Yvette Luciano // Illuminating The Way

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Yvette Luciano is a devoted soulpreneur coach and the multi-passionate sole director and founder of Earth HQ. I first met Yvette when I volunteered to help her with her first Melbourne event in 2013 and have enjoyed watching her beautiful business grow to new and exciting heights ever since.

Yvette’s 15+ years of media and marketing experience in the entertainment industry began with organising rock shows and promoting bands, which eventually led to marketing and management roles with some of the largest record companies and artists in the world.

After a health and soul shift in 2010, Yvette immersed herself in health studies including nutrition and yoga, accompanied by a seachange to sunny Queensland where she founded Earth HQ in January 2013.

Yvette and her growing team achieved unprecedented success in the field and have produced sold-out events attended by more than 30,000 people while continuing to manage some of the most influential lightworkers in the wellbeing world.

Through The Earth Academy, Yvette is devoted to coaching and training the new wave of upcoming leaders and healers to live their life purpose and raise their platforms and profiles to create a healthier, happier world. Today we get to speak to her about the importance of events in creating positive change and the behind the scenes at Earth HQ.

Thank you so much for your time today Yvette, it is so wonderful to have you with us! You are a well-respected PR, marketing and events maven in the health and wellness industry and Earth Events has inspired such positive change by giving incredible leaders the ability to step up on stage and share important messages. Your clients include our Issue One cover girl Gala Darling, Gabrielle Bernstein and Pete Evans. In your work with your clients, how have you seen events impact their businesses and the way they share their message?

It’s incredible to witness first-hand the impact on their businesses and audiences. I love being part of the laughter, tears and breakthroughs at events with Gala and Gabby, it’s always inspiring to hear the book signing line stories (and witness the happy tears) as the attendees hug their favourite author or blogger for the first time.

These experiences are unforgettable for the audience members. They become lifelong fans (and friends)

A highlight has been experiencing tens of thousands of Pete Evans fans bring their friends and families to learn how to cook healthy meals from their favourite TV celeb! Pete has one of the most devoted audiences, which grows even deeper after they spend the day with him. Pete is very generous with hugs and answering questions during book signings. The audience doesn’t forget something like that. It’s a story they remember and tell forever.

It’s no different to music concerts - who doesn’t remember the time they met their favourite band and got a hug and selfie! These are cherished memories, and brilliant experiential marketing.

Your audience is having a brand experience they will never forget.

The digital realm doesn’t come close to the live experience and building a devoted and loyal fanbase.

Since launching in January 2013, Earth Events has hosted almost 100 events across Australia and New Zealand for 30,000+ attendees. What do you believe are the most important elements of a truly soul shifting event that looks to create long lasting change for the attendees?

All of our events aim to be both transformational and entertaining. I believe that live experiences are one of the most direct and potent ways to really ignite change in your audiences life - and most fun!

We love to include do-them-in-the-moment elements like guided meditations or journalling and almost always include interactive Q + A segments to encourage the audience to be part of the event and conversation. 

One of the best things about live events in the wellbeing and soulpreneur worlds are the friendships, community and connections.

When people are on a journey to improve their health, life or career it can be a little lonely. Many of our event attendees just love the atmosphere and energy of being in a room with like-minded people on a similar path. 

We’ve seen really beautiful friendships ignited from our events. It’s one of the things that makes me most proud, as I remember feeling quite isolated when I stepped out of the music scene and into the wellness world.


Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners start small with their events, facilitating workshops or events for even just a handful of people and gradually working their way up to speak in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. What are your top tips for those who are just starting out in their events and are worried about the numbers early on?

Events are one of the most risky yet worthwhile parts of business. It’s one thing I always encourage clients to start small with. And hey, nothing better than selling out your first run!

Always remember that even someone like Gabby Bernstein who sells out thousands of tickets now, started with intimate workshops for 5 people in her lounge room.

Back when I was playing music gigs in my old band, those first gigs with 15 people were great practice runs for the gigs with hundreds.

And sometimes you will be very pleasantly surprised. When I first started Earth Events three years ago, I had no idea if anyone would show up. The world of wellness events wasn’t what it is today - it’s exploded since then.

For our first event I booked an inexpensive venue and (to my surprise) sold out all 100 tickets within the first couple of days. It attracted interest and a positive vibe, while giving me the confidence to take it on the road and continue forward. Most of our events are now filled with hundreds (and sometimes thousands).

When you start out you are much better selling out a smaller room, than having a half empty ‘impressive’ venue. It’s best that you spend less time stressing about filling a big space, and more time focused on creating a memorable experience for your audience.. for the right reasons.

And sometimes it’s the intimate events that are the most enjoyable as an attendee.

