Lisa Messenger // Living a Life Out Loud

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

I first heard about Lisa Messenger when a friend handed me an early issue of Collective magazine in 2013 and said, 'You HAVE to read this'. I read it the very next day and I was immediately hooked! Now my trusty set of Collective mags lie loyally in my office, ready to be packed up and taken in my carry on luggage when I travel or even if I'm just hopping on a train (I love reading them on the go). A never ending source of inspiration, Lisa has been a guiding light in my entrepreneurial journey by consciously choosing to live her life out loud and taking us along for the ride with her. Under her leadership, The Collective has grown rapidly into a multi-media brand to more than 30 countries, has defied the odds of the print magazine industry and along the way, has created a community of like-minded, driven, talented and inspired human beings. 

I am so proud to have her on the cover of issue 3 of EHM as The Collective hold many beautiful reader events and Lisa herself is a very entertaining and candid speaker who I have seen numerous times over the years in rooms of 30 people and rooms of over 1,000 people.  She shares with us her insights and behind the scenes of The Collective events and her speaking gigs.  

Thank you so much for speaking with us today Lisa, I know that so many of our readers will be so excited to hear from you! A lot of people feel a connection with you because they meet you at different events across Australia and you always make yourself so accessible for people to have photos with you and speak to you. Is it important for you at events to connect personally with the audience?

Thank you – I really appreciate that feedback.  I get asked a lot why I make myself so accessible across social media and in person at so many events when I’m simultaneously trying to run a VERY fast growing start up that is now in 37 countries.  And my answer is really simple – it is ONLY because of our incredible community and their belief in me and the Collective that we are growing and achieving what we are achieving.  And my personal mandate us unwavering in that I consciously decided to be an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs living my life out loud and proving that anything is possible. So this journey is not about me – it’s about me using myself as a conduit to help others and so I have a great desire to personally connect with as many extraordinary readers and our community as possible. 

The Collective regularly holds beautiful, intimate reader events that always wow your guests with a gorgeous experience. When you and your team create these events, do you have a complete vision for what you want before you even start the planning process, or do you find that the event organically grows as you go along? 

This is really my event manager Jessie’s department.  I don’t really get involved with that level of detail. Having said that though I did start my career in events management (for about eight years) so it’s something I love dearly and also I absolutely set the strategy and intention for each event with the team.  We do pride ourselves very much on having beautiful events that make people feel like a special part of our extended Collective family.   

And when you are at your Collective events, is there a certain part of them that just really lights you up and gives you an incredible amount of joy? A part of it that makes you feel on top of the world?

Absolutely 100%. When people come to me and tell me how the Collective has impacted them and helped provide the courage to start their own business or overcome a hardship, or given them more confidence or helped them chase their dreams.  It gives me the greatest joy on the planet.  And so, even on the tough days (and there are many) I think who am I to not keep going with this.  It is now impacting hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe and that is certainly a pinch myself, anything’s possible moment. 

Something that people really admire and love about you is that you are always so honest. I know that as business owners and entrepreneurs, we always want to see what goes on behind the curtain and in a world that can sometimes be clouded in smoke and mirrors, you really have been a breath of fresh air for people who want to come along on this journey with you. Do you believe that events are a great catalyst for conversation around the challenges we face as entrepreneurs and that speakers should not be fearful of looking less than perfect on stage? 

Thank you so much.  The entire Collective is about showing the true story behind the story and so I purposefully live my life like that as well tearing down all the barriers.  I believe it’s only when we are authentic and vulnerable and tell it how it really is that we can help others. If we just show the highlight reel, well that doesn’t really help anyone.  It just becomes unattainable and un-relatable.

You have said that just three years ago, you didn’t like public speaking at all and it was a fear for you, but now you absolutely love it! How did you overcome your fear and learn to love being on stage?

I despised it.  Oh, that has been a long process but essentially I eventually stopped trying to do it like everyone else I know does (and they are so very good at it) which was basically learning something by rote. I realized I just had to meditate before and ask the universe what is the best use of me when I am up there and then just let it flow.  It’s so completely counterintuitive in every single way to what you would think someone who had such a fear of it would do i.e. not prepare at all – but it works for me.  I sometimes have a complete clanger – but rarely. 


This is one cheeky question we like to ask our cover girls, just like musicians have riders, business owners usually develop their own little list of must haves when they are at events.

What can’t you live without at your events? An extraordinary team, my music for pre-event meditation and a green juice. 


And finally, we all know that The Collective is all about disrupting industries and shaking things up. Do you think that the events world can evolve and be disrupted in a new and exciting way? 

Absolutely.  Having had eight years in the industry many moons ago, I’d like to think that we are doing things a little differently. Any industry is ripe for disruption but particularly industries that have been around forever as the events industry has – as there are so many existing systems and processes and those are ripe for breaking.

Can I get an amen?! There is a lot to admire about Lisa's style and so much to learn from this entrepreneurial powerhouse. If you ever get the chance to attend an event she is speaking at then get in quick. In the meantime, keep up the inspiration with your monthly dose of Collective magazine, you never know where it may take you!


Photo credits belong to Fi Mims Photography

Unleash Your Inner Presentation Powerhouse

By Niki Hennessy

Launching a new workshop? About to step on stage at your first speaking gig? Want to present like a pro and rock the socks off your crowd? Grabbing your audience and keeping them hooked on your every word is something that everyone, (honestly, every single one of us) is capable of.

