Trend Alert // Customised Prints and Cards

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

It's no secret that I love events that give a personal experience. Something that goes above and beyond to ensure the guest experience is physical as well as emotional will always win brownie points, so when I saw the newly released range of Thank You Love Cake cards and prints, I knew instantly that the designers, Kate and Rwui, were onto a winner. 

Personalisation and customisation is nothing new, but TYLC brings something so bright, bold, and fun to the mix. And with such a beautiful hand made process, you absolutely know that these are all made with big, big doses of love. Their prints and cards put an instant smile on my face and I know they will have the same effect on you too. I interviewed the girls to get the low down on what TYLC has to offer and how it all come about. 


How did Thank You Love Cake come about?

It was one of those chance-like serendipitous things really. We met at one of Event Head's events initially, then were seated next to each other at another networking dinner and started chatting all things graphic design. Ruwi is a designer and Kate was planning to brand a venture she was starting. We got together over coffee a few times and one of those times we both talked about how difficult it is when you're working by yourself. We both had side projects that were similar-ish (okay, we may be drawing a long bow here...Kate did handcut fluoro cards and Ruwi did prints!) and thought we'd try to go it together. A few months later and we're just about to launch our range of greeting cards, prints and other packaging bits and bobs.  

How are your cards and prints made and how are yours different from the ones you can buy in shops?

We have very distinct styles and processes to match. Kate's cards and prints are all hand screenprinted. The design is created digitally then transferred by hand to stencil paper. The stencil is hand cut, then each colour is individually hand pulled. It's a time consuming process, which is necessary to create her signature style and vibrant colour prints. Ruwi's cards and prints are painstakingly hand painted with a Japanese brush pen and ink. Sometimes she writes the words up to 30 times to get the right composition. They are then digitised and printed on the most beautiful paper using archival inks. 

What products and services do you offer entrepreneurs and business owners to help with their events? 

We have a range of more than 60 cards and nearly 20 prints that are available, but we can do custom orders for event professionals, which include personalisation of cards and prints such as invitations, thank you cards, 'we love you being here' cards, custom prints, gift tags, gift wrap, packaging, ribbons, bows etc.

For the digitally printed cards and prints we can match Pantone colours, customise quotes, and print in bulk quantities, or just one at a time. For anything screen printed, it's a little trickier, but we can always work with event professionals to come up with something to delight their attendees. 


What are the small touches that you appreciate in events and how do believe event hosts can go the extra mile to make their attendees feel special? 

Kate: It really is the small things that are the most important. Being an introvert who hates going to new places, anything that will make it easier - parking details, how to find the building -  goes such a long way. Also, personalisation of anything is such a beautiful touch, as is creative presentation. I work in events in my day job too so it's rare that I'm delighted by things, but I went to an event the other night and the catering was presented so beautifully. I will never forget the cheese platter! It's that simple - great food presented beautifully. The now-cliche - being surprised and delighted. 

Ruwi: The time guests first arrive at an event is very important and I find a little thought and creativity spent here can go along way. Making sure there is someone to greet guests and something interactive to do as they arrive is always a good idea. Personalised gifts or name cards show that you have taken the time to make sure your guests feel extra special plus can also serve as a beautiful keepsake for the event. Get creative and think of an approach that fits in with the theme/style of your event and decor.  


Aww love these girls! You can check out Thank You Love Cake HERE and HERE but be warned, you will most likely order one of everything like I did!  


All image credits belong to Thank You Love Cake