How to Apply the Perfect Red lipstick

By Justine O Makeup and Hair

The struggle is real. As someone who LOVES a bold, bright red lipstick, I know that it takes the right product and some time and effort to get those lips right. It's even more crucial when you are getting your all important event photos done by a professional and you want to use some of the pics as part of your own portfolio of head shots on your website and social media. 

Make up artist extraordinaire Justine O gives us her tips on how to apply the perfect red lipstick and help us avoid crooked lips, lipstick on the teeth and all those other lovely problems that come with it!

To have the perfect red lipstick you firstly need the right products. Here I have used: 

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment
M.A.C Ruby Woo Lipstick
Lip brush (not essential if you plan on using a lip pencil)
M.A.C Cherry Lipliner
M.A.C Studio finish concealer
Pencil sharpener

Step one is to prepare your lips.  Start by lightly concealing the lips with a concealer and then hydrate with a lip conditioner. Blot off the excess lip conditioner with a tissue when you’re ready to apply your lip colour.

The next step is to shape your lips. Sharpen your lip pencil so you can get nice, crisp lines. Fill in your entire lips with the lip pencil, starting at the centre and working your way to the outer corner. This will make it a lot easier to get an even outer line. Another great tip is to fill in your entire lips with the liner to help your lipstick last longer and stay on. 

Next we apply the lipstick. If you have used lipliner all over its easy to go directly in with your lipstick or  if you just want to use lipstick without the lipliner, apply your lipstick with a brush.
Synthetic brushes are the best to use for lipstick as it applies the colour smoothly and doesn’t soak up to much product. Make sure you blend in your lipstick with your lipliner.

And viola, perfectly sculpted lips!

If you find your lips look a little uneven after everything, you can use cotton tips to clean up any edges or add extra concealer with an angle brush and then outline again with your lipliner or your lip brush.

Fabulous! You can find out more about Justine and her makeup services including make up classes and private one on one  tutorials HERE.


Images courtesy of Justine O Make Up