We're not all born with the natural charisma of Clooney, but presence and gravitas can be cultivated, and these simple tips will help unleash your inner powerhouse to deliver a dynamic presentation and keep your audience leaning in for more.

Stand your ground

Create the sense that you're in command of the room and feel strong, centred and in control by starting at your feet.

It sounds really simple, but the way we stand has a huge impact on the impression we create with others, and more importantly, it effects how we feel about ourselves - a strong stance directly influences your self-confidence.

When you step up into that spotlight stand with your feet firmly on the ground, hips-width apart or a little wider and make sure your weight is evenly spread between both feet (no crossed ankles or one sticky-outty hip).

If you're comfortable moving around, do it! Work that stage, don't be afraid to move, but move slowly and with purpose.

Change the melody

Adding some extra colour and texture to your voice will help to continuously draw your audience in to what you’re saying. It's so easy for people to start to zone out – today’s average attention span is notoriously short - so don't give your audience any opportunity to wander off.

Using your full vocal range, the highs and the lows, and varying the pace and melody you speak in will help keep your audience drawn in and attentive.

Another tip - don't be afraid to pause. Silence can be scary when you have a room full of faces staring at you, but it’s also incredibly powerful.

Handy work

Powerful presentation is so much more than what we say or how we say it. Body language and gestures are essential ingredients in keeping your delivery dynamic and your presentation natural.

Gesticulation - using your hands when you speak - conveys enthusiasm, keeps your own energy up and can help to emphasise the important points you're making.

Listing three key actions or insights you want your audience to take away? Count them on your fingers, clearly demonstrating that this is something they do not want to miss.

Asking a rhetorical question? Open your arms wide and ask it with your body language as well as your words, subconsciously reiterating what you’re saying.

Practice, practice, practice

Ultimately, the most effective way of upping your presentation skills to pro-level is practice.

Stand in front of the mirror, rope in friends and family, rehearse to your dog, whatever works for you - invest the time in getting really familiar with your content and in practicing your delivery.

Practice is the only way to refine the whole show and build your confidence. When you’re confident your presentation will feel more natural, letting your energy shine through. And there is nothing that captivates an audience more than enthusiasm and passion.

Niki Hennessy is a communications coach who specialises in helping coaches, entrepreneurs and soul-centred game changers unlock their communication potential and find their authentic voice. 

Top two photo credits belong to Fi Mims Photography

Unexpected Things You Need To Think About For Your Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Running events are for the most part, pretty straight forward. You plan it, show up, do your thang and then pack up and go home. But there are a few things you don't always think about with your events that can catch you by surprise. Here are some to help you prepare!



Give yourself as much time as possible to do the setup. Even if it means you are sitting there, twiddling your thumbs and refreshing your instagram, it is a much better scenario than getting there later than you thought (thanks traffic!), taking three trips to get all your gift bags up, having to stuff around with the AV that's not working properly with your laptop, rearranging some furniture last minute and then worrying that you look sweaty. 

Get in early. Hell, set up the day before if your venue will let you. Bring help if you need. Take some pics of your beautiful setup without anyone in the room. Get someone to take a photo of you. Do a social media post about being all setup and ready for the attendees to arrive. Then grab cuppa, relax and greet your guests feeling calm and in control.  


From start to finish, you probably won't have a moment to yourself. When you are the facilitator or host of an event, you are the person that everyone in the room wants to talk too. After all, you are probably the main reason they came. It's always super nice to take the extra time to connect with your guests and have some personal time with them, but just be aware of it if you are running a longer event like an all day thing. If you really need some down time, find a quiet space somewhere where you can excuse yourself and hide away in. Being 'on' the whole time can be tiring so just do what is right for you and if you know you need that space - make plans for it. 



Remember your wedding day when you spent thousands on catering but didn't eat any of it yourself? The same goes at events as you may not have time to eat a full meal. At events I assist at where I can see clients are not eating, I prepare a little plate for them that they can quickly scoff down in a break. Ask your event helpers or the venue to do the same or bring some nutrient dense snacks with you. I never eat at my evening events and I ALWAYS regret it when I am staaaaarving on the drive home at midnight wondering why Australia doesn't do Chinese takeaway drive thru's. Don't be like me.


I LOVE the goodbyes at an event. I love that people leave on such a high, are totally loved upped and so, so happy. There can be so much to say at this time and so many people to get through, that sometimes goodbyes can go as long as the event itself! No, I'm not kidding. I've run many events where it's taken hours to get everyone out of the room so we could pack down. And yes, they were all events for women ;) When preparing your run sheet, just know that you may finish the presentation on time, but you may not get everyone out of there on time. If you are really pressed to get of the venue at a certain time then ask your helpers to assist you in getting people to politely move on. Otherwise, have an impromptu afterparty! 



Events don't finish as soon as the guests leave. Depending on your event, you are most likely going to need to do some more social media posts, edit and post photographs, do a blog post, send out a thank you email to attendees, thank sponsors and speakers, review your budget, complete any sales that were made on the day and more. Plan ahead, try and template as much of the copy as possible pre-event and do as much as you can to make it easier on yourself post event when you will have low energy.

The high of running a successful event will override any of these things but if you are prepared for them then you will set yourself for an event that feels easy, stress free and well run. 


