4 Ways to Dazzle Me: A Participant's Perspective

By EHM Feature Writer Emma Newby

As a self confessed event junkie, let’s just say I have been to my fair share of workshop and speaking events. 

Some amazing (think – great food, awesome conversation, inspiring speakers), some not so (think - travelling over 900km and being asked to bring 3 towels to use as yoga mats so the organiser didn’t have to pay for equipment). What is it that makes your attendees walk away, saying amazing this and amazing that, telling anyone who will listen about your divine event?

For me, it all comes back to the details. It doesn’t need to be flashy, expensive and over the top, but it needs to be thoughtful, it needs to be filled with, you guessed it, LOVE.

So what does that love look like? (Other than a gorgeous scent burning in the room or lashings of flowers) What is it that makes an amazing impression, leaving me wanting more, hanging out for your next event? Let’s take a little look.


There is nothing better than a hug on arrival (I am a hugger, not the whole world is, so let’s just say a warm welcome does the trick). If you have organised an event, I want to see your pretty face if at all possible; if it isn’t make sure you have your best person on the door. First impressions last. 


Like I said above, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be something small but it needs to resonate. Sarah Jensen wrote a beautiful article on how to get awesome sponsors (make sure you take a look), it takes a little effort but it is so, so worth it. 

Everyone loves a goody bag! Just remember less is sometimes more. One regular event that I attend has two or three awesome sponsors that provide generous gifts such as sample size beauty scrubs and sprays and mini perfumes or candles and let me tell you, I always look forward to taking them home! No one wants a bag full of sale flyers…Be thoughtful.


If it is dinner time, lunch time or breakfast please have something substantial for me to eat. I have usually come straight from work and can sometimes be hungry… in all seriousness, I want to be able to concentrate on your beautiful content, and I can’t do that if I am starving.  Also, please don’t make me feel like a preschooler, a big sign that says “One per person” feels icky and makes you look a little stingy, I will usually only take one anyway or as a grown up can gauge if there will be more than enough!  


I have saved the best and most important until last. I want to leave your event, floating on air, feeling absolutely unstoppable; ready to take on the world. The content of your event is pivotal. All of the above points can be missed and forgiven if your content knocks my socks off. 

If you are hosting a workshop, give me a chance to interact.  

If it’s a speaking event, make me want to take notes.

If it is a networking event make it easy for me to mingle and meet fabulous people.

Ultimately, most events are about connecting, be it with the speaker, other participants or myself, so inspire me to connect and I am all yours.

So baby, present content that screams ‘you’, your purpose and your business and you will have me coming back for more, after all I was inspired enough to spend my money coming along, I want you to dazzle me, I want to want to come back.


All photo credits belong to Fi Mims Photography