You can really focus on creating the ultimate brand experience with all the sights, smells, taste, feel for you, your message and your brand.

We recently held a soulpreneur workshop day capped at 16 people. And despite our biggest events this year being around 1,500 capacity, that intimate workshop was one of my favourites - and the most life changing for the attendees.

Remember all the little things and how they will reflect on the attendee experience.  From the moment they hear about your event, to the ticket purchase, to the pre-event correspondence, to the arrival at the event, to the comfy seating.

Find you flow, use your first couple of events as intimate dress rehearsals for the bigger ones down the track. You will learn so much from every single event you do. They will just keep getting better. 

You are no stranger to travel, taking Earth Events on the road with your team and your clients. What have been the biggest lessons you have learnt being on tour and on the road for long periods of time?

Know your limits. Event days are filled with adrenaline so you want to take care of yourself in the lead up (and the come down!). Add in the flights and air-conditioned hotel rooms, and while heaps of fun it can lead to exhaustion and burn out. Lord knows how I used to add the alcohol in too during my music touring days!

I’ve learnt to stick to morning meditation and some yin yoga stretches to music on my phone.

Essential oils on the hotel pillow really help me sleep as it smells like home. I always track down green veggie juices, eat extra protein when travelling and increase Vitamin C and Zinc. Chiro adjustments and massages after flights, events and heavy lifting do make a world of difference too. And I try to get plenty of alone time on the road to recharge, which can be hard when touring with people I love as I want to stay up all night talking, although I know now when to pull back.

Many of the event pros and speakers I have worked with are aware of their limits and requirements. An exhausted touring party is not a happy or efficient one.

Take care of yourself and you will have a better experience.. and event!

You have seen your beautiful clients step up on stage and transform people’s lives before your very eyes, whether it’s been physically, emotionally or spiritually. All of your clients are very powerful speakers who have honed their craft over the years, do you think that they were born with a talent for speaking or do you believe that anyone can be a great speaker with enough practice and/or the right training? 

Public speaking is one of the most exhilarating, nerve wracking and rewarding experiences.

Yes, I do believe that some people are born with a natural ability to deliver onstage. In the same way that I believe some people are natural writers or artists or gardeners. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your skills and become the best that you can be.

Hiring a speaking coach is one of the best ways to help work through your fears and craft engaging talks.

Although the most important thing here is to come to peace with our fear of being judged. The best speakers I’ve worked with have done deep inner work on their fears of judgement or humiliation.. which let’s face it, holds us back from all the wonderful things in life.

Being devoted to your message really helps too. Brilliant speakers believe their message is far more important than their fear.We dive deep into this through our Soulpreneur program, as I believe that a whole new wave of speakers will emerge once they have the tools to start dissolving public speaking fears and receive the step-by-steps to crafting engaging talks.

This is one cheeky question we like to ask our cover girls, just like musicians have riders, business owners usually develop their own little list of must haves when they are at events. What can’t you live without at your events? Especially as the person running them!

Lots of filtered water, green tea, healthy food and flat shoes. I take my hat off to the ladies who run events in heels!


And finally, as a natural born connector and someone who enjoys developing fulfilling relationships within your community, I would love to know, what is your best advice for new business owners around how to build meaningful and genuine relationships with people they admire? 

I believe that genuine relationships are our greatest asset. More than fancy websites or flashy offices.

The Soulpreneur workshops I’ve been teaching have commenced with me talking about the importance of real relationships, and not just aiming for the people they look up to, but instead look around at their fellow up-and-comers.

Help each other, support each other, you never know who is going to be the next best-selling author or hand picked by Oprah.

Many of the high profile people I work with now come from relationships that were born many years ago, before they were where they are now.. and when many of us were starting together.

Be part of the new wave! Raise each other up.



Such gorgeous, gorgeous advice from someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. You can check out all the amazingness that Earth HQ has to offer as well as the latest Soulpreneurs intake HERE.


The Story of the Arrival

By Fiorella Kis-Major

As event facilitators, there is a lot for us to consider when planning the perfect soulful, yet value for money event. However, I’d like you to spare a thought now for your attendees. They may be visiting an unfamiliar part of the city, or another state/country entirely. There is usually a battle to get through peak hour traffic and then find a parking spot nearby, or public transport to navigate through. Perhaps they’re coming after work, had to organize a baby sitter, or just had a big day. Nerves can arise around being in a room with new people, and whether they will have to interact with their neighbor, especially if they came alone.

The truth is, our modern day lives usually involve juggling a million things at once – the act of arriving at your event has a lifetime of stories behind it for your clients. The ancient yogi’s called this Chitta Vritti, or ‘monkey mind’  - our minds love nothing more than jumping around from thought to thought. If your event promotes any kind of self-development, there can be a load of resistance and terror in the mind of your guest (even once they’ve already bought the ticket).