Photo credits belong to Fi Mims Photography

Easy Ways To Raise Money For Charity At Your Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

In my former life, I managed a charity. Along with the personal donations we received, we also had a lot of fundraising done on our behalf at different events from make-up parties to morning teas to formal dinners and everything in between.

We’d get a donation for $13,000 then a donation for $250 and we loved them all. Groups who donated a small amount used to say, 'Oh it’s not much' all the time, but what they didn't realise was that to a small not for profit like ours that didn't receive government funding or ongoing grants, all of these smaller donations added up quickly and became the reason we could continue our work and get so much done.

Whether your next event is big or small, I’d so love for you to think about how you can give back to charity in some way. Everything that comes with giving to charity is so positive and uplifting and the impact you can make is incredible.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to incorporate charity fundraising into your next event, take a look at the list below which you can refer to time and time again for any event or celebration! 


Ah the good old raffle. Unlike the meat raffle at your local pub, this raffle should feature a nice array of lust worthy prizes that people will elbow each other to buy a ticket for. The amount you charge per ticket should be in proportion to the value of the items but a good rule of thumb is about $5 for 1 ticket and 3 for $10. If you are lucky enough to raffle off a holiday, expensive electrical equipment or a car then bump those ticket prices up baby!



Want a no fuss way to donate with absolutely no work whatsoever? Donate a portion of your ticket cost directly to the charity. Woah now that was too easy!



If you have a cash bar at your event then ask the venue if you can have your own tip jars on the bar. Trust me, the change people put in there can add up to some very big donations.



If you have a lot of donated prizes and want to do something a little different to a raffle, then a live or silent auction is a fun way to get some competitive donations happening. Think about who the attendees are and try and source prizes that they are going to want to pay good dollars for whether that be a 6 month supply of cleaning products or a date with a hot actor (yes we auctioned off Ambassadors in my time at the charity. And also a whipper snipper that proved to be quite popular).



If you have a bulk lot of items that are non perishable or still in date, in their original packaging and are good to go then set up a little table and sell them to guests at a discounted price. The more it relates to the attendees or the event the better like selling thongs after the races. 



People love candy, cupcakes and chocolate. Sell it to them.



Want to do something daring at the event that you wouldn’t do any other day? Shaving your head, wearing a dress or heels if you are a dude or even trying to break some kind of world record can be a fun addition and a great way to raise money in the lead up and on the day.



Ask your workplace, the venue, the suppliers or anyone related to you, your business and the event if they will dollar match the donations made on the evening. You never know what good Samaritan will come along and say yes!


Whatever you do, good on you for doing something! Don’t forget to promote your efforts in the lead up to your event and remind people on the night how they can help. A little collective effort can go a long way to doing a lot of good.

TIP: Most charities do require you to advise them of your plans and even fill out simple paperwork before you start fundraising just to ensure that both parties are on the same page. My big tip is to contact them while you are still in the planning phase to talk about what you want to do and get approval. Most charities will be able to provide you with a Letter of Authority which means you can then go out and request donations and prizes which makes it a heck of a lot easier for you and shows businesses and participants that there’s nothing dodge going on!


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What Every Good Venue Will Ask You

By EHM Editorial Assistant Kate Cooper

Good venues will make an effort to form a relationship with you. This is a win/win as it not only benefits them but YOU!

We all know how effective asking open ended questions can be, so venues will be looking to avoid any YES or NO answers. Instead they will be focussed on getting to know you, what your desired outcomes are and how much you are willing to open the purse strings.

More often than not, the more information you are able to offer to a venue when planning an event, the better proposal/prices/inclusions you will receive. So with this in mind, here are 3 key questions every good venue will ask you.


1.       What is the purpose or objective of your event?

From the beginning you will have chosen to run an event for a particular reason. A good venue will want to understand this better, not only to build a good relationship, but to then propose the perfect space and extra offerings for you. This works in your favour as you may only see a room with 4 walls, however a venue may have something completely left of field to offer if they understand fully what your desired outcomes are. They may suggest an alternative space such as an outdoor venue, private dining in their restaurant or even a Penthouse for that extra special product launch.

There is a lot that can come of this particular question and you yourself may come to realisations about logistics, catering, theming after talking to your event professional. Good venues will seek to understand your desired outcome and help you achieve this.


2.       Who are you?

This is the perfect open ended question from a good venue wanting to get to know you. Good venues will be looking to form a bond as soon as they can to deliver a better option than their competitors. They are all vying for your business, so the better the relationship they build the better their chances are of receiving the business.


3.    What is your budget?

Yes, money – mullah – the dollars. Important stuff. Any good venue will really be looking to nail this one. This may not be in the form of“Tell me your budget” which can be a little off putting for the customer, rather a good venue may if you have a price range that you’re working between, or where have you held your events in the past. Some may even tell you what their prices start from and then ask you if this is something you can work with.

Be on the front foot with money and be prepared to talk dollars over the phone. Venues love talking money and a lot of them won’t have fixed pricing. Good venues will tailor or customise a package price based on your requirements. Do keep in mind that they may look to steer you into a certain time of year or day, but if you’re willing to be a little flexible with this, then can it can be a major win for you financially.


