Julie Parker // Woman On A Mission

I am so incredibly excited to introduce you to this months’ cover girl, Julie Parker. Julie is one of Australia’s foremost life and business coaches and trainers with more than a decade’s experience inspiring hundreds of clients and thousands of people to create beautiful lives and businesses.  As the CEO and Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie passionately trains and supports heart centered and gifted people to bring their talents and love of giving into the world as life coaches.

Julie is a published author and Tedx speaker and has shared a speaking stage with Clare Bowditch, Christina Re, Gretel Killeen, Carolyn Cresswell and our the very first EHM cover girl Gala Darling.  She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Australia Day Citizenship Award and Business and Professional Women’s Woman of Achievement Award.  Julie appears regularly in the media including Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as publications such as Grazia, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Fitness and Health and national newspapers.  And if all of that isn’t enough, she is also the Editor in Chief of incredibly popular inspired COACH Magazine. 

I can personally attest to Julie’s amazingness having known her for some years now, joyfully watching her sprinkle her magic around the world. It is such an honor to have someone so special grace the cover of EHM and I know that you will love her and her take on inspiring events as much as I do! If there’s one thing I know about Julie, it’s that she LOVES connection. BYCA is a true community of soulful sisters who are gently nurtured and taken care of in so many wonderful ways, including the Beautiful You Inspiration Days, which are quickly gaining notoriety as ‘the’ event to be at. And with these events spanning the globe and being a truly international affair with people flying in from all over the world to attend, there is no one better to chat to about all things inspiration and events. 

Thank you so much for speaking with us today Julie, I am absolutely thrilled to have you with us! It’s no secret that I just adore the Inspiration Days, what was your inspiration to start them in the first place?

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is online and we have amazing trainees join us from all around the world to do it.  In truth though, in person connection is what I love most about being a trainer and coach, and so even though the course is online, I wanted to create opportunities for our trainees to come together in person.

Initially my thought was just a casual gathering over a cup of tea and some nice cake – however when I heard that people were genuinely thinking about travelling from all corners of the world to be with us – I knew we had to step up our game!  And I was really glad to do so.

It was then that I started to think as big and creatively and abundantly as I could to make these days really stand up to their namesake and be inspiring, beautiful, memorable and a highly attractive part of the course and what we do.  And that is what has happened which I am so thrilled about.

Now these events are global with two beautiful ones that were held in New York and Sydney earlier this year and exciting ones coming up in Melbourne, Bali, San Francisco and even Paris. What are some of the challenges that you face when taking an event on the road and how do you deal with them?

Hosting any large event comes with lots of logistical puzzles to solve, but when you do them with a great team like I have those puzzles can be fun.  Things absolutely do get more complex though when you are on the road like we are with some of the biggest challenges being travel needs, foreign languages, cultural differences and the varying expectations of what is consider standard or acceptable in the event and hospitality sector from one country to the next – or even one city to the next too.

They are all so different but that’s what is part of the fun and joy of these events too. And without question the biggest antidote or puzzle solver to them all is outstanding organisation and planning done well in advance.  While I am all for a spontaneous night out, picnic, or visit from a friend – I’ve learned that there is no way you can ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ or creatively wish or just hope that things will fall into place for such an event that can involve people flying into from all over the world.

Meticulous planning is a must.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way as the results – even though you feel a bit crazy booking venues and looking at speakers a year and a half in advance – are always worth it.  I’ve learned this especially on the day when little things do go wrong (and there are always little things that go wrong!) and you realise that they could have been so much worse if it had not been for the planning you had done prior.


The Inspiration Days aren’t small events, we can have up to 80 people in the room, but you do manage to get around and meet everyone and even have photos with the graduates at the end of the event!  Something I admire about you is your wonderful ability to lovingly take care of everyone in the room. How do you think hosts can ensure that their guests are taken care of?

The key is to really make it a conscious part of the event to do so.  We can all go into events or workshops we are hosting with the loving intent to meet and greet everyone, but unless we actually plan out how that is going to happen and what it will take to make it happen – the simple fact is that it might not happen!  

I always make sure I am at the arrival area to greet every person that comes in at that registration time – without fail.  There is nothing more important to me at the time our trainees are stepping into the room than for me to see them and give them a big warm hug of welcome.  And that means that at such an incredibly busy time where people can have lots of needs, I have to be surrounded by a great team of people that can take care of those needs, and it not fall on my shoulders to fix, find or follow up with something.  I’ve got an important thing to do of my own and I don’t want anything to divert my attention from that.  And so we plan – meticulously – for it to be that way.  

This does not mean that everything goes perfectly all the time – it doesn’t – as even with late arrivals I clearly may have had to move on to another need (such as being on stage!) and have to try and catch people at a later time if I can.

I think one of the most beautiful things about these events is that it really is a full experience –physically, emotionally and spiritually which is a complete reflection of you and BYCA and how you like to teach your students. How important do you think it is to have a holistic event that engages people on different levels?  Are powerpoint slides and morning tea enough?

It’s incredibly important as we all learn and are stimulated in different ways.  Some of us are very visual so those slides or flowers or a lovely set stage are important.  For others what they hear and how they hear it is key – different voices, speakers, music – are what gets them excited.  And for others it can be touch – something to hold, pick up and be more intimately a part of in a whole body way – that will see them learn best.  And we try to incorporate all these sort of stimuli at our events to help everyone in the room have an amazing experience.

And yes, that does create a holistic feeling which in the end is the most important thing of all – to help people there feel something within them.  To leave with a memory or sensation of not just what they saw or read or ate – but rather the feeling they experienced and how it helped them have a truly memorable time.


I know that you LOVE these days and everything about them, but is there a certain part of the day that just really lights you up and gives you an incredible amount of joy? A part of it that may even make you want to shed a few happy tears?

It’s always the beginning and the end for me.  Seeing the faces and getting to meet our trainees for the first time in person is so joyous.  I love it so much and cannot wait for it to happen every time.

And then it’s those last moments on stage in front of everyone – the time where we are saying goodbye but also “I believe in you. You’re amazing. Thank you for being a part of my dream.” There is nothing that beats that time for me of feeling both so connected to so many other people but also myself.