You don’t have to be a meditation teacher to soothe their transition from arriving, into being totally present in the room. Here are 4 techniques you can use to gently guide them to remove their baggage, and leave it at the front door:

1. Be there when your guests arrive

Even if you have a team of life saving helpers on the day of the event, I would encourage you to be there at the start to meet everyone. Your smile, eye contact and acknowledgement (even a hug!) can mean the world to someone who might be nervous and unsure of what to expect.

2. The power of visualisation

Once seated, ask your attendees to gently close their eyes, or gaze softly at the floor - placing their palms face down on their laps. From here, suggest that they start to see the story of how they arrived to the venue to trickle out of their mind… up through their ears… down their shoulders… their arms… their fingers… their legs… and down into the earth. Leave them here at the end for about a minute in stillness – you’d be surprised how powerful this can be!

3. Feel your feet

If you have a tight schedule, and don’t have the spare 5 minutes or so to run through the visualization above, ask your guests to feel their feet. I mean really feel their feet. Run through each part of the foot, and ask them to imagine that energy going all the way down, as far down as they can imagine, into the earth. Then imagining that energy coming all the way back up to the top of their heads. There is no better way to have a totally present, grounded audience!

4. Just breathe

Another simple yet very effective tool is for them to connect with their natural breath. No mantras, no counting patterns – just breathing. Ask them to close their eyes, and place their hands on their belly. As they inhale, the belly will rise. As they exhale, the belly will fall. Encourage them to make these breaths as deep as possible. Repeat this about 5 times. After this, they can take one final breath, and truly let the story of arrival go with a sigh… ahhhhhh…!


As the founder and owner of The Nourishing Goddess, Fiorella Kis-Major provides heart felt services as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Wellness Coach, Writer and Speaker.

Fiorella’s mission is for self-care and wellness to be seen as a necessity, not a luxury, in the life of every woman.



Image credits belong to Fiorella Kis-Major and Event Head//Kate Di Blasi Photography

Meet the Founder // Epic Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Today we chat with Suzanne Chadwick, the creator of the annual EPIC summits which are a one day experience for female entrepreneurs who want to develop their business strategy and plan for the year ahead. This years event, the EPIC Business Branding Summit, is focused on developing your business strategy and brand to create true impact in your market place with an impressive speaker lineup including Emma Isaacs Founder of Business Chicks. I have loved working with Suz on her EPIC events and it has been wonderful to see how her community and events have grown over the last couple of years, so I wanted to share the story behind the event with you for your own inspiration.

You describe The Connection Exchange values as being innovation, connection, collaboration and fun; how do these all tie in with the Epic Business Branding Summit 2016?

EPIC Business Branding Summit brings together subject matter experts into the one room for a full day of training, fun and connection.  It's not just about inspiring women in business, it's really about empowering them by giving them the knowledge and skills to take what we talk about away with them and implement it into their own businesses.  After last year's EPIC Summit there were a number of awesome business collaborations which was so exciting to see between women who had met on the day.  It's not such a big event that you're not able to connect with other women on a more personal level and the great thing is that through out the day there are opportunities to chat, brainstorm and collaborate with those on your table.  This summit is interactive (which I'm all about) and we always make sure that you get to meet and connect with as many women as you'd like to.  The EPIC Women in Business Facebook group also lets you continue the conversation with those you meet after the event has finished.  

How did the idea for this particular event come about?

The EPIC Summit concept was born in 2014 when there had been a number of conferences for women that had been very inspirational but not specifically educational.  That's one of the key things that I focus on in The Connection Exchange - education.  The reason we decided on EPIC Brand is that I believe that building your brand is key in the business landscape today.  We live in such a visual market place where people talk about their experiences and openly like or dislike what businesses are doing.  It's so important to understand where your business sits in the scheme of things, how you're perceived by your clients, how you can create more impact and stand out from the crowd.

EPIC Business Branding Summit this year is going to shed light on all of these topics for women in business. We have amazing speakers who will focus on how to position yourself and your business, collaborate with other brands for business growth, get creative in your business as well as work with creatives and ensure the sales experience you build delivers what you want it to.   I think many business owners understand what business branding is but aren't really sure how to build their own brands in a way that feels right for them and with a clear goal or plan in place. 

Epic - LR - Watermark-238.jpg

You have some amazing presenters for the event, what were you looking for when approaching each different key note speaker?