So have a good idea of your needs and what you have to work with before picking up the phone. Don’t keep your cards too close to your chest as having a relationship with the person on the other end of the phone will most certainly work in your favour when it comes to your event.

Meet The Maker // #DREAMCREATEDO

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie & Kate Cooper

Rachel Gadiel, founder of #DREAMCREATEDO, is someone that I have so much love and admiration for. The understated yet glamorous style of her latest project is a reflection of Rachel herself - she is gorgeously talented, sweetly humble and totally kick ass at whatever she puts her mind too.

We asked Rachel to tell us more about the story behind #DREAMCREATEDO and how it all came about.

Tell us about the #dreamcreatedo philosophy?

The philosophy is anchored on dreaming big, being the best version of you and taking action to bring your bold vision to life. My mission is showing smart + driven women how to believe in their self-worth, step into in their brilliance + truly shine.


How did this philosophy come about?

During my late 20’s I found myself on a very ’traditional’ life trajectory that saw me go to university, land a corporate job; get married + take on a mortgage. On paper, I had the perfect life - but inside I was down-right miserable.

Then, right before my 30th birthday I started questioning EVERYTHING.

It was like I had suddenly woken up and found myself in the middle of someone else’s story.

I was forced to get real and ask myself if I was truly living the life I wanted. Let’s just say I was in denial for a very long time before I admitted to myself that I wasn’t and needed to make some massive (and hugely inconvenient + uncomfortable) changes. 

Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for this at all and had no idea why my whole life was seemingly falling apart - but it turns out that going through this hugely transitional phase around your 30th birthday is a rite of passage that in astrological terms is called your Saturn Return and is often referred to as a Quarter Life Crisis.

So I've made it my mission to help other women going through this tumultuous time + create the tools and resources to support them through this period and come out the other side braver, bolder and more confident than ever before.

We all have dreams, what are your key elements on guiding people to see them come to fruition?

We have a culture that is centred around constantly externally seeking - for happiness, for love, for peace + for validation - but the truth is when we’re always looking outside ourselves, we never find what we’re searching for.

I teach my clients how to ‘tune-in’ + shine a light on their own brilliance that may never have seen the light of day before. It can take work to find it, but I truly believe that inside each and everyone of us lies a special gift that can light up the world.


You describe on your site: We are a tribe of dreamers & doers on the journey of creating an extraordinary life (LOVE!) - How do your products and tools assist people on this journey?

Making any plan come to life requires consistent and daily action, so everything I create is backed with the intention of taking inspired action. Making a change requires being open and willing to step outside of your normal; taking a leap of faith and believing 100% that you have your own back. My coaching program + products all have been created with this single intention in mind.

What are your main points of difference to others in your field?

My approach is all about combining practical tools with soulful guidance - both are equally important and together, are extremely powerful.


Did you overcome personal fears to get you to where you are today? And how? 

Oh yes of course! I had a fear for a long time of ‘putting myself out there’ and found myself sitting on the sidelines a lot. I guess you’d say I had a ‘fear of success’ and I told myself that if I didn’t try very hard and failed that was better than failing if I really did try.

I knew that if I was going to make my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and running my own heart-centered business happen, I was going to need to make some changes which ultimately meant making major shifts in my mindset.

I’ve now built a routine that is not only focused on making a daily habit out of being in a positive headspace and staying close to my goals - but that also allows me to create space + tune inward to seek guidance rather than choosing to listen to the negative committee in my head.


What keeps you motivated to explore more and continue to be inspired?

I’m driven by a mission that is focused on serving others to be the absolute best version of themselves. I get a massive kick out of seeing someone step into their light and truly shine!

Personally, I’m committed to continually growing; learning; exploring and being the best version of myself. My fiancee and I have a little ‘team mantra’  - we call ourselves the AAA team - amazing, awesome + adventurous. He constantly inspires me and together we motivate each other to go after our dreams.

Where do you find sources of inspiration? Pinterest, Magazines, peers?

Being a highly visual person, I do love Pinterest as well as Instagram to find inspiration. But I also love reading blogs and books - I have a goal of reading two books each month. Lately I’ve really gotten into Podcasts which are easy to listen to when I’m driving or running around - a few favourites are Brendan Buchard, Lewis Howes and Hal Elrod’s - these are always a great source of motivation + inspiration.


2016 is upon us! What is on the horizon for #dreamcreatedo?

So many exciting things! I am taking #Dreamcreatedo to the next level in 2016 and will be opening up one-on-one coaching; as well as launching my group coaching program - The Soul Project - which will kick off in February. I’m also about to make a major move from Sydney to San Francisco and the plan (once I’m settled) is to kick off a series of live workshops in the Bay area + across the U.S - it’s going to be a massive year!


Top 3 photo credits belong to #DREAMCREATEDO. Final photo credit belongs to Fi Mims Photography.

EHM Attends // An Evening With Oprah

By Sammie Fleming

There are not many out there who can really own a mononymous name.  The Beyonce’s, the Prince’s, the Banksy’s and the Madonna’s.  And of course - Oprah.

Oprah is synonymous with out-of-this-world career success, strong feminine energy and a devotion to her calling.  She is a shining light in our world and a true teacher.  An embodiment of radiating love and inspiration.

