4 Must-Do Beauty Essentials to Be Photo Ready on Event Day

By EHM Feature Writer Christine Rose Elle

If there is one thing my years as a photo stylist taught me it’s which core makeup essentials last forever, and look great in photos. This knowledge comes in really handy when you know you are going to be at an all-day event in which tons of photos will be snapped.
Here’s my 4 core essential tips to ensure flawless photos, all day coverage, and minimal touch ups.

1. Avoid flashback.

Flashback is the hideous blotchy white cast that sneaks up in flash-photos and is undetectable in natural light.

It’s essential to begin with a foundation and powder that are HD without the SPF ingredients Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide or minerals. These ingredients cause a white cast when light hits it. Trust me on this one. You don't want to end up looking like a strange ghost.

Luxury option: Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.

Budget option: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Powder.


2. Create simple highlight.

Ok, let's talk strobing. Strobing is all about adding highlight to the face to create natural glow.
If you aren't really into complicated techniques such as contouring, just go with some simple highlighting in key areas. Top of cheekbones, down the nose, and maybe a tad on the chin. That's plenty to get a glowy, lit-from-within look.

Luxury option: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.

Budget option: Wet & Wild Mega Glo.

3. A pout that's on point.

Lips. Are. Everything. Go too light and you look washed out, too dark and you have to fuss with your lips all day to make sure you don't look clownish. My typical plan of attack when I'm not going full out red, is a "your lips but better" look. Start with a clear liner to create definition, and prevent feathering. Then, choose a color that is a shade darker than your lips. It will give you pizzazz and definition without having to worry if you have lipstick on your teeth or the dreaded “liner only” look.

Luxury Option: Makeup Forever Lip Line Perfector in Clear.

Budget Option: Maybelline Color Sensational in Clear.

4. Bust out the faux lashes.

I'm a lash girl, but I totally get it if you aren't. I know false lashes can be a little intimidating, but they look soooooo good in photos. Even with a natural look, difficult to tell you have them on. If the strips make you nervous, get the clusters. They are super easy to apply, and enhance your natural lashes. The key is, and this is important, be sure to get the latex based lash glue. (Unless of course you have a latex allergy.) The latex based glue is easy to work with, and won't rip out your lashes when it comes time to remove them at the end of the day.

Luxury Option: Flutter Lashes Synthetic Lashes in Fierce.

Budget Option: Ardell Fashion Lashes in Wispies.
These four pre-event beauty essentials will have you photo-ready and looking great all day!


All photo credits belong to Katya Nicholas Photography