What Every Good Venue Will Ask You

By EHM Editorial Assistant Kate Cooper

Good venues will make an effort to form a relationship with you. This is a win/win as it not only benefits them but YOU!

We all know how effective asking open ended questions can be, so venues will be looking to avoid any YES or NO answers. Instead they will be focussed on getting to know you, what your desired outcomes are and how much you are willing to open the purse strings.

More often than not, the more information you are able to offer to a venue when planning an event, the better proposal/prices/inclusions you will receive. So with this in mind, here are 3 key questions every good venue will ask you.


1.       What is the purpose or objective of your event?

From the beginning you will have chosen to run an event for a particular reason. A good venue will want to understand this better, not only to build a good relationship, but to then propose the perfect space and extra offerings for you. This works in your favour as you may only see a room with 4 walls, however a venue may have something completely left of field to offer if they understand fully what your desired outcomes are. They may suggest an alternative space such as an outdoor venue, private dining in their restaurant or even a Penthouse for that extra special product launch.

There is a lot that can come of this particular question and you yourself may come to realisations about logistics, catering, theming after talking to your event professional. Good venues will seek to understand your desired outcome and help you achieve this.


2.       Who are you?

This is the perfect open ended question from a good venue wanting to get to know you. Good venues will be looking to form a bond as soon as they can to deliver a better option than their competitors. They are all vying for your business, so the better the relationship they build the better their chances are of receiving the business.


3.    What is your budget?

Yes, money – mullah – the dollars. Important stuff. Any good venue will really be looking to nail this one. This may not be in the form of“Tell me your budget” which can be a little off putting for the customer, rather a good venue may if you have a price range that you’re working between, or where have you held your events in the past. Some may even tell you what their prices start from and then ask you if this is something you can work with.

Be on the front foot with money and be prepared to talk dollars over the phone. Venues love talking money and a lot of them won’t have fixed pricing. Good venues will tailor or customise a package price based on your requirements. Do keep in mind that they may look to steer you into a certain time of year or day, but if you’re willing to be a little flexible with this, then can it can be a major win for you financially.


So have a good idea of your needs and what you have to work with before picking up the phone. Don’t keep your cards too close to your chest as having a relationship with the person on the other end of the phone will most certainly work in your favour when it comes to your event.