As a life coach, I believe part of my role here on earth is to facilitate healing, to guide women to be the very best version of themselves and to (no pressure!) be part of raising the collective vibration.  I’m devoted to a life of kindness and love and spreading all the good stuff as far as I can.  Some would say, as coaches, we are responsible for spreading a little of the ‘Oprah effect’.

I’ve seen countless hours of her TV show, participated in her meditation programs and binge-watched Super Soul Sunday episodes.  It’s safe to say Oprah is an idol and a guide amongst many of us in the self development world.  

And even though I have spent so much (virtual)  time with Oprah, and she is so familiar, I had no idea what to expect from ‘An Evening with Oprah’ in Melbourne on a Wednesday night in December.  

 L-R: Rhiannon Colarossi, Sammie Fleming, Bianca Romeo

L-R: Rhiannon Colarossi, Sammie Fleming, Bianca Romeo

A soul centred audience of 15,000, devoted to living better and brighter lives, filled Rod Laver Arena.  It’s hard to imagine a space with better energy.

The Oprah frenzy, in all it’s beauty, took effect. There was the inevitable dancing, screaming and tears, all before she even took to the stage. And when she did arrive on stage, oh my, did she ARRIVE - In a glistening peach dress, her infamous hair big and wild - and with a roar.  Her presence is quite literally breathtaking.  She is the epitome of a woman standing in her own power.  She radiates (and advocates) full authenticity, a woman comfortable in her skin.

Events like this are invaluable for me.  We can read all the books and listen to all the podcasts, but there is something magical about the tangible experience.  Learning in person.  Feeling the depth of the spoken words.

I could almost write a book from the lessons and learnings that she shared, but here are the things that touched my heart the most, for those of you that couldn’t be there.  The teachings that have been percolating for a few days, and are now etched forever into my mind.

Stillness is sacred, and holds all the answers

You can’t hear the voice of your intuition, your Spirit, your instinct, when all of the other voices in the world are drowning it out.  Prioritise quiet time.  Get still and trust yourself.   Listen.

Your legacy is not the business you leave behind or the houses you own.  Your legacy is the heartprints you leave behind

It’s the connected dots of all of the hearts you have touched along the way.  I truly believe that if we live by this, we will always do well and live incredible lives we are proud of.   There is an uprising of beautiful souls leading with heart, and I am proud to be a part of this movement.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

In other words, what you put out, you get back (hello, Karma!).  With this, comes the responsibility of our own energy.  Be aware of the vibes you are putting out there, and once you are, you will notice that they are flowing right back.  It’s imperative to get our energy aligned with our best selves, holding ourselves accountable for putting that goodness out into the world.

Choose love.  Always.  

Not only when you are being loved right back, not only when everything is going your way.  Most importantly choose love when it’s hard.  Choose love when people have let you down and you feel hurt. This is where the real love, and the real strength, lies. Love will always (ALWAYS) prevail.

It’s ok to not know your life purpose yet (cue: palpable sighs of relief!) 

What you do need to do is take notice of what you are curious about.  Become aware of what you are drawn to, what you are interested in.   With this awareness, you will soon be able to follow the thread of your curiosities, which will lead you to your life purpose.  When we tap into that truth, we will be shown the path.  I’m a big believer in embracing a real gentleness with ourselves, and this is a perfect opportunity to do so.  Listen in - and let your soul lead the way.

An Evening with Oprah became An Evening I’ll Never Forget. I’ll leave you with a compelling quote from Invictus that she shared which sums up her core message - that we all have the capacity to claim our own power and blaze our own trails, while living in alignment with our highest selves.

I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul.

Take that one with you, it’s a goodie.


Sammie Fleming is a life coach and Reiki healer, who is passionate about guiding women into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity.  Through her work she shows women a space where they can feel the love they deserve. 

Oprah photo credits belong to Getty Images


How to Stand Out From the Crowd

By Caroline McQueen

Did you know it takes potential customers less than 3 seconds have an opinion about your business? That’s it! 3 seconds and either they’re into you, or if they can’t instantly tell how you can make an impact on their lives, they move onto the next competitor, never to call on you again.

But what if you’re a new entrepreneur struggling to get your audience’s attention? How do you get those initial clients through the door when they’ve never heard of you before?

The battle for attention

The early stages of the entrepreneurial journey can feel a bit like a catch 22 situation. You need generate sales and get glowing reviews from your ideal clients, but clients won’t sign up to work with you unless you already have social proof. And, what makes it harder, is there ate more and more people setting up solo-enterprises online, so potential customers are spoiled for choice. 

To compensate, some business owners turn to drastic measures in their battle for attention. Like sending emails to people who didn’t opt-in to their list, using scamming sales techniques to get customers to sign up for their programs, or worst still, copying another entrepreneur’s intellectual property - yikes!

As a result, those dream clients hang onto their hard earned dollars tighter than the handle bars of a white-knuckle-ride and only shop with the businesses who’ve already built up their know-like-trust factor. But unfortunately that means new entrepreneurs without that credibility have a hard time building their business.

How to break the cycle

Honestly, getting people to pay attention to you is easy. Jump up and down, or shout loud enough and they will see you. Unfortunately, that screams "look at me" and wreaks of desperation and typically doesn’t inspire folks to invest in your product or service. The only surefire to truly earn the attention (and sales) of your dream clients, is to show them what makes you different to the 99% of other small businesses out there. You do that by creating a valuable personal brand.