I'm very strategic when it comes to the speakers for my events.  Firstly I need to love them! That may sound strange to some people but it's not just about the content that they share, I need to know that the way that they interact with my community is 'on brand' for me.  When means that they need to be creative, fun, engaging and deliver amazing value to my audience.  Nine times out of ten, I've worked with the speaker in some capacity and know the quality of their work and feel that they will provide outstanding content and lessons that can be implemented.  

Our key note this year is Emma Issacs the CEO of Business Chicks, whose brand I have incredible admiration for.  They have built a global brand which is targeted at women and I can't wait to hear more about that story.  One of the things that I really try and do with our EPIC Summit events is to get the behind the scenes look.  We had Lisa Messenger for our 2015 Summit and it was so much fun to ask her loads of questions about Collective Renegade as a business.  I love Lisa's story but I wanted to know the nitty gritty of how she runs that business.  We talked about the profit streams in her business, how she runs it, how she takes risks and how she has the confidence to play big.  That's the stuff that I live for!  I can't wait to talk to Emma about how she's taken Business Chicks to a global level.  With my speakers and my key note, I'm looking for them to share the information that we don't get to see that often.  I think we're in inspiration overload at the moment and many times that's what gets some of us stuck.  It looks good, but what do I do with it?  This Summit gives you the "how to" when it comes to doing these things for you and your business and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Epic - LR - Watermark-187.jpg

What are some of the topics you will discuss to encourage female entrepreneurs to develop the right business strategy from the start?

Very few people get it all right from the very beginning but there are some key actions you can take to ensure you're not far off what you're really wanting to create when it comes to building your business. I think a lot of women feel that a 'strategy' is hard work or difficult, but it's really just a well thought through road map to help you get where you want to go.  At the summit we'll be talking about developing a business strategy for any business and how you can work through this yourself with some key tools.  

Andrew MacKinnon who is the Managing Director of Taboo Creative Agency is going to we sharing how you can position your brand in the market in the right way.  He's worked with some amazing brands like Redbull, Mimco,  NAB and Nike just to name a few and I know his session is going to be fun and creative to really help women in business get their message across in the right way.  Collaboration is also key these days but doing it in the right way to ensure your brand stays in tact is even more important and Jess Ruhfus the CEO of Collabosaurus is going to be sharing some of her key tips on how to get the most out of these opportunities.  These are just some of the topics that we'll be covering but if you're looking to build your brand this year and position yourself for success then this is a summit that you won't want to miss. 

How do you want women to feel when walking away from EPIC 2016?

I'm going to be honest, I'm a little obsessed with the whole event experience.  I personally love being in beautiful surrounds, with awesome speakers, comprehensive workbooks and information to take away, yummy food and then an awesome cocktail event to finish of the day.  Who wouldn't want to attend a day like that? So I make sure that the events I run are the type of events that I would love to attend.  It's little things like round tables where you can have your laptop and notes and not a sandwich in sight!  It's about an experience where you feel like you're spending the day working with other amazing women in business, learning, connecting, conversing and have fun.

I really want women to feel empowered to walk away and implement what they have learnt from the day.  I also want them to walk away with more knowledge and skills than what they came to the day with and to feel that they have really invested in themselves and their own training and development as business owners.  I know that it's an investment financially and time wise and I want the women who attend to feel like it was worth every cent and more.  It's not just about the training, its about connecting with new friends and other women in business and feel like they are part of the eXchanger community which is supportive and caring.

How will you make EPIC 2016 an event different to the norm?

The more I speak to women in business across Australia the more I hear that they want help - actual help with their businesses.  EPIC is about giving them that help in a practical and fun way.  Not only is there the full day event which provides comprehensive training in an interactive and engaging environment as well as being in a beautiful venue, surrounded by other inspiring and action focused women in business but there is other support that comes out of the summit.  

This year we'll holding an additional free meet up event for those who attended to reconnect and collaborate a few weeks after the event, there are also additional training bonuses that they will recieve.  I'm super excited about adding this to the day and it means that we're not just training and then leaving people to work it out themselves.  The Connection Exchange is all about looking at what's out there in the market, what women really need and want from the conversations we have with them and then delivering on that.  

Just fabulous! You can book in your ticket for the 2016 EPIC Summit HERE.

Simple Grounding Practice for the Busy Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

By Melissa Farrugia

Ever feel run off your feet, ungrounded and overwhelmed with things to do just before your event? 

Even though it may seem like a counter-intuitive move, this is exactly when you need to stop, breathe, and return to your body. 

In each of the following breath-based grounding practices, I’ll guide you to engage with your physical body as well as your energy field so that you become grounded. 

When you move through the world grounded and connected to your body, instead of living entirely from your mind, everything changes. 

You’re able to be more present with your work, you handle challenges with a sense of ease, and as your energy begins to feel more solid and cohesive, the energy of your event feels more empowered. 

