events as intimate dress rehearsals for the bigger ones down the track. You will learn so much from every single event you do. They will just keep getting better. 

You are no stranger to travel, taking Earth Events on the road with your team and your clients. What have been the biggest lessons you have learnt being on tour and on the road for long periods of time?

Know your limits. Event days are filled with adrenaline so you want to take care of yourself in the lead up (and the come down!). Add in the flights and air-conditioned hotel rooms, and while heaps of fun it can lead to exhaustion and burn out. Lord knows how I used to add the alcohol in too during my music touring days!

I’ve learnt to stick to morning meditation and some yin yoga stretches to music on my phone.

Essential oils on the hotel pillow really help me sleep as it smells like home. I always track down green veggie juices, eat extra protein when travelling and increase Vitamin C and Zinc. Chiro adjustments and massages after flights, events and heavy lifting do make a world of difference too. And I try to get plenty of alone time on the road to recharge, which can be hard when touring with people I love as I want to stay up all night talking, although I know now when to pull back.

Many of the event pros and speakers I have worked with are aware of their limits and requirements. An exhausted touring party is not a happy or efficient one.

Take care of yourself and you will have a better experience.. and event!

You have seen your beautiful clients step up on stage and transform people’s lives before your very eyes, whether it’s been physically, emotionally or spiritually. All of your clients are very powerful speakers who have honed their craft over the years, do you think that they were born with a talent for speaking or do you believe that anyone can be a great speaker with enough practice and/or the right training? 

Public speaking is one of the most exhilarating, nerve wracking and rewarding experiences.

Yes, I do believe that some people are born with a natural ability to deliver onstage. In the same way that I believe some people are natural writers or artists or gardeners. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your skills and become the best that you can be.

Hiring a speaking coach is one of the best ways to help work through your fears and craft engaging talks.

Although the most important thing here is to come to peace with our fear of being judged. The best speakers I’ve worked with have done deep inner work on their fears of judgement or humiliation.. which let’s face it, holds us back from all the wonderful things in life.

Being devoted to your message really helps too. Brilliant speakers believe their message is far more important than their fear.We dive deep into this through our Soulpreneur program, as I believe that a whole new wave of speakers will emerge once they have the tools to start dissolving public speaking fears and receive the step-by-steps to crafting engaging talks.

This is one cheeky question we like to ask our cover girls, just like musicians have riders, business owners usually develop their own little list of must haves when they are at events. What can’t you live without at your events? Especially as the person running them!

Lots of filtered water, green tea, healthy food and flat shoes. I take my hat off to the ladies who run events in heels!


And finally, as a natural born connector and someone who enjoys developing fulfilling relationships within your community, I would love to know, what is your best advice for new business owners around how to build meaningful and genuine relationships with people they admire? 

I believe that genuine relationships are our greatest asset. More than fancy websites or flashy offices.

The Soulpreneur workshops I’ve been teaching have commenced with me talking about the importance of real relationships, and not just aiming for the people they look up to, but instead look around at their fellow up-and-comers.

Help each other, support each other, you never know who is going to be the next best-selling author or hand picked by Oprah.

Many of the high profile people I work with now come from relationships that were born many years ago, before they were where they are now.. and when many of us were starting together.

Be part of the new wave! Raise each other up.



Such gorgeous, gorgeous advice from someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. You can check out all the amazingness that Earth HQ has to offer as well as the latest Soulpreneurs intake HERE.