This doesn't mean you have to pretend to be further ahead in your business than you really are - quite the opposite. According to Deckers and Lacy, authors of "Branding Yourself”; a personal brand is an "emotional response to the image or name of a particular company, product or person”. 

Traditional brands like McDonalds, Apple, or Pinkberry are popular because they create positive feelings in their fans, even if they also arouse negative feelings in others. Similarly, people have an emotional response when they meet you for the first time. Having a personal brand means you control the emotional response people have when it comes to your business.

Here’s how you can start crafting that response:

1. Collaborate with established brands

Is there another business that’s already serving your audience that isn’t in direct competition with you? How can you help them to deliver an even better service? Working with other brands, or small business owners who are a few steps ahead of you, is one of fastest ways to establish credibility in your field and build that all important know-like-trust factor with potential clients or customers.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Imagine if Jimmy Choo went around marketing his footwear as a cross between two rival designers. Would his shoes be as highly coveted? Probably not. People don't like imitations, they love originality. If they know something’s a copy, the only way to convince people to buy it is to virtually give it away. 

Same goes if you compare your product or service to other companies, or make your brand a replica of one with established credibility. You make yours look inferior.

3. Invest time in PR

When it comes to raising awareness for your brand and building trust with potential clients, public relations is a tried and true method for doing both at once. Best of all, one interview or article in a publication can lead to a stream new clients in no time.   

Caroline McQueen is a Brand Stylist and PR Consultant from London. Her startup, Industry Avenue, is a revolutionary hub designed to help creative artists achieve financial freedom doing what they love. In the new year, Caroline will be launching a boutique PR service for entertainment professionals.

A Very Merry Christmas Gift Guide

By EHM Editorial Assistant Kate Cooper

We know Christmas shopping can be stressful (especially when the person you are buying for already has everything they need!), so we've put to together some of our favourite products we'd love to see in our Christmas stocking this year! Whether you are looking for your sister, Mum, work colleague or bestie the beautiful range below will surely cover most tastes and personalities!

FOR THE YOGI - YOGAMONA Top $66.00 & Leggings $90.00

In love with this top from Yogamona, with it's silky-soft fabric sourced for it's luxurious feel it has been designed to fit beautifully on bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

And how about these full length GLASS REFLECTION leggings! The fabric again is soft and luxuriant and has a four way stretch to allow the garment to hug and move with the body.  The leggings are perfect for yoga, the gym, pilates or worn casually. 


I hope whoever has me in our family Secret Santa is reading this article as this is my FAVOURITE! All of the Cat Hammil pieces are just devine and this neon yellow leather combo set is just perfect.



Well well, look at this gorgeous navy leather pouch! I am loving this from The Daily Edited and you can add a little luxury by having your initials monogrammed. Add up to 4 initials in gold, silver, rose gold or blind emboss, free of charge! 



Oh wow, this gorgeous Lemon Canary Marble Canary is just perfect for that extra special something in Mama's stocking! This is the ultimate luxury, a delicious marble vessel filled with creamy soy wax and cotton wick. This candle is topped with a beautiful heavy lid in either gold, silver, copper or black.  



This beautiful album was reviewed in Issue 1 and we are still loving it! For  friends & family out there looking to take their relaxation over the holiday break to a new level then this little baby is the perfect gift. These tracks will guide you home to your truest self - the self that is wise, compassionate, and oh-so-peaceful - through the transformative power of meditones. 



The Collective 2016 Diary includes quotes to motivate you and little reminders to inspire your day and is definitely on my wish list this year! 



A stunning visual masterpiece ideal for someone looking to get lost in layers of inspiration over the holidays! Make Bliss Happen is a gorgeous soul journal of inspiration - Stunningly designed amongst a kaleidoscope of colour - this book will nourish your soul. Infused with love, handwritten notes and soulful wisdom - Make Bliss Happen is truly one of a kind. 


These cards are just brilliant! Quirky, colourful and totally different to anything else out they are sure to put an instant smile on your face! 

4 Ways to Dazzle Me: A Participant's Perspective

By EHM Feature Writer Emma Newby

As a self confessed event junkie, let’s just say I have been to my fair share of workshop and speaking events. 

Some amazing (think – great food, awesome conversation, inspiring speakers), some not so (think - travelling over 900km and being asked to bring 3 towels to use as yoga mats so the organiser didn’t have to pay for equipment). What is it that makes your attendees walk away, saying amazing this and amazing that, telling anyone who will listen about your divine event?

For me, it all comes back to the details. It doesn’t need to be flashy, expensive and over the top, but it needs to be thoughtful, it needs to be filled with, you guessed it, LOVE.

So what does that love look like? (Other than a gorgeous scent burning in the room or lashings of flowers) What is it that makes an amazing impression, leaving me wanting more, hanging out for your next event? Let’s take a little look.


There is nothing better than a hug on arrival (I am a hugger, not the whole world is, so let’s just say a warm welcome does the trick). If you have organised an event, I want to see your pretty face if at all possible; if it isn’t make sure you have your best person on the door. First impressions last. 


Like I said above, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be something small but it needs to resonate. Sarah Jensen wrote a beautiful article on how to get awesome sponsors (make sure you take a look), it takes a little effort but it is so, so worth it. 

