Meet The Maker // #DREAMCREATEDO

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie & Kate Cooper

Rachel Gadiel, founder of #DREAMCREATEDO, is someone that I have so much love and admiration for. The understated yet glamorous style of her latest project is a reflection of Rachel herself - she is gorgeously talented, sweetly humble and totally kick ass at whatever she puts her mind too.

We asked Rachel to tell us more about the story behind #DREAMCREATEDO and how it all came about.

Tell us about the #dreamcreatedo philosophy?

The philosophy is anchored on dreaming big, being the best version of you and taking action to bring your bold vision to life. My mission is showing smart + driven women how to believe in their self-worth, step into in their brilliance + truly shine.


How did this philosophy come about?

During my late 20’s I found myself on a very ’traditional’ life trajectory that saw me go to university, land a corporate job; get married + take on a mortgage. On paper, I had the perfect life - but inside I was down-right miserable.

Then, right before my 30th birthday I started questioning EVERYTHING.

It was like I had suddenly woken up and found myself in the middle of someone else’s story.

I was forced to get real and ask myself if I was truly living the life I wanted. Let’s just say I was in denial for a very long time before I admitted to myself that I wasn’t and needed to make some massive (and hugely inconvenient + uncomfortable) changes. 

Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for this at all and had no idea why my whole life was seemingly falling apart - but it turns out that going through this hugely transitional phase around your 30th birthday is a rite of passage that in astrological terms is called your Saturn Return and is often referred to as a Quarter Life Crisis.

So I've made it my mission to help other women going through this tumultuous time + create the tools and resources to support them through this period and come out the other side braver, bolder and more confident than ever before.

We all have dreams, what are your key elements on guiding people to see them come to fruition?

We have a culture that is centred around constantly externally seeking - for happiness, for love, for peace + for validation - but the truth is when we’re always looking outside ourselves, we never find what we’re searching for.

I teach my clients how to ‘tune-in’ + shine a light on their own brilliance that may never have seen the light of day before. It can take work to find it, but I truly believe that inside each and everyone of us lies a special gift that can light up the world.


You describe on your site: We are a tribe of dreamers & doers on the journey of creating an extraordinary life (LOVE!) - How do your products and tools assist people on this journey?

Making any plan come to life requires consistent and daily action, so everything I create is backed with the intention of taking inspired action. Making a change requires being open and willing to step outside of your normal; taking a leap of faith and believing 100% that you have your own back. My coaching program + products all have been created with this single intention in mind.

What are your main points of difference to others in your field?

My approach is all about combining practical tools with soulful guidance - both are equally important and together, are extremely powerful.


Did you overcome personal fears to get you to where you are today? And how? 

Oh yes of course! I had a fear for a long time of ‘putting myself out there’ and found myself sitting on the sidelines a lot. I guess you’d say I had a ‘fear of success’ and I told myself that if I didn’t try very hard and failed that was better than failing if I really did try.

I knew that if I was going to make my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and running my own heart-centered business happen, I was going to need to make some changes which ultimately meant making major shifts in my mindset.

I’ve now built a routine that is not only focused on making a daily habit out of being in a positive headspace and staying close to my goals - but that also allows me to create space + tune inward to seek guidance rather than choosing to listen to the negative committee in my head.


What keeps you motivated to explore more and continue to be inspired?

I’m driven by a mission that is focused on serving others to be the absolute best version of themselves. I get a massive kick out of seeing someone step into their light and truly shine!

Personally, I’m committed to continually growing; learning; exploring and being the best version of myself. My fiancee and I have a little ‘team mantra’  - we call ourselves the AAA team - amazing, awesome + adventurous. He constantly inspires me and together we motivate each other to go after our dreams.

Where do you find sources of inspiration? Pinterest, Magazines, peers?

Being a highly visual person, I do love Pinterest as well as Instagram to find inspiration. But I also love reading blogs and books - I have a goal of reading two books each month. Lately I’ve really gotten into Podcasts which are easy to listen to when I’m driving or running around - a few favourites are Brendan Buchard, Lewis Howes and Hal Elrod’s - these are always a great source of motivation + inspiration.


2016 is upon us! What is on the horizon for #dreamcreatedo?

So many exciting things! I am taking #Dreamcreatedo to the next level in 2016 and will be opening up one-on-one coaching; as well as launching my group coaching program - The Soul Project - which will kick off in February. I’m also about to make a major move from Sydney to San Francisco and the plan (once I’m settled) is to kick off a series of live workshops in the Bay area + across the U.S - it’s going to be a massive year!


Top 3 photo credits belong to #DREAMCREATEDO. Final photo credit belongs to Fi Mims Photography.