5 Wardrobe Staples Every Female Entrepreneur Should Have in Her Closet

By Fideliz Cruz

Editors note: Style plays a huge part in events and I know that it can either be a lot of fun to dress up and plan your outfits, or on the flipside, cause some stress or worry with entrepreneurs and business owners who are new to running events and aren't quite sure what to wear or how to present themselves.

I asked Fideliz Cruz, a Personal Stylist and Life Coach, to share her wardrobe staples with us today so that anyone and everyone can lead their event confidently and let their inner beauty shine. Fideliz is passionate about making women feel their best, by helping them bring out their uniqueness and authenticity through personal styling and by achieving their goals through life coaching so there was noone better for the job!


Our appearance and first impression plays a big role in our success.  I believe that as entrepreneurs, this is something that we need to be aware of and use to our advantage; as our appearance is the first thing our clients and even potential clients will see. 

As a Personal Stylist and Life Coach, I would always encourage my clients to take pride in their personal style and authenticity. It’s important that you remember that you are representing your brand. Your business; and most importantly YOU! You are your own brand Ambassador! A walking advertisement, and all eyes are on you so be prepared and have a wardrobe that you can easily “shop” from.

Dressing appropriately and professionally will also result in making you feel good! You will look good, feel good and as a result, you will perform and achieve greater things! – It’s an instant confidence boost!

For most entrepreneurs, finding time to go shopping can be very hard, and can be stressful or overwhelming; so to get you started, here’s my 5 must haves every female entrepreneur should have in her closet:


A High quality blazer is a key piece of an entrepreneur’s wardrobe. An investment piece that will last you many years! Very versatile - depending on how corporate or how dressy you want to be, you can easily mix and match it with most of the pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe. Wear it over a dress and you will instantly transform the look from casual to dressy or perhaps over a basic tee and skinny jeans for a quick casual meeting with a client. Quality and the fit is very important when looking for your blazer. Make sure that you find one that fits you well and consider getting a tailor to make it just right for you. 



There’s something about wearing a structured dress that makes women feel confident. I would recommend to have a couple of these dresses in your closet! I know we tend to stick with the basic black dress, but play and experiment with different colors, and colors that really complement your skin tone! 

With busy schedules and meetings here and there, dresses make our lives so much easier! No need to worry about mixing and matching, and can easily be transitioned from day to evening look. Switch from wearing flats and casual bag during the day to heels and an evening clutch during the night.
Show your personality by pairing a fun dress underneath a blazer just make sure to keep it professional by not showing any cleavage and that the hemline isn’t too short and the pattern of the dress not too distracting.



Whether dressing up or down, the classic midi skirt has endless possibilities! You would usually see women purchase the pencil skirt for work, but I would recommend the A line midi skirt as it is the most flattering to most body shapes. It is also much more comfortable than a pencil skirt, giving you more movement and freedom when walking. Want to look taller? Keep the skirt length just about the knees to prevent from making you look shorter.



Wearing heels make women’s legs look amazing! Heels change your posture and can make your legs look longer and leaner. They improve the entire look, as well as give you confidence for when you have special speaking engagements or events. 

Of course we have those days when we are running around and doing plenty of errands, so for those days, wear comfortable flats. If you want to wear heels though, I would recommend to wear them 1 hour at a time, and in between have your flats ready in your bag for a quick switch.

Start with one pair of black and one pair of nude. Nude pumps are a great option as it elongates your legs and you don’t have to worry about matching them with your clothes because they go with everything! When looking for your nude pair, go for the shade that’s closest to your skin tone.  Black pair of pumps are fantastic as they easily dress up any outfit! Black pumps will never go out of style and is suitable during the day and perfect for the evening - it goes with pretty much everything as well!



One of the Investment pieces I would recommend for a busy entrepreneur would be a classic structured bag. We carry our bag everywhere we go, and we use it so often that we really need to invest in one that is of great quality.  We want it to be durable and functional, as well as versatile enough that it goes with everything that we wear. I would suggest to get a plain black structured bag to get yourself started. Structured bags have clean lines and have a definite shape giving it that professional look, plus easier to find things in your bag this way! A well made classic style leather bag will last you many many years.


For more styling tips and inspiration, you can check out Fideliz HERE. Thanks lovely!


All photo credits belong to Alistaire Ong // Today is the Date Photography;  Make up by Emily Hughes;  Syling by Fideliz Cruz  and the beautiful model is Nastasha Tupas.