Everyone loves a goody bag! Just remember less is sometimes more. One regular event that I attend has two or three awesome sponsors that provide generous gifts such as sample size beauty scrubs and sprays and mini perfumes or candles and let me tell you, I always look forward to taking them home! No one wants a bag full of sale flyers…Be thoughtful.


If it is dinner time, lunch time or breakfast please have something substantial for me to eat. I have usually come straight from work and can sometimes be hungry… in all seriousness, I want to be able to concentrate on your beautiful content, and I can’t do that if I am starving.  Also, please don’t make me feel like a preschooler, a big sign that says “One per person” feels icky and makes you look a little stingy, I will usually only take one anyway or as a grown up can gauge if there will be more than enough!  


I have saved the best and most important until last. I want to leave your event, floating on air, feeling absolutely unstoppable; ready to take on the world. The content of your event is pivotal. All of the above points can be missed and forgiven if your content knocks my socks off. 

If you are hosting a workshop, give me a chance to interact.  

If it’s a speaking event, make me want to take notes.

If it is a networking event make it easy for me to mingle and meet fabulous people.

Ultimately, most events are about connecting, be it with the speaker, other participants or myself, so inspire me to connect and I am all yours.

So baby, present content that screams ‘you’, your purpose and your business and you will have me coming back for more, after all I was inspired enough to spend my money coming along, I want you to dazzle me, I want to want to come back.


All photo credits belong to Fi Mims Photography

Tips for Running a Beautiful and Inspiring Launch Event

By Pat Romain

The wonderful thing about launching a program, product or service in your business in this day in age is that you can make hosting a beautiful event part of your coming out process or your launch. 

Launch events are not just reserved for big tech companies; you can definitely host an event like that for your coaching business. 

Hosting a live event as part of your program launch can also be a great way to connect more authentically with your clients and share the results that your program or service will bring to them live and in person. 

Launching is about creating a big splash and building the momentum while  engaging with the people you most want to serve, and ultimately work with. 

And of course it’s always more fun to meet people in person and connect. 

Here are a few things you can do if you’re thinking of hosting a beautiful and inspiring  “in person” event as part of your program or product launch:   

1.    Know how your event fits in the grand scheme of things. 

Hosting an event is a lot of work so knowing your goals for this event within your launch and even your business, is crucial.  You can start by thinking about how this event will help with sales and engagement.

  • Are you holding a workshop to drum up interest in your program or product ?
  • Are you holding an Inspiration Day for people who are already in your program as well as newcomers?
  • Are you hosting a Q&A type of event just to give people more information about what you have coming out?

These are great questions to start asking yourself when you are planning your launch event. 

2.      Get the right people on board. 

Deciding to host an event is a great first step but your second step should be aligning yourself with the right team. A team that will help you produce your event so that it reflects your business and the product or program that you are launching. This does not have to be complicated but enlisting a few people to help you bring your event’s vision to life is crucial specially because you will not be able to do everything yourself as the host. 

Having someone who knows about events by your side will ensure that you have the clarity and focus to organize, plan and execute a beautiful event that will bring you closer to your goals. 

3.      Follow up and tie it up with the launch process. 

Don’t forget to lay it all out on paper to see how your “in person” event fits into the bigger picture of your launch. 

When hosting an event as part of your program or product launch, it’s not over when the event ends and everyone goes home. You can create a way to follow up with those who raised their hand at the event to hear more about your product or program. Remember that not everyone buys on the spot specially if what you’re offering requires a lot of engagement and change on their part, (like a coaching program) so give them time to decide and see if your offering is right for them. Give them a reason to show up at the event but also give them a reason to stay interested after the fact. 

Congratulations now you are ready to launch your live event! 

With these 3 tips you’ll be hosting launch events that are not only a success but are aligned with what your customers want from you and also what you want to offer.


All photo credits belong to Fi Mums Photography

Venue Spotlight // Point Yamu By COMO, Phuket, Thailand

By EHM Feature Writer Ainslie Young

Recently I holidayed on the glorious east coast of Phuket, Thailand. There’s something about the laid back vibe, warm weather and the Land of Smiles’ that has a piece of my heart.

With the help of my good friends at Opulence in Travel, I booked the amazing Point Yamu by COMO for five glorious nights.

This boutique hotel has everything you could ask for when mixing business and pleasure. Point Yamu by COMO easily caters for a relaxing getaway for two, a special wedding celebration, a family vacation, large corporate events to smaller, more intimate workshops.

In contrast to other high-end hotels and resorts I’ve stayed in, COMO takes an anti ‘cookie-cutter’ approach which is what makes it stand apart.

COMO insists that whatever the events’ scale, they obsess over detail and can turn ambitious ideas into unforgettable, fuss free occasions.

Point Yamu has a conference centre onsite, which can comfortably accommodate 40 guests. If you’re looking to host a more intimate group, COMO staff will gladly set up a small private room, overlooking the ocean for you to host your workshop and to inspire your guests.

It’s easy to make a home away from home here at Point Yamu as all rooms, suites and villas offer views of the sparkling waters of Phang Nga Bay.

Point Yamu also has incredible dining options including La Sirena, which serves COMO Shambhala Cuisine. If you’re health conscious your needs are definitely taken care of here as the menu is designed to maximise energy with the use of raw foods rich in living enzymes, vitamins and sea minerals.