A beautiful side effect of running events is that when they are done right, they can have such a wonderful flow on effect for your business and help lift your profile even higher. How do you believe your Inspiration Days positively affect your business and your brand?

I know they impact them hugely as we experience an upswing in course enquiries and enrollments every time we host one.  The sharing on social media throughout the day and afterwards is incredible – which we encourage and are also so grateful for.  We want our trainees and coaches to share with everyone how committed they are to their learning, building relationships and being part of something incredible.  And they do. 

We also ensure that at every one of our events we have a professional photographer and are able to use those photos in any way we want.  Having them means we can use them in publicity, blog posts, our magazine and promoting the course – and they truly are worth their weight in gold.  Happy, beautiful smiling faces of real trainee life coaches and life coaches beat stock images hands down every time!


This is one cheeky question we like to ask our cover girls, just like musicians have riders, business owners usually develop their own little list of must haves. What can’t you live without at your events?

Well – I could say something like French champagne and bowls of pink M&M’s but I’d be lying!  It’s truly the simplest things for me that I’ve come to know are must have’s including…

- Endless iced water 

- Comfortable shoes

- Fresh flowers

- Music

- My husband and go-to guy never far away as the one face in the room who knows how hard I’m working and that he’s got my back

And finally, for the entrepreneurs and business owners out there who want to know the secret sauce of a great event that is raved about for the days, months and years to come, what is your best advice?

Focus on how you want everyone coming to your event to feel when they leave you at the end of the day.  Do you want them to be inspired?  Peaceful?  Amped up?  Beautiful?  Ready for action?

If you focus on how you want everyone there to feel and you base every decision you make around that – your event will be an incredible success.  It will help you choose a venue, decorations, the music, the speakers, and so much more, all with the intent to create an amazing experience that will have people talking about you endlessly and spreading the good word about who you are and how you made them feel something in a truly memorable way.


And I think you will all agree, there is so much richness and generosity in Julie's answers. This woman knows her stuff! Keep up to date with all things Beautiful You HERE and if you ever have the chance to get to an event that is Julie is at - just go. Don't think twice, get that ticket!


Cover photo and photos 1, 3 and 5 belong to Eyes of Love Photography

Photos 2 and 4 belong to Katya Nicholas Photography

4 Must-Do Beauty Essentials to Be Photo Ready on Event Day

By EHM Feature Writer Christine Rose Elle

If there is one thing my years as a photo stylist taught me it’s which core makeup essentials last forever, and look great in photos. This knowledge comes in really handy when you know you are going to be at an all-day event in which tons of photos will be snapped.
Here’s my 4 core essential tips to ensure flawless photos, all day coverage, and minimal touch ups.

1. Avoid flashback.

Flashback is the hideous blotchy white cast that sneaks up in flash-photos and is undetectable in natural light.

It’s essential to begin with a foundation and powder that are HD without the SPF ingredients Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide or minerals. These ingredients cause a white cast when light hits it. Trust me on this one. You don't want to end up looking like a strange ghost.

Luxury option: Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.

Budget option: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Powder.


2. Create simple highlight.

Ok, let's talk strobing. Strobing is all about adding highlight to the face to create natural glow.
If you aren't really into complicated techniques such as contouring, just go with some simple highlighting in key areas. Top of cheekbones, down the nose, and maybe a tad on the chin. That's plenty to get a glowy, lit-from-within look.

Luxury option: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.

Budget option: Wet & Wild Mega Glo.

3. A pout that's on point.

Lips. Are. Everything. Go too light and you look washed out, too dark and you have to fuss with your lips all day to make sure you don't look clownish. My typical plan of attack when I'm not going full out red, is a "your lips but better" look. Start with a clear liner to create definition, and prevent feathering. Then, choose a color that is a shade darker than your lips. It will give you pizzazz and definition without having to worry if you have lipstick on your teeth or the dreaded “liner only” look.

Luxury Option: Makeup Forever Lip Line Perfector in Clear.

Budget Option: Maybelline Color Sensational in Clear.

4. Bust out the faux lashes.

I'm a lash girl, but I totally get it if you aren't. I know false lashes can be a little intimidating, but they look soooooo good in photos. Even with a natural look, difficult to tell you have them on. If the strips make you nervous, get the clusters. They are super easy to apply, and enhance your natural lashes. The key is, and this is important, be sure to get the latex based lash glue. (Unless of course you have a latex allergy.) The latex based glue is easy to work with, and won't rip out your lashes when it comes time to remove them at the end of the day.

Luxury Option: Flutter Lashes Synthetic Lashes in Fierce.

Budget Option: Ardell Fashion Lashes in Wispies.
These four pre-event beauty essentials will have you photo-ready and looking great all day!


All photo credits belong to Katya Nicholas Photography

Meet the Maker // Sweet Empire

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

I first met Catherine a couple of years ago when Event Head was just coming to life as a party styling and hire business. I attended a styling, photography and dessert making workshop and was treated to a little masterclass with Catherine making cake pops. There is a reason why you've never seen me make any since (ha!) but I've watched Catherine's business grow to bigger and better heights over the years, spreading joy and bringing incredible desserts to life for many a celebration. I love Catherine's elegant style and I wanted to share her work with you today, as well as give you a peek into her business. 

What was the catalyst for starting Sweet Empire?

When we adopted our son, Harry the laws stated that I could not return to the workplace for a number of years, this meant the perfect opportunity presented itself to fulfil my dream of baking and creating for a living.  I started a home based boutique bakery and styling company, Sweet Empire after helping some friends create their own parties and finding their guests were asking if I could do the same for their celebrations.


You get booked out months in advance, why do you think people have really identified with how you make your desserts?

I have found that being true to my own personal style is the best way to create my tribe of followers and customers.   I make a point of declining orders for items that are not my style such as licensed characters etc to ensure that I am known for a particular style and not the same as you see everywhere, otherwise there’s no point of difference.  Once I started doing this, my following grew instantly and I started to become booked out 6-8 months in advance.  

I also like to show the personal side of bakery life a little bit and my following really seem to enjoy making that personal connection.

What do you love the most about creating such beautiful sweet treats for events? 