Each practice takes only a few minutes however; when you dip into the practices, try not to focus on linear time. Listen to what your body needs, and flow with that instead. 

Communicating with your body from this perspective alone is enough to stimulate a sense of grounding and connection to yourself and your work.


For this practice, you’ll need 2 flat Hematite Crystals. You’ll also engage with the energy centres at the base of your feet (your Sole Chakras), and activate conscious rhythmic breathing. 

Hematite is usually readily available in most metaphysical stores and is known to be one of the most effective grounding stones available. It also helps with bringing your ideas and visions into manifestation (i.e. your event!), through conscious and focused action.

You’ll find your Sole Chakras at the center of the soles of your feet. These energy centers support your ability to move forwards in life without fear of change, or the consequence of change, especially when your inner knowing is calling you to make a choice that is a little different from a choice you’d normally make. 

Also, your Sole Chakras are key centers involved in grounding and reviving your energy stores, as they provide a direct energetic link to the earth beneath you.


Place the Hematite Crystals underneath your bare feet. You might even like to stand directly on them. Bring the palms of your hands over your heart space at the centre of your chest. 

Consciously begin to focus on your breathing, feeling into your inhale and exhale.

As you inhale, begin to draw up elemental earth energy, plus the energy of the Hematite crystals, into your body through the soles of your feet. Anchor the energy into your heart space at the center of your chest.

As your exhale, breathe out through the front of your heart space. 

Continue with this breathing cycle. Inhale through the soles of your feet. 

Exhale forward through the front of your heart space at the center of your chest. 

Continue to engage with your breathing, as you create an energy cycle, which feeds and fuels your connection to your body.

As you continue this cycle of embodied connection, deepen your consciousness into the space between your breaths, between your inhale and exhale.

In this place of stillness, come back to yourself, your core intention for your work and your event. Feel into the clarity and power of what you intend to create. 

When you open your eyes, remain anchored into your intention, and consciously choose how you respond to your work from a more empowered place.


This is one of my favorite grounding practices, because when I come out of the practice, I always feel comforted and connected to myself and my work in much deeper ways. 

This is a great pose to go into if there are decisions that need to be made, or if you need to turn inward for clarity. 

Heart/brain pose is the go-to practice to create a sense of internal quiet within yourself to process life, despite what may be going on in your external world. 

This beautiful holistic practice combines brain-integration (whole-brain communication), heart-connection and introspection.

As you move through the physical actions of the practice; crossing your arms, interlacing your fingers and bringing them in and under to rest at your heart space, you’re awakening and activating neural pathways in your brain so they switch into whole brain communication. 

By resting your hands at your heart center, you’re creating a conscious pathway into your heart chakra; your center of unconditional love and compassion. And, you’re deepening into the seat of your soul – where your infinite wisdom resides.


Extend your arms up and out in front of you

Cross your arms over at your wrists

Turn the palms of your hands to face each other and interlace your fingers

Bend your arms at your elbows, bring your interlaced hands into your body and rest them at the center of your chest, at your heart space.

Close your eyes, and draw the attention of your mind down to your heart space. Breathe deeply into your heart.

Continue in this position for as long as you want to, deepening your conscious attention into the space in between your inhale and exhale. 

When you’re ready to come out of this pose, unravel your arms and allow them to rest by your sides. 

Open your eyes, and allow your vision to re-adjust before continuing on with your day.


Melissa Farrugia works with self-responsible souls who desire to shift from feeling mentally, emotionally & creatively drained, to feeling deeply connected, inspired and alive in the life they’re living. As a holistic kinesiologist, mentor, writer and speaker, Mel helps people dissolve limiting illusions, perceptions and paradigms, and guides their process of re-connection with, and cultivation of, innate wisdom and power.

Perfect Summer Retreats

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

What better way to connect with your community than creating a retreat? Beautifully intimate and wonderfully effective, retreats are a gorgeous way to go one step further in your events. And being in Australia, you have the opportunity to have the perfect summer retreat all year long! Here are some of our top picks from two summer hot spots which also happen to be two places that will give you ample amounts of sunshine during our winter months too:


Suitable for: Those wanting ultimate privacy, intimate workspaces and luxurious shared accommodation retreats

Not just for luxurious holiday escapes to Byron, Byron Luxury Beach Houses are especially great for intimate retreats and masterminds. They are perfect for groups wanting to share accommodation while having onsite facilities for work as well as play, with the added bonus of having a beach only a few minutes walk away. 

Each unique house is free standing to give guests comfort and privacy, features lustworthy designer interiors and state of the art appliances and technology to provide a luxurious setting for you and your guests. Each house has a decked area for the times you want to relax outside and there is a very inviting pool in the middle of the complex that is perfect for a midday dip.

