Meet the Founder // Nourish Melbourne

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Nourish Melbourne is an interesting model in the Melbourne health and wellness scene. They are a wellness collaborative effort, bringing together the best of Melbourne’s natural, organic and holistic health businesses to help inspire you towards better health, not just right now, but for life. They do this through the products or services each business offer and via the popular NM events in Melbourne, 

The businesses involved share the vision in promoting health and nourishment in everyday life and to share this nourishment with those around you, in order to spread the message that living a nourished life, leads to a happier and fulfilled life. They value people profit above purse profit and holding a NM membership also means you automatically give back to selected not-for-profit partners that are aligned with improving health and wellness, often for disadvantaged individuals and families. We speak to the founder, Natasha Mason, to hear the story behind NM.


What was the inspiration behind Nourish Melbourne and how did NM come to life?

Nourish Melbourne came to life after taking the plunge from working in a 9-5 job, which didn’t serve to fill my passion. I studied nutrition and health sciences at University, followed by working and studying in the marketing and communications space at the same time. I knew that my passion was healthy and mindful living, but it took working on my own self-love and nourishment to truly believe that it was my purpose. So once I did believe it, I stepped away from a job I didn’t love and started Nourish Melbourne to hopefully inspire, empower and nourish others, with what is available in their own city and from those who are most passionate about what they do. I believe that a nourished body and mind leads to self-love, and self-love leads to belief in ones abilities and believing in yourself means you can do anything your heart desires.


The importance of community spirit and collaboration is a key part of how Nourish Melbourne works, why do you think that collaboration is so important in holistic health and wellness?

Collaboration is so important as by working with each other, we lift each other higher. We are in a time where awareness of holistic health, mindfulness and spirituality is growing so rapidly, so by working together we can be sure to reach more people who wish to seek a life that is more fulfilled…a life that is truly fulfilled starts by feeling amazing in body, mind and spirit!


You offer a host of events throughout the year on a whole host of different topics. Why do you personally choose to do events?

You know, my old job was actually quite event centric, and I really didn’t enjoy it! Although I believe there is a teaching in everything that happens in our lives. By having worked in events (albeit for a business which I wasn’t passionate about), I’ve been able to serve my purpose through Nourish Melbourne events…being that I can reach people and have them learn and be empowered through the power of knowledge around a range of holistic health and wellness topics. So for that reason, I continue to run events for Nourish Melbourne!


What is one thing that you find the most exciting about events and one thing you find the most challenging?

The most exciting part is the creative aspect of finding a topic which I think our audience will most want to know more about, designing the event, and finding the best person to present on that topic. The most challenging has to be the logistics and pure organisation that goes on behind the scenes! Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed (and only those who work in events will understand!) but it’s a matter of lots of lists, lots of reminders in my phone and allowing time in case s**t ‘hits the fan’…and meditating so when s**t does ‘hit the fan’, it can be dealt with swiftly and easily.

And finally, we would love to know, what inspires you each day?

I’m inspired when I know I’ve inspired others, and when I myself learn something new, which I can then pass on to the Nourish Melbourne audience. Having my own business, as well as being a Mum to a six-month-old little lady has given me a new appreciation for other Mums who also run their own businesses. Those women inspire me to keep going on those more prickly days!


What a gorgeous way to help people and give back to the community! You can check out Nourish Melbourne HERE.


All image credits belong to Nourish Melbourne