I love that my clients can give me a brief in general and trust me to add my own touch to create exactly what they want.  So much of my work is from guests at events that I have catered for with wonderful comments about how much they loved tasting my desserts.  I’ve even had clients burst into tears when they’ve seen their cake, such a wonderful feeling knowing I have made someone’s special day.  

How do you think great food impacts a persons’ experience at an event?

Food is one of the most important aspects of an event. It brings people together and creates a welcoming tone to the event.  The desserts are also a great way to incorporate a theme, colour scheme and personal quirky touches that bring out the personality of the hosts to tell their story.  It needs to memorable.

What do you think event organisers need to look for in a caterer? 

Quality without doubt! 

Sure, desserts can look good but they must taste amazing as well.  Event planners and stylist often will select a caterer that they have used in the past to ensure they know the quality of their food and have a professional relationship with that caterer so their client will get the very best and have no surprises.

Having a caterer that completely understands they style of the event will be so helpful, so be sure to select the caterer that you like the “style” of, they will understand exactly what you are trying to achieve for your client.


Just gorgeous! You can follow Sweet Empire on Facebook HERE and keep a lookout HERE for the new website launching soon! 

All image credits belong to Sweet Empire

Venue Spotlight // Byron Luxury Beach Houses

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Byron Bay is one of my favourite places to visit, I absolutely love it. I got married there in 2008 and fell head over heels for it's beauty and it's laid back nature. My dream is to live there three months of the year and just soak up all the goodness it has to offer. For now though, I try and go back as much as I can and Byron Luxury Beach Houses is definitely somewhere where you can mix both business and pleasure. From a family getaway to luxurious retreats to launches and cocktail parties or even photo shoots, these beach houses have you covered.

Suitable for: Those wanting ultimate privacy, intimate workspaces and luxurious shared accommodation retreats

Not just for luxurious holiday escapes to Byron, Byron Luxury Beach Houses are especially great for intimate retreats and masterminds. They are perfect for groups wanting to share accommodation while having onsite facilities for work as well as play, with the added bonus of having a beach only a few minutes walk away. 

Each unique house is free standing to give guests comfort and privacy, features lustworthy designer interiors and state of the art appliances and technology to provide a luxurious setting for you and your guests. Each house has a decked area for the times you want to relax outside and there is a very inviting pool in the middle of the complex that is perfect for a midday dip.

Seriously, I could live here it is just gorgeous.

You have the ability to hire just one house or all six for complete privacy if running a small conference. They can also do special events such as weddings onsite which is great if you are looking to do something similar to what I did and make a weekend of it. More of what this lovely venue can do will be showcased in the coming months so keep an eye out on their website or email me if you want an introduction. 


All image credits belong to Byron Luxury Beach Houses

EHM Attends // Career Ideas For Mums Expo

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

I had the absolute pleasure of attending and speaking at the Career Ideas for Mums Expo on Saturday 10th October at Moonee Valley Racecourse. I have watched the creator of the event, Danielle Ross Walls, who is also a dear friend and client, put everything she had into creating this beautiful event that inspires and empowers mums to find a family flexible career that they can love.  

 With event MC and Founder of Aromababy, Catherine Cervasio

With event MC and Founder of Aromababy, Catherine Cervasio

This event was such a beautiful example of an entrepreneur creating an event that is truly needed and filling a gap in the market. After 15 years in the advertising industry, having two children made Danielle realise that corporate hours weren’t child friendly enough to create a sustainable lifestyle, so she went on a mission to find something flexible, that she was passionate about and contributed to the household income. When she couldn’t find it, she realised that other mums would be having the same difficulties too.

So after tirelessly looking for family friendly work options, doing event based study, volunteering and working at different festivals and speaking to mums in a variety of different situations, she came up with the idea of an expo specifically for mothers looking for viable work options. And voila, the Career Ideas for Mums expo was born! It was created to inspire and guide other Mums facing the same situation Danielle did and it certainly did just that! 

With recent studies showing that more and more mums are starting businesses rather than going back to work (and that's exactly what I did), Danielle saw the need for all these options to be under the one roof and accessible to anyone, no matter what their situation or background is. So with 13 inspiring guest speakers and over 40 exhibitors who are all promoting family friendly career ideas, the attending mums had full access to information on a whole range of different specialists including educations providers, franchises, direct sellers and party plan demonstrators, recruiters, career and life coaching and small business support services.

If you are a mum in business then I recommend you keep an eye out HERE for more Career Ideas for Mums announcements in the coming months. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the pipeline and you won't want to miss out! 

All image credits belong to Jade Wisely Photography

Trend Alert // Gathering Events

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

This is seriously the cutest thing I have seen in ages! Gathering Events offers a boutique pop-up caravan and bar service that keeps your guests refreshed and entertained at all types of celebrations and events. 

From Brisbane to Byron Bay and everywhere in between, their little caravan can be set up in venues, homes, parks, farms, churches, gardens or warehouses. And with the ability to convert the caravan into a pop-up coffee cart, marketing tool or event space, it really is a versatile service that can be used at any time of the day for all kinds of events from launches to networking events to festivals and more.  

Jen and her husband spent 12-months renovating every element of the caravan when they saw that events were calling out for a more intimate experience and relationship with the bar. Soon their little caravan and pop-up whisky bar was on the road, turning heads and getting the attention of wedding and event planners everywhere! 

Their ultimate drive is offering good-old-fashioned quality service in every part of their business and they literally have everything you need to get it all done for you, including RSA qualified bar attendants, glassware, fridge, eskies, ice, garnishes, the barware and even props, décor and furniture to make sure it’s looking it’s best. All you have to do is enjoy your cocktail! 

We’ve stumbled upon a real gem here for anyone looking to create old fashioned good-times, with a fun and fresh twist. You can find out more about Gathering Events and their services HERE


All image credits belong to Gathering Events

5 Wardrobe Staples Every Female Entrepreneur Should Have in Her Closet

By Fideliz Cruz

Editors note: Style plays a huge part in events and I know that it can either be a lot of fun to dress up and plan your outfits, or on the flipside, cause some stress or worry with entrepreneurs and business owners who are new to running events and aren't quite sure what to wear or how to present themselves.