Seriously, I could live here it is just gorgeous.

You have the ability to hire just one house or all six for complete privacy if running a small conference. They can also do special events such as weddings onsite which is great if you are looking to do something similar to what I did and make a weekend of it. More of what this lovely venue can do will be showcased in the coming months so keep an eye out on their website or email me if you want an introduction. 

All image credits belong to Byron Luxury Beach Houses



Suitable for: Those wanting conferencing facilities in a luxurious setting, individual accomodation and the ability to host all activities onsite.

Byron at Byron is a beautiful, resort style venue that is perfect for larger events, retreats, conferences or workshops requiring individual onsite accommodation and conferencing facilities including AV and staging. The conference spaces here can take up to 180 theatre style, 65 u-shape and 150 on banquet rounds if using the whole space, or you can use one single portion and host workshops for up to 40 theatre style and 24 u-shape. It also has a range of flexible spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Seriously, you could host anything here - workshops, conferences, cocktail parties, weddings, milestone birthday parties, networking events, luncheons, fundraisers... I could go on!  

The beauty of this venue is that you have so much available to you onsite, including a day spa, a restaurant, beautiful boardwalks in the rainforest, a gym and complimentary yoga sessions. You literally do not need to leave the whole time you are there! If you do want to wander into town though, B@B kindly provide a shuttle bus to get you there. 

One day soon I'm going to go back and dedicate a whole day to enjoying that amazing rainforest (and most likely the spa!).

You can see their function spaces here or hit me up for their contact details.

All image credits belong to Byron at Byron



Suitable for: Business owners wanting conferencing facilities in a luxurious setting, with plenty of accomodation options and the ability to host all activities onsite.

Just a short walk off the main strip and down some beautifully green and lush pathways stands the Pullman Palm Cove. The event spaces are located onsite but are next door to the hotel, giving you and your attendees a lovely amount of privacy from hotel guests and leaving you to feel as though you are in your own private retreat. 

With the larger event space located on the bottom floor and a smaller event space on the top level, you are afforded the opportunity to have one larger group broken down into seperate areas for break out sessions if need be.  Catering is provided on the large balcony and decking area outside the room so you can soak up all the beautiful sunshine that is on offer and grab some fresh air. 

There are also a number of options for your other activities as well such as pampering in the day spa, cocktails and canapes by the poolside or dinner in the restaurant or in a private area. And one of the best things if you need some time on your own to enjoy the surroundings... the private access to the beautiful Palm Cove beach!  

You can see their function spaces here or hit me up for their contact details.

All image credits belong to Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple



Suitable for: Those wanting conferencing facilities in an open and airy environment with a relaxed, family friendly vibe and all facilities onsite.

In the heart of Palm Cove on the main walkway sits Peppers Beach Club and Spa. With the beautiful beach just metres from the front door, a rainforest rock pool and lagoon pool with sandy beaches, family friendly accommodation, plenty of group dining options (including a swim up pool bar - I'll meet you there!) and onsite conferencing facilities, there are plenty of ways to hold an event here. 

The conference rooms are located within the hotel grounds which means it's only a quick hop, step and a jump straight into the pool for a refreshing dip or back to your room to freshen up between activities. The conference rooms themselves are large, bright and airy and can be opened into one large space or into two smaller spaces, making it flexible for groups of all sizes. I especially loved the little terrace area where the attendees have their breaks, filled with a vertical garden bursting with vibrant, happy plants. 

This is another solid venue that offers flexible event and meeting spaces, as well as affording you the opportunity to make the most of your travels and stay a little longer post event to get the most out of it.

You can check out Peppers facilities here or ask me for an intro. 

All image credits belong to Peppers Beach Club & Spa


Let me know if you are heading up there for one of your events! I may see you up there! 

Find Your Event Purpose and Define Your Outcomes

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Events are a crazy fun way to connect with your audience, get your new (or existing) products and services out there and keep developing your brand. As a world that is more and more focused on doing everything online, events bring back the personal face to face connection that we all desire. Who doesn't want to meet their favourite webspiration or business idol nd learn directly from them?

If you have an inkling of an idea for an event but lack the clarity you need to really get things fired up, then you just need to know your purpose. Trust me, everything else will flow once this nail is hit on it's shiny, little head, that's why I've decided to give you the whole first module of my eCourse, Workshop Wonderful, completely FREE

Within this module - What Is Your Why - using my signature 5 step process, we will find your event purpose and create the foundations of a memorable, fulfilling and insanely well run event.

Together we will be going over:

- Why you want to do this workshop
- What you want to get out of your workshop
- How you want your attendees to feel at your workshop
- What you want your attendees to do after your workshop
- What would make you most proud

It doesn't matter where you are up to in the event planning process, this module is going to help you get clear on your desires AND help you achieve them.