Breakfast was my favourite meal of the day! With freshly squeezed juices (including green smoothies) and a menu that includes ‘Real Toast’ – dehydrated nut, seed and vegetable bread with avocado crush, cucumber and tomato salad as well as buckwheat pancakes with candied papaya, orange and palm syrup sauce with young coconut, cashew nut cream, you cannot go wrong!

If you want to treat your clients (and yourself), you don’t have to stop at the delectable meals. The award-winning COMO Shambhala Retreat offers yoga, Pilates and related treatments.

After a complimentary yoga class why not indulge in a signature COMO Shambhala Massage or a Lanna Heritage Full Body Compress utilising traditional Thai herbs and spices in warmed boluses. 

There are also plenty of options to explore Point Yamu’s surrounds. Why not enjoy a full day cruise around Phang Nga Bay and visit ‘James Bond’ Island, have an adventure on the Point Yamu bike tour, visit Old Phuket Town and admire the Sino-Portuguese architecture or soak up the sun at Rang Yai Island beach (I did this, and it was amazing!).

Also, if you have kids in tow you can always take advantage of ‘Play’ the COMO Kids club.

Soon the COMO Beach Club will be launched which is located on the private Naka Yai Island. You will be able to take advantage of private salas each featuring a sitting area, daybed, private bathroom and shower, a Restaurant and Beach Bar, COMO Shambhala treatment rooms and a Watersports Activity Centre.

I’m not sure if Point Yamu by COMO could get any better, but the COMO Beach Club sounds incredible, so I’m thinking I must return, for business AND pleasure!

If you would like an introduction or assistance organising your event or vacation at Point Yamu by COMO contact Leigh Pulford at Opulence in Travel.

And keep your eye out for more amazing event locations in Phuket in our coming issues!


All photo credits belong to Point Yamu By COMO and Opulence in Travel

Event Round Up // Inspired Women 20th November 2015

Co-hosted by Julie Parker of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Jade McKenzie of EVENT HEAD, the Inspired Women Business and Networking Day on the 20th November 2015 saw heart-centered and savvy women in business come together at The Cullen Hotel Rooftop in Prahran for a stunning day filled with inspirational mini talks from incredible women in business who are full of heart and bursting passion.

Guests enjoyed connecting with each other over a delectable morning and afternoon tea and a cheeky glass of bubbles at the end of day! Thank you so much to everyone who came and for all the beautifully kind messages of support received after the event. 

The Inspired Women event featured our wonderful speakers:

Bianca - Have it all marketing - 'Soulfully Social: Authentic Online Marketing'
Brenda Mangalore - 'The Life and Business of Art'
Ruffles & Bells - Event Styling and Planning - 'Impressing With Style'
Jessica Bean - 'The Light Beyond Your Fear'
Laura Banks - 'Find and Follow Your Fizzy Heart Feeling'
Girl Gone Funny - The 'F' Word
Michelle Jack Coaching - 'Living Your Purpose'
Yogamona - 'The Heart of Happiness'
The Wellbeing Web with Rhiannon Colarossi - 'Wellbeing for Busy Mums'

Photography courtesy of Fi Mims Photography
MC: Julie Parker
Event planning & management: Event Head
Stage styling: Ruffles & Bells
Venue: The Cullen


Event Round Up // Inspired Women 27th November 2015

Co-hosted by Julie Parker of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Jade McKenzie of EVENT HEAD, the second Inspired Women Business and Networking Day on the 27th November 2015 saw another beautiful group of heart-centered and savvy women in business come together at The Cullen Hotel Rooftop in Prahran for a wonderful day filled with inspirational mini talks from incredible women in business who are full of heart and bursting passion.

Guests enjoyed connecting with each other over a delectable morning and afternoon tea and a cheeky glass of bubbles at the end of day! Thank you so much to everyone who came and again, for all the beautifully kind messages of support received after the event. 

The Inspired Women event featured our wonderful speakers:

Andrea Glazier - 'Spiritual Leadership: Answering the Call' 
Amy Taylor Kabbaz - 'Mindfulness and Motherhood'
Jayne Day - 'Marketing Your Business Online' 
Kirri White - 'Being Your Own Best Friend' 
Dr Kristy Goodwin - 'Raising Digital Kids'
Lee Alexander - 'The Beginner Spirit'
Lisa Miller - 'Better Business Better Lives' 
Michelle Mc Grath - 'The Unclassified Woman' 
Rachel Gadiel - 'The Hardest Thing' 
Dr Rachel Wyndham - 'The Heart of Wellness'

Photography courtesy of Fi Mims Photography
MC: Julie Parker
Event planning & management: Event Head
Stage styling: Ruffles & Bells
Venue: The Cullen



Event Round Up // Wellness Foodies Expo

The Wellness Foodies Expo is a one day event focusing on delicious, authentic foods that can make you glow from inside out. All the products are made ethically and consciously, nourishing your body and soul, offering more than an alternative to standard products. They taste even better! 

Organic, gluten free, raw, paleo, low fructose, vegan, local, sugar free, and all made with so much love. 

This event was also a community building opportunity where producers and customers can come one step closer with a goal to inspre and empower each other with every food choice we make. 

Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the day, we loved having you there!

For more information and the full list of stallholders, please go to:

Venue: Abbotsford Convent
Expo creator: Yoko of Shoku iku
Event management: Event Head
Photographer: Jen Williams Photography