Tips for Running a Beautiful and Inspiring Launch Event

By Pat Romain

The wonderful thing about launching a program, product or service in your business in this day in age is that you can make hosting a beautiful event part of your coming out process or your launch. 

Launch events are not just reserved for big tech companies; you can definitely host an event like that for your coaching business. 

Hosting a live event as part of your program launch can also be a great way to connect more authentically with your clients and share the results that your program or service will bring to them live and in person. 

Launching is about creating a big splash and building the momentum while  engaging with the people you most want to serve, and ultimately work with. 

And of course it’s always more fun to meet people in person and connect. 

Here are a few things you can do if you’re thinking of hosting a beautiful and inspiring  “in person” event as part of your program or product launch:   

1.    Know how your event fits in the grand scheme of things. 

Hosting an event is a lot of work so knowing your goals for this event within your launch and even your business, is crucial.  You can start by thinking about how this event will help with sales and engagement.

  • Are you holding a workshop to drum up interest in your program or product ?
  • Are you holding an Inspiration Day for people who are already in your program as well as newcomers?
  • Are you hosting a Q&A type of event just to give people more information about what you have coming out?

These are great questions to start asking yourself when you are planning your launch event. 

2.      Get the right people on board. 

Deciding to host an event is a great first step but your second step should be aligning yourself with the right team. A team that will help you produce your event so that it reflects your business and the product or program that you are launching. This does not have to be complicated but enlisting a few people to help you bring your event’s vision to life is crucial specially because you will not be able to do everything yourself as the host. 

Having someone who knows about events by your side will ensure that you have the clarity and focus to organize, plan and execute a beautiful event that will bring you closer to your goals. 

3.      Follow up and tie it up with the launch process. 

Don’t forget to lay it all out on paper to see how your “in person” event fits into the bigger picture of your launch. 

When hosting an event as part of your program or product launch, it’s not over when the event ends and everyone goes home. You can create a way to follow up with those who raised their hand at the event to hear more about your product or program. Remember that not everyone buys on the spot specially if what you’re offering requires a lot of engagement and change on their part, (like a coaching program) so give them time to decide and see if your offering is right for them. Give them a reason to show up at the event but also give them a reason to stay interested after the fact. 

Congratulations now you are ready to launch your live event! 

With these 3 tips you’ll be hosting launch events that are not only a success but are aligned with what your customers want from you and also what you want to offer.


All photo credits belong to Fi Mums Photography