In module one you will find:

- A welcome video
- SIX downloadable and editable PDF worksheets
- A powerpoint presentation with audio and full transcript

I didn’t hold back – I am giving you EVERYTHING you need to set yourself up for event success and an experience that will have guests seriously raving about you and how amazing their day was with you FOR FREE. Trust me, if you want to have an event that goes above and beyond and positions you as an incredibly generous, knowledgeable, organized and professional event facilitator and host, this is how you do it.

Claim yours now HERE and please share with anyone else that you think would benefit!

Meet the Founder // Doggy Tea Breaks

By Kate Cooper

Doggy Tea Breaks is a not-for-profit venture that organizes social events for dogs and their humans.  For many dog lovers, their dog is not just a pet but a valued family member. But despite being man's best friend, our beloved dogs are often excluded from socializing with their humans in public areas, especially in indoor areas, due to public health concerns, hence the creation of Doggy Tea Breaks. They are all about promoting dog friendly activities where you can hang out with your four-legged best friend. We talk to the founder Belinda Chong about the events and find out more about her little dog Elmo!


Doggy Tea Breaks was founded in 2015, with a mission to create fun and interesting events for dog owners to enjoy in the company of their dogs.  We support local and upcoming small pet businesses, as well as promoting dog-friendly activities and environments. 



Nothing can compare to the joy you see on people's faces when they find out they can bring their dogs to our events!  For many dog owners, their dogs are their family, so being able to strengthen that bond between humans and dogs through our events is the greatest benefit we offer for dog lovers.



Having one of our events mentioned on air on the Brig and Lehmo Gold 104 radio breakfast show was a lovely surprise.  But the biggest thrill is seeing the happy faces of the dogs and their owners being able to spend time together, doing something that they both enjoy.  


We'll be looking to continue and develop our innovative program of dog-friendly events through collaborations with pet rescue organisations, Councils and pet businesses.   We will also be working with local community groups, to highlight and promote dog-friendly activities and locations.



We have an active social media following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope, plus we have a MeetUp Group that is growing fast!  We also have a blog on our website www.doggyteabreaks.com.



I have one dog, a 5 year old Bichon Frise cross who I adopted from the RSPCA




Elmo is a real lap dog and couch potato so the couch is his favorite spot!


Elmo loves all kinds of seafood, especially fish - sometimes I think he is more like a cat than a dog! 



Top image credit belongs to Erin King Photographer. All other images belong to Doggy Tea Breaks.

Easy Recipes // Detox Smoothie

By James McLoughlin

Went a little too hard at those post-event drinks last night? We've all been there. We've got the ultimate hangover cure to replenish the vitamin B that last nights cocktails depleted. 

This hangover cure smoothie can be pre-made the night before, prior to your first martini.

The green plants in this smoothie are detox powerhouses set to replenish your vitamin B and help your body detox. Broccoli is especially helpful as it contains the detoxing amino acid, cysteine. That means liver support, as does the alkalizing lemon.

Banana and coconut water inject much needed potassium, which was lost to bathroom breaks. Coconut water is especially effective here as it contains the same five electrolytes as human blood. That's what we call deliciously effective hydration. We include chocolate protein for sweetness and more alcohol removing amino acids. We prefer plant based powders as they don’t further compromise alkalinity like whey and casein.

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s not just for Sunday mornings. The ingredients are absolutely perfect for starting your day and powering you through an event. Two servings of vegetables, detoxing lemon and a clean source of protein leads to energy, great skin and weight loss.



1 big handful of Kale
4 stems of raw broccoli
1 large frozen banana
1 whole peeled lemon
1 scoop of vegan protein powder
400ml coconut water 



Add all ingredients to your blender and mix until well combined.  Too easy!


And just in case you don't want to make your juices yourself, Green Press are offering 20% off all cleanses booked between now and Monday 11th January. Get your 2016 on track with Australia's premium organic juice cleanse. Not only will you get 20% off (using promo code: Cleanse Week) but they'll be keeping you on track post cleanse. Recipes and tips to make you look and feel your best through 2016. Glowing skin, more energy, better sleep and the best version of you. Guaranteed. Shop HERE.


James McLoughlin is the co-founder of Green Press, a true pioneer in the health and wellness space, dispelling the stigma that health is boring. Green Press was created to help people feel alive. Their flagship cafe in Melbourne, informative blog, and online store offer an inspiring insight into the world of healthy living.

Event Styling Inspiration

By team EHM

A wonderful way to lift the energy of an event, impress guests and provide a warm and inviting space is to style your venue. It doesn't have to be very expensive, all it takes is some creative imagination.

