EHM Attends // An Evening With Oprah

By Sammie Fleming

There are not many out there who can really own a mononymous name.  The Beyonce’s, the Prince’s, the Banksy’s and the Madonna’s.  And of course - Oprah.

Oprah is synonymous with out-of-this-world career success, strong feminine energy and a devotion to her calling.  She is a shining light in our world and a true teacher.  An embodiment of radiating love and inspiration.

As a life coach, I believe part of my role here on earth is to facilitate healing, to guide women to be the very best version of themselves and to (no pressure!) be part of raising the collective vibration.  I’m devoted to a life of kindness and love and spreading all the good stuff as far as I can.  Some would say, as coaches, we are responsible for spreading a little of the ‘Oprah effect’.

I’ve seen countless hours of her TV show, participated in her meditation programs and binge-watched Super Soul Sunday episodes.  It’s safe to say Oprah is an idol and a guide amongst many of us in the self development world.  

And even though I have spent so much (virtual)  time with Oprah, and she is so familiar, I had no idea what to expect from ‘An Evening with Oprah’ in Melbourne on a Wednesday night in December.  

 L-R: Rhiannon Colarossi, Sammie Fleming, Bianca Romeo

L-R: Rhiannon Colarossi, Sammie Fleming, Bianca Romeo

A soul centred audience of 15,000, devoted to living better and brighter lives, filled Rod Laver Arena.  It’s hard to imagine a space with better energy.

The Oprah frenzy, in all it’s beauty, took effect. There was the inevitable dancing, screaming and tears, all before she even took to the stage. And when she did arrive on stage, oh my, did she ARRIVE - In a glistening peach dress, her infamous hair big and wild - and with a roar.  Her presence is quite literally breathtaking.  She is the epitome of a woman standing in her own power.  She radiates (and advocates) full authenticity, a woman comfortable in her skin.

Events like this are invaluable for me.  We can read all the books and listen to all the podcasts, but there is something magical about the tangible experience.  Learning in person.  Feeling the depth of the spoken words.

I could almost write a book from the lessons and learnings that she shared, but here are the things that touched my heart the most, for those of you that couldn’t be there.  The teachings that have been percolating for a few days, and are now etched forever into my mind.

Stillness is sacred, and holds all the answers

You can’t hear the voice of your intuition, your Spirit, your instinct, when all of the other voices in the world are drowning it out.  Prioritise quiet time.  Get still and trust yourself.   Listen.

Your legacy is not the business you leave behind or the houses you own.  Your legacy is the heartprints you leave behind

It’s the connected dots of all of the hearts you have touched along the way.  I truly believe that if we live by this, we will always do well and live incredible lives we are proud of.   There is an uprising of beautiful souls leading with heart, and I am proud to be a part of this movement.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

In other words, what you put out, you get back (hello, Karma!).  With this, comes the responsibility of our own energy.  Be aware of the vibes you are putting out there, and once you are, you will notice that they are flowing right back.  It’s imperative to get our energy aligned with our best selves, holding ourselves accountable for putting that goodness out into the world.

Choose love.  Always.  

Not only when you are being loved right back, not only when everything is going your way.  Most importantly choose love when it’s hard.  Choose love when people have let you down and you feel hurt. This is where the real love, and the real strength, lies. Love will always (ALWAYS) prevail.

It’s ok to not know your life purpose yet (cue: palpable sighs of relief!) 

What you do need to do is take notice of what you are curious about.  Become aware of what you are drawn to, what you are interested in.   With this awareness, you will soon be able to follow the thread of your curiosities, which will lead you to your life purpose.  When we tap into that truth, we will be shown the path.  I’m a big believer in embracing a real gentleness with ourselves, and this is a perfect opportunity to do so.  Listen in - and let your soul lead the way.

An Evening with Oprah became An Evening I’ll Never Forget. I’ll leave you with a compelling quote from Invictus that she shared which sums up her core message - that we all have the capacity to claim our own power and blaze our own trails, while living in alignment with our highest selves.

I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul.

Take that one with you, it’s a goodie.


Sammie Fleming is a life coach and Reiki healer, who is passionate about guiding women into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity.  Through her work she shows women a space where they can feel the love they deserve. 

Oprah photo credits belong to Getty Images