I asked Fideliz Cruz, a Personal Stylist and Life Coach, to share her wardrobe staples with us today so that anyone and everyone can lead their event confidently and let their inner beauty shine. Fideliz is passionate about making women feel their best, by helping them bring out their uniqueness and authenticity through personal styling and by achieving their goals through life coaching so there was noone better for the job!


Our appearance and first impression plays a big role in our success.  I believe that as entrepreneurs, this is something that we need to be aware of and use to our advantage; as our appearance is the first thing our clients and even potential clients will see. 

As a Personal Stylist and Life Coach, I would always encourage my clients to take pride in their personal style and authenticity. It’s important that you remember that you are representing your brand. Your business; and most importantly YOU! You are your own brand Ambassador! A walking advertisement, and all eyes are on you so be prepared and have a wardrobe that you can easily “shop” from.

Dressing appropriately and professionally will also result in making you feel good! You will look good, feel good and as a result, you will perform and achieve greater things! – It’s an instant confidence boost!

For most entrepreneurs, finding time to go shopping can be very hard, and can be stressful or overwhelming; so to get you started, here’s my 5 must haves every female entrepreneur should have in her closet:


A High quality blazer is a key piece of an entrepreneur’s wardrobe. An investment piece that will last you many years! Very versatile - depending on how corporate or how dressy you want to be, you can easily mix and match it with most of the pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe. Wear it over a dress and you will instantly transform the look from casual to dressy or perhaps over a basic tee and skinny jeans for a quick casual meeting with a client. Quality and the fit is very important when looking for your blazer. Make sure that you find one that fits you well and consider getting a tailor to make it just right for you. 



There’s something about wearing a structured dress that makes women feel confident. I would recommend to have a couple of these dresses in your closet! I know we tend to stick with the basic black dress, but play and experiment with different colors, and colors that really complement your skin tone! 

With busy schedules and meetings here and there, dresses make our lives so much easier! No need to worry about mixing and matching, and can easily be transitioned from day to evening look. Switch from wearing flats and casual bag during the day to heels and an evening clutch during the night.
Show your personality by pairing a fun dress underneath a blazer just make sure to keep it professional by not showing any cleavage and that the hemline isn’t too short and the pattern of the dress not too distracting.



Whether dressing up or down, the classic midi skirt has endless possibilities! You would usually see women purchase the pencil skirt for work, but I would recommend the A line midi skirt as it is the most flattering to most body shapes. It is also much more comfortable than a pencil skirt, giving you more movement and freedom when walking. Want to look taller? Keep the skirt length just about the knees to prevent from making you look shorter.



Wearing heels make women’s legs look amazing! Heels change your posture and can make your legs look longer and leaner. They improve the entire look, as well as give you confidence for when you have special speaking engagements or events. 

Of course we have those days when we are running around and doing plenty of errands, so for those days, wear comfortable flats. If you want to wear heels though, I would recommend to wear them 1 hour at a time, and in between have your flats ready in your bag for a quick switch.

Start with one pair of black and one pair of nude. Nude pumps are a great option as it elongates your legs and you don’t have to worry about matching them with your clothes because they go with everything! When looking for your nude pair, go for the shade that’s closest to your skin tone.  Black pair of pumps are fantastic as they easily dress up any outfit! Black pumps will never go out of style and is suitable during the day and perfect for the evening - it goes with pretty much everything as well!



One of the Investment pieces I would recommend for a busy entrepreneur would be a classic structured bag. We carry our bag everywhere we go, and we use it so often that we really need to invest in one that is of great quality.  We want it to be durable and functional, as well as versatile enough that it goes with everything that we wear. I would suggest to get a plain black structured bag to get yourself started. Structured bags have clean lines and have a definite shape giving it that professional look, plus easier to find things in your bag this way! A well made classic style leather bag will last you many many years.


For more styling tips and inspiration, you can check out Fideliz HERE. Thanks lovely!


All photo credits belong to Alistaire Ong // Today is the Date Photography;  Make up by Emily Hughes;  Syling by Fideliz Cruz  and the beautiful model is Nastasha Tupas.

Meet the Founder // Nourish Melbourne

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Nourish Melbourne is an interesting model in the Melbourne health and wellness scene. They are a wellness collaborative effort, bringing together the best of Melbourne’s natural, organic and holistic health businesses to help inspire you towards better health, not just right now, but for life. They do this through the products or services each business offer and via the popular NM events in Melbourne, 

The businesses involved share the vision in promoting health and nourishment in everyday life and to share this nourishment with those around you, in order to spread the message that living a nourished life, leads to a happier and fulfilled life. They value people profit above purse profit and holding a NM membership also means you automatically give back to selected not-for-profit partners that are aligned with improving health and wellness, often for disadvantaged individuals and families. We speak to the founder, Natasha Mason, to hear the story behind NM.


What was the inspiration behind Nourish Melbourne and how did NM come to life?

Nourish Melbourne came to life after taking the plunge from working in a 9-5 job, which didn’t serve to fill my passion. I studied nutrition and health sciences at University, followed by working and studying in the marketing and communications space at the same time. I knew that my passion was healthy and mindful living, but it took working on my own self-love and nourishment to truly believe that it was my purpose. So once I did believe it, I stepped away from a job I didn’t love and started Nourish Melbourne to hopefully inspire, empower and nourish others, with what is available in their own city and from those who are most passionate about what they do. I believe that a nourished body and mind leads to self-love, and self-love leads to belief in ones abilities and believing in yourself means you can do anything your heart desires.


The importance of community spirit and collaboration is a key part of how Nourish Melbourne works, why do you think that collaboration is so important in holistic health and wellness?

Collaboration is so important as by working with each other, we lift each other higher. We are in a time where awareness of holistic health, mindfulness and spirituality is growing so rapidly, so by working together we can be sure to reach more people who wish to seek a life that is more fulfilled…a life that is truly fulfilled starts by feeling amazing in body, mind and spirit!


You offer a host of events throughout the year on a whole host of different topics. Why do you personally choose to do events?