Below are our top three events to give you a burst of event styling inspiration for your next event. Consider which elements you can carry through to your workshop, presentation, conference or retreat and how you can incorporate your personality into the decor.


Photos by Fi Mims Photography



Photos by Fi Mims Photography



Photos by Fi Mims Photography

How To Get Asked Back For Speaking Gigs - Time & Time Again

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Do you want to know the secrets to being a speaker that has a calendar full of gigs? Lean in a little closer because I'm about to dish.

It's not about popularity

It's not about being famous

It's not about how many likers you have on facebook...


It comes down to two simple things 

1. How well you know your stuff

2. How professional you are

It really is that simple! As an event manager, I have put on countless events with guest speakers including celebrities, industry experts, entrepreneurs, business owners or 'every day' people talking about their experiences and in past roles I have been a speaker at a few events myself. I have had my fair share of the good, the bad and the ones who don't even bother to show with no warning and no contact until after the event. Yep, that happened. So...



Find out what the purpose of the event is, who will be there, what the audience wants to know and why they want you to tell them. Then get super focused and prepare a talk using the most relevant content that you know inside out and back again. Knowing exactly what you are talking about will always give you an edge and make you shine on stage.

Please note here that knowing your stuff in your head is not the same as knowing your stuff out loud. Good presentations don't just happen magically when you hold a microphone so give yourself time to plan it out and practice it in front of the mirror/partner/dog. Sending a copy of your talk or main points to the event organiser also ensures there are no surprises on the day. 



It's not just about turning up on time, doing your bit, saying thanks and then leaving. Being truly professional means that you are understand the huge part you play in the whole dynamics of the event. 

Be communicative

Reply to reasonable emails or phone calls in a timely manner. Of course no-one wants to be hounded 24/7 but there are always legitimate questions that need to be answered or issues that need to be discussed. Leaving these details till the last minute means added pressure for you too.

Know what is expected of you

Apart from knowing what content they want you to focus on, get to know as much about the rest of the event as possible. Do they expect you to take part in a Q&A after you speak? Do they want you to stay for the remainder of the event? Do they want you to mingle with attendees afterwards? Do they expect you to pay for your own parking, meals/drinks, accommodation etc? Do they want you to promote the event on your website or social media? Can you sell your product or service there? Get clear on the expectations and it's all smooth running from there.

Arrive on time

Being early shows a great dedication to your commitments but if you are too early they may not be ready for you. I know that there have been times where I have felt terrible because a speaker has been super early while set-up is still occurring and all my plans to greet them like a rockstar have gone out the window. Take this extra time to check out the space, grab a coffee or go over your notes. If you are delayed then keep the event manager informed. Sometimes it's unavoidable but picking up the phone and letting them know can make all the difference.

Be kind

Do your own personal brand a favour and be polite to all you meet on the day. Apart from just being a decent human being, you never know who will want to recommend you for other events or is willing to give you a testimonial. A good reputation doesn't happen by accident and a bad reputation will follow you like a bad smell. 

Go above and beyond

Do you really want to wow people and get them talking about how freaking cool it was to work with you? If the love is mutual and you truly believe in the event then some extra things you can do is follow up with an email thanking them for the opportunity and the great time you had, talk about the event on your social media/blog or offer them a testimonial. Or chocolate. Yum.


People who do these two things get asked to speak time and time again. Word of mouth referrals are important in any industry, as is upholding your rep as a brilliant speaker who is awesome to work with. 

Happy speaking!

Catch up on EHTV!

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Do you need some extra inspiration for your event planning? Through EHM I always aim to give you the behind the scenes view of events and what it’s like to plan and run them for yourself and in 2015 I created EHTV as a way to dig in even deeper with my interviewees.

This series of interviews will give you some incredible insights from some of the most wonderful women I know who create and run their own events or work at other peoples events. And thanks to the incredible Olsen Hotel's gorgeous event spaces and my partners in crime at the Best Men Films, these insights are packaged up beautifully in HD for you.

Learn about:

Bringing online connections into to real life events with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy CEO and Founder Julie Parker

Creating events and working with guest speakers with EPIC Events Founder Suzanne Chadwick

Events for service based business with Soul Wellness owner Melissa Farrugia

Styling for events with Ruffles & Bells Founder Eliska Lam Chan Siy

Working with your venue with The Olsen Hotel Sales Manager Kylie Finnemore

Public speaking with Heart Sparks owner Johanna Parker

If you like the interviews I would absolutely love for you to give them a thumbs up and if you want to keep up to date with new videos then all you need to do is hit Subscribe and you will be notified everytime a new video comes out. 

I had so much fun making these and I can't wait to bring you more in 2016!