You know, my old job was actually quite event centric, and I really didn’t enjoy it! Although I believe there is a teaching in everything that happens in our lives. By having worked in events (albeit for a business which I wasn’t passionate about), I’ve been able to serve my purpose through Nourish Melbourne events…being that I can reach people and have them learn and be empowered through the power of knowledge around a range of holistic health and wellness topics. So for that reason, I continue to run events for Nourish Melbourne!


What is one thing that you find the most exciting about events and one thing you find the most challenging?

The most exciting part is the creative aspect of finding a topic which I think our audience will most want to know more about, designing the event, and finding the best person to present on that topic. The most challenging has to be the logistics and pure organisation that goes on behind the scenes! Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed (and only those who work in events will understand!) but it’s a matter of lots of lists, lots of reminders in my phone and allowing time in case s**t ‘hits the fan’…and meditating so when s**t does ‘hit the fan’, it can be dealt with swiftly and easily.

And finally, we would love to know, what inspires you each day?

I’m inspired when I know I’ve inspired others, and when I myself learn something new, which I can then pass on to the Nourish Melbourne audience. Having my own business, as well as being a Mum to a six-month-old little lady has given me a new appreciation for other Mums who also run their own businesses. Those women inspire me to keep going on those more prickly days!


What a gorgeous way to help people and give back to the community! You can check out Nourish Melbourne HERE.


All image credits belong to Nourish Melbourne

Harnessing the Power of Events To Transform Your Online Business

By EHM Feature Writer Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Time and time again, articles by successful entrepreneurs pop up where they discuss the start of their business and some of the keys to their success. On top of persistence, patience, and relentless enthusiasm and optimism, another key component that often pops up is this:


Being the facilitator and/or speaker at events is a fast and effective way to start building a public profile, become an expert in your field, and give you instant credibility. 

Online, it can be easy to get lost in the noise of many, many others in your industry competing for screen space. On social media, you’re competing with friend’s babies and funny cat videos for the attention of your audience.

But, put on an event, and you suddenly have an edge. You’re real. You’re tangible. Your expertise is proven because you’re not hiding behind your computer screen. And, as awesome as the digital age is, people are still addicted to real life connection.

Maybe you’ve seen this yourself, with others in your industry. They run a few events and people really start to pay attention to them as leaders in the field. Or you’ve read an article by squillionaire who started to build their influence by hosting small, free events.

You probably already know how valuable events are to your business, but you don’t know what to do?

Never fear! Here are suggestions to get you started:

-    A casual ‘meet up’ event for a specific group (eg, bloggers, graphic designers, spiritual sisters, working mums). Extra points if the group happens to be your ideal clients so you’re positioning yourself in the forefront of their minds, but keeping it casual to start forming those strong connections.

-     Team up with a like-minded friend (preferably one who offers a different service) and put together a workshop that showcases both of your unique skills but solves a specific problem for your attendees.

-    Connect with community groups that are often looking for speakers to get in front of a new audience and practise your key speeches. They generally organise the event and you just have to show up and speak. Easy.

-    Hold free or low-cost events (say, a free one-hour presentation) on your chosen topic and introduce a product or service at the end for anyone who wants more. Always give great value so your attendees can see that if this is what you give for free, imagine how good the paid version is.

-    Add an event as a bonus to a high end program or service you offer to give your clients or customers an extra reason to get on board.

-    Run an intensive by bringing together a very small group and teaching them your ‘best stuff’. 

-    Create a mastermind group in your network to come together, share ideas, problem solve and do some co-working. Try and invite people with different skills or services who can bring different opinions and ideas (instead of, say, all life coaches).

DSC_5896 jade.jpg

Just like with everything, running events is something that takes a bit of trial and error to discover the kind of events that are best for your business. It’s about finding that sweet spot between what you love to do and what your audience wants but, mostly, it’s about getting out there and giving it a go, mixing it up and trying a bunch of different things. But there’s no denying that getting out from behind your computer and getting in front of your potential clients or customers, in real life, will do amazing things for your business.


All photo credits belong to Kate Di Blasi Photography

EHM Attends // Abbotsford Convent Spring Luncheon

By EHM Feature Writer Eliska Lam Chan-Siy

I've always been a Spring girl. It's the time for new things, soirees and of course, spring luncheons. So when Jade invited me to come with her to the Abbotsford Convent for their Spring Luncheon, it was a no-brainer for me.

I've had the chance to visit the venue for styled shoots, fairs and events but never had the chance to learn about all the heritage or meet the team properly, so it was a lovely opportunity to do both, whilst enjoying a beautifully prepared lunch. Abbotsford Convent is filled with such stunning architecture that it easily feels like you are at a get-away somewhere and even traveled through time just walking along the buildings and beautiful gardens.

  Above photo captured by Adrian Tuazon Photography, Styled by Ruffles & Bells

Above photo captured by Adrian Tuazon Photography, Styled by Ruffles & Bells

Upon arrival, we were directed to the courtyard to start with some amazing cocktails catered by the beautiful Bursaria. I've heard so much about Bursaria that I was really excited to finally get to taste their amazing menu. As the exclusive caterers of Abbotsford Convent, their passion for food reflects their stylish menu offerings which are always seasonally fresh and catered specifically to your event.

They can cater grazing platters, light lunches and even stylish three course meals which is a definite plus knowing that you can tailor your food to your event. It's the best way to create the ultimate event experience!

We were then led into the Rosina Function space with Bursaria's beautiful spread of long tables. The space is a stylist's dream with high ceilings, huge windows and exposed trusses. My mind always thinks ofa different look everytime I walk into this room!  

Lunch was exquisite to say the least and was followed by a tour of the convent. From the Breakfast Parlour to the Salon and Oratory, all rooms have different capacities holding from 12 to 300. And with 20 spaces available for hire you have so many options to choose from, all with their own character and purpose. Be it workshops, small functions, conferences or markets, this is one stunning ground for your next event!

During the tour it was great to learn more about the Abbotsford Convent Foundation who manage the convent site and ensure that the precinct stays intact for future generations to enjoy. Knowing that the foundation relies solely on community donations and the income from the venue hire means that we can feel good knowing that we are doing our part to help keep this heritage site intact. 

You can find out more about ACF and Abbotsford Convent HERE and Bursaria HERE.


All images courtesy of Abbotsford Convent  and Jean Kemshal-Bell except where noted. Flowers by Terrace Garden Florists.

For The Love of Good Design

Founded 5 years ago as a creative outlet, Adelaide based Susannah developed a range of handmade, personalised notebooks under the name Letter Love Designs. “I loved personalised items and it appeared they were hard to find in Australia so I made my own,” says Susannah. “I had never made any stationery before.”

But we are so glad that didn’t stop her, with her popular range of items attracting countless 5 star reviews on Etsy, thousands of admirers and were even recently featured in Cosmopolitan.

It is a very versatile range with everything on offer from business owner must haves including To Do lists, notebook day planners, personalized notebooks and notecards, to wedding guest books and even recipe books.  

The selling point for me and why I ordered from Susannah was the full colour and text personalisation available on the front cover. I love to give client gifts that are both unique and meaningful and being able to give someone a personalized notebook of such beautiful quality is always going to be a winner in my eyes! 

You can check out more of Susannah’s range HERE.


All image credits belong to Letter Love Designs

Meet the Founder // Soar Collective

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

In May 2014, Soar Collective founder Jess Jones saw the need to create a comfortable, open environment allowing the women attending to be brutally honest with each other as well as identifying collaborative opportunities.  

Jess was sick of attending events where guests seemed to be competing for a prize for who was the busiest.  She and a friend discussed this in depth over coffee, and that there was something lacking in the women’s networking market.  They were frustrated at the current offer as it didn’t resonate with them.  Less than a week later, the first Soar Collective event was held in Mornington with 12 local business women attending.  

I have personally watched Jess develop Soar Collective since she brought it to life and it has been a beautiful journey to watch! I spoke to Jess about the story behind Soar Collective and what makes it so different to the other networking events out there.


Your Mission is to empower and inspire women in business through authentic networking events and the big one – Soar Con the conference and awards. – How did the idea for these events come about?

When I first started the Soar Collective, I had a big vision including holding a huge conference for thousands of women on the MCG with guest speakers, workshops and more.  An idea for a smaller scale version started to come together as the Soar Collective community grew and I realised we had nothing like this in the Mornington Peninsula region.  We wanted a whole day devoted to women in business as well as holding the Soar Awards to celebrate and bring together the amazing women in our community.  


What are some of the topics you discuss to encourage women to be true to themselves?

We always remind attendees at our After Dark events (networking with inspirational guest speakers) to drop the mask and be truly open and honest when speaking to other women.  We encourage authenticity knowing you can’t truly grow or connect with others if you’re not being true to yourself.  

In business we’re faced with many challenges and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in admitting you’re not coping, that you’re exhausted, that sales aren’t great or that you’re struggling with something.  


How have you found interactive events assist women truly becoming their authentic self and being confident about their business?

I think the biggest thing is meeting and talking to likeminded women and realising they’re not alone on this path.  Also empowering them to learn new skills and seeing them feel less overwhelmed with the challenge of wearing many hats as a business owner.

How do want women to feel when walking away from your events?

Our vision is to empower and inspire women in business.  We want to educate women with practical workshops and discussions so that they’re learning as well as gaining inspiration from the guest speakers and facilitators we invite to our events.  We want women to feel like they’re not alone, like they’re supported and that they’re extremely capable of doing great things, even when they don’t feel like they are. 


How do you make your events different to the norm? 

The biggest part is that we promote truly authentic networking events.  It’s so important to me that each person who attends our After Dark events (whether attendees or speakers) feels welcome and comfortable.  If people feel excluded or uncomfortable, they’ll revert back to feeling like they can’t be themselves or that they have to put on a front.  

I’ve been to many events over the years where it’s felt competitive and people are more focused on what’s in it for them.  It got to the point where I could see straight through people, and could tell if they were actually listening to others or whether they were just waiting to get their sales pitch in.  It made me feel quite jaded about the networking and events industry and I just wanted to create something real.  I love events where I feel inspired to do great things but just as much need the practical component to learn ‘how’ to do those great things!  Soar Collective tries to bring both of these things together.  We also have a focus on collaboration, encouraging our members to identify opportunities where businesses can work together to benefit both groups of customers.  We’ve seen a few wonderful collaborations already, with more in the mix as we speak.


What feedback have you received from women attending your events and workshops?

We’ve been fortunate enough to have members and event attendees tell me there’s nothing like our events out there and that they feel like they can be honest and open.  We’ve also had many tell us of new partnerships and collaborations as well as lots of referrals due to women truly connecting with each other and wanting to refer business to one another. 

Since launching the membership model at the beginning of 2015, we’ve had lots of women get in touch to say thank you for the opportunity to be part of our community.  I’ve also received gorgeous cards from members too which I’m so grateful for.  


What’s on the horizon for Soar Collective?

We’re launching Soar Collective in 2 new locations in 2016.  The first will be in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the second is to be announced!  We’re also looking forward to growing our community to other regions of Australia in the future with the hope to support and inspire businesswomen all over the country.


How beautiful is Jess?! You can check out Soar Collective HERE and there is also some time to snap up your tickets to SoarCon HERE, the first full day conference and cocktail event for women in business on the Mornington Peninsula, on November 14.


Photo credits belong to Photography by Bianca

Top Tips on How To Stay Healthy and Feel Great When Travelling

By Dahlas Fletcher Certified Trainer from Bodyfabulous Fitness

If you follow me on social media, you will see I love food and I love eating. J.E.R.F or “Just Eating Real Food” is something I try to do daily. And when it comes to travelling I find this even more important. As it can be difficult to stay healthy when in airport lounges and up in the air, especially if you are not prepared and if you’ve have any food intolerances. Even if you’re allergy free, once you’re tired and hungry, it’s very easy to give into the surrounding unhealthy options – especially if you have kids in tow ! Here are some easy tips to keep you on track :

Prepare ahead and Pack some staples

Many people think you are unable take your own food on an airplane. However, you can ! Just remember if you take any fresh fruit on board you must eat it on the plane or you will have to dump it at your destination for quarantine reasons. A cooler bag with an ice brick packed with a few items such as apples, bananas, natural nuts, natural popcorn, fresh carrot and celery sticks plus some homemade chocolate zucchini muffins, and  nut and date balls  are fantastic options to boost meal times (as plane food is not the most nutritious option), or stave off hunger if you have an airport or travel delay. Most of this food will keep fresh for 4 days, and if you’re staying in an apartment / hotel with a kitchen or fridge you could even freeze the leftover muffins and use them for your trip home. 

Stay Hydrated 

I always make sure I travel with trusty T2 Tea Thermos. This keeps my favourite organic herbal teas hot for hours plus I pack a few extra tea-bags with me as it’s easy to ask for a hot water top up if needed. It such any easy and delicious way to stay hydrated. Too much coffee and alcohol can have some negative effects such as headaches, dehydration, restlessness and extended jet lag when traveling.

Find the local healthy spots

Make sure you Google your destination for wholefood / organic shops and cafes before you leave. In NYC you have Trader Joe’s, Life Thyme, Wholefoods all in various parts of Manhattan. In Paris, 2 fantastic organic supermarkets called La Vie Claire and Naturalia. Nothing however beats a local produce market and eating fresh and seasonally when overseas or interstate. When shopping at regular supermarket or eating at a local café  try to avoid refined items such as fries, white bread and sugary cakes. Swap them out for a healthier alternative like sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa and freshly made gelato (a must in Italy). Also grilled / barbequed meats rather than deep fried protein plus ask for your sauces on the side as these are often laden with sugar and bad oils (especially in the USA). There are healthy options everywhere, you just need to be prepared to look and ask for them.


 Pic via Wall Street Scope

Pic via Wall Street Scope

Avoid the buffets and meeting treats!

So many hotels offer free buffet breakfast or dinner with hotel bookings. The problem with buffets is that you generally like to fill your plate up with as much as possible and then go back for seconds and even thirds ! Buffets are a real trap for over-eating. If you do happen to find yourself at a buffet, then fill your plate up with as many healthy options you can find first – think fresh garden salads, fresh fruit, grilled meat, fresh seafood etc. At breakfast, ask for a poached egg on wholemeal toast with a freshly squeezed juice instead of the cream laden scrambled eggs and hash browns and again if you are still hungry fill up a little natural yoghurt and fresh fruit. If you fill your plate up with the healthy stuff, you’ll be less likely to overindulge on the unhealthy options. Stay away from the desert bar too, there is almost always nothing good there – try a nice cup of herbal tea instead. I bet you won’t be hungry anyway. If you are traveling for work also be conscious of what is on offer during meetings and conferences. It is very easy to drink excessive coffee and eat too many mints from boardroom table ; plus some cake at morning tea (on top of that buffet breakfast you have already had - yikes). Instead pack some natural nuts to snack on, stay hydrated with unsweetened teas and don’t be afraid to ask ahead about lunch options and pre- order a healthy wrap plus fresh salad.


Keep up your fitness routine

Now I’m not saying go and spend hours at the gym, in fact I don’t promote spending hours at the gym even when at home. But if you can keep up some sort of daily exercise routine when you are away you will feel so much better for it. If the gym isn’t your thing or accessible where you are, then go for a twenty minute run or swim. Or try some Pilates or yoga moves in your room. – there are many You Tube channels where you can find fantastic routines. Another great way to get some sneaky exercise in is to walk everywhere. Rather than taking cabs explore the city on foot. Not only do you get some exercise in but you also get to discover some exciting places that you wouldn’t otherwise see if you were in a car.


Don’t forget to have fun

Yes it’s important to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle when you travel, but also don’t forget to have some fun ! I live by the 80/20 rule – try and eat healthy nutritious food for at least 80% of the time, so you can allow yourself some treats, enjoy them and then quickly get back into your healthy routine as soon as you can. Being healthy isn’t just about nutrition and exercise, it’s also about keeping a healthy mind too, so it’s important to get out there and enjoy yourself as much as possible.


If you have any other healthy travel tips you would like to share with me I would love to hear them! Learn more about Body Fabulous and connect with me HERE.


All images courtesy of Dahlas Fletcher except where noted.

Trend Alert // Customised Prints and Cards

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

It's no secret that I love events that give a personal experience. Something that goes above and beyond to ensure the guest experience is physical as well as emotional will always win brownie points, so when I saw the newly released range of Thank You Love Cake cards and prints, I knew instantly that the designers, Kate and Rwui, were onto a winner. 

Personalisation and customisation is nothing new, but TYLC brings something so bright, bold, and fun to the mix. And with such a beautiful hand made process, you absolutely know that these are all made with big, big doses of love. Their prints and cards put an instant smile on my face and I know they will have the same effect on you too. I interviewed the girls to get the low down on what TYLC has to offer and how it all come about. 


How did Thank You Love Cake come about?

It was one of those chance-like serendipitous things really. We met at one of Event Head's events initially, then were seated next to each other at another networking dinner and started chatting all things graphic design. Ruwi is a designer and Kate was planning to brand a venture she was starting. We got together over coffee a few times and one of those times we both talked about how difficult it is when you're working by yourself. We both had side projects that were similar-ish (okay, we may be drawing a long bow here...Kate did handcut fluoro cards and Ruwi did prints!) and thought we'd try to go it together. A few months later and we're just about to launch our range of greeting cards, prints and other packaging bits and bobs.  

How are your cards and prints made and how are yours different from the ones you can buy in shops?

We have very distinct styles and processes to match. Kate's cards and prints are all hand screenprinted. The design is created digitally then transferred by hand to stencil paper. The stencil is hand cut, then each colour is individually hand pulled. It's a time consuming process, which is necessary to create her signature style and vibrant colour prints. Ruwi's cards and prints are painstakingly hand painted with a Japanese brush pen and ink. Sometimes she writes the words up to 30 times to get the right composition. They are then digitised and printed on the most beautiful paper using archival inks. 

What products and services do you offer entrepreneurs and business owners to help with their events? 

We have a range of more than 60 cards and nearly 20 prints that are available, but we can do custom orders for event professionals, which include personalisation of cards and prints such as invitations, thank you cards, 'we love you being here' cards, custom prints, gift tags, gift wrap, packaging, ribbons, bows etc.

For the digitally printed cards and prints we can match Pantone colours, customise quotes, and print in bulk quantities, or just one at a time. For anything screen printed, it's a little trickier, but we can always work with event professionals to come up with something to delight their attendees. 


What are the small touches that you appreciate in events and how do believe event hosts can go the extra mile to make their attendees feel special? 

Kate: It really is the small things that are the most important. Being an introvert who hates going to new places, anything that will make it easier - parking details, how to find the building -  goes such a long way. Also, personalisation of anything is such a beautiful touch, as is creative presentation. I work in events in my day job too so it's rare that I'm delighted by things, but I went to an event the other night and the catering was presented so beautifully. I will never forget the cheese platter! It's that simple - great food presented beautifully. The now-cliche - being surprised and delighted. 

Ruwi: The time guests first arrive at an event is very important and I find a little thought and creativity spent here can go along way. Making sure there is someone to greet guests and something interactive to do as they arrive is always a good idea. Personalised gifts or name cards show that you have taken the time to make sure your guests feel extra special plus can also serve as a beautiful keepsake for the event. Get creative and think of an approach that fits in with the theme/style of your event and decor.  


Aww love these girls! You can check out Thank You Love Cake HERE and HERE but be warned, you will most likely order one of everything like I did!  


All image credits belong to Thank You Love Cake

How to Apply the Perfect Red lipstick

By Justine O Makeup and Hair

The struggle is real. As someone who LOVES a bold, bright red lipstick, I know that it takes the right product and some time and effort to get those lips right. It's even more crucial when you are getting your all important event photos done by a professional and you want to use some of the pics as part of your own portfolio of head shots on your website and social media. 

Make up artist extraordinaire Justine O gives us her tips on how to apply the perfect red lipstick and help us avoid crooked lips, lipstick on the teeth and all those other lovely problems that come with it!

To have the perfect red lipstick you firstly need the right products. Here I have used: 

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment
M.A.C Ruby Woo Lipstick
Lip brush (not essential if you plan on using a lip pencil)
M.A.C Cherry Lipliner
M.A.C Studio finish concealer
Pencil sharpener

Step one is to prepare your lips.  Start by lightly concealing the lips with a concealer and then hydrate with a lip conditioner. Blot off the excess lip conditioner with a tissue when you’re ready to apply your lip colour.

The next step is to shape your lips. Sharpen your lip pencil so you can get nice, crisp lines. Fill in your entire lips with the lip pencil, starting at the centre and working your way to the outer corner. This will make it a lot easier to get an even outer line. Another great tip is to fill in your entire lips with the liner to help your lipstick last longer and stay on. 

Next we apply the lipstick. If you have used lipliner all over its easy to go directly in with your lipstick or  if you just want to use lipstick without the lipliner, apply your lipstick with a brush.
Synthetic brushes are the best to use for lipstick as it applies the colour smoothly and doesn’t soak up to much product. Make sure you blend in your lipstick with your lipliner.

And viola, perfectly sculpted lips!

If you find your lips look a little uneven after everything, you can use cotton tips to clean up any edges or add extra concealer with an angle brush and then outline again with your lipliner or your lip brush.

Fabulous! You can find out more about Justine and her makeup services including make up classes and private one on one  tutorials HERE.


Images courtesy of Justine O Make Up


How to Get Rocking Sponsors for Your Next Event

By EHM Feature Writer Sarah Jensen

Whether it’s your first workshop or you’re a seasoned pro, seeking sponsorship for your event can feel a bit scary.

It can push all those ‘self-doubt’ buttons and bring up thoughts like, ‘What do I have to offer the big brands’ and ‘Why would they want to sponsor me’.

I felt stuck too when I started planning my first workshop, but with the help of my amazing coach and mentor Jade McKenzie from Event Head, I rocked sponsors like Collective Magazine, Grill’d Burgers and the ThankYou Group.

But I want to dispel the myth that finding sponsors for your event has to be difficult or scary.

If you want to get some rocking sponsors and big brands on board for your next event but don’t know where to start, I’m going to take you step by step through the process.

I want to reassure you too that as a blogger or entrepreneur, you don’t have to have BIG numbers (website traffic or followers on social media) to secure amazing sponsors. If you’re polite, professional, have engaged followers and make it about building relationships rather than ‘getting free stuff’ you’ll manifest so much more success and build brand collateral that matters.

1. Dream big

Take some time to brainstorm a list of dream brands you’d love to work with. This can include brands you love and use every day, brands your attendees would love to receive and brands that are aligned with your business, your message and your event.

For example, if you’re running workshop on self-care you could include beautiful brands who make scented candles, body care products, health and wellness magazines, oracle cards or aromatherapy oils.


2. Get clear

Now you have your list, go through and narrow it down. Choose around 3 products you’d like to gift to your attendees and write down the names of two brands you love who make those products.


3. Do your homework

Before you go on an emailing frenzy, take the time to research your dream brands. Spend time on their website, look at their contact page and aim to find a person you can approach rather than just the ‘contact at’ or ‘info at’ email address.

Also, be sure to read the company’s about page to make sure your brands are actually aligned. If they are, take note the words they use to describe their message or movement, you’ll use these later in your approach email.


4. The approach

This part is key as first impressions count. You want to be clear about who you are, what you do and what you want, but not make it so long they get bored and give up.

It’s a delicate balance and you should take time to craft your first approach email. It will absolutely be worth it as after you’ve done it once, you can shape and tweak your email until you have a concise, attention grabbing pitch template that you can repurpose for each brand.

Here’s what you’ll want to cover in your pitch email:

  • Who you are.

  • What you do and where you do it (provide your website URL).

  • What your event is about and who it’s for (consider this your event’s ‘elevator pitch’ - a couple of sentences that pique the sponsor’s interest and make it clear what you’re creating and who you’re creating it for).

  • What you love about their brand + why your brands are aligned.

  • What you’d like from them and when you need it by (be specific here – provide numbers, product names or dollar figures if you’re after money or vouchers. Also, make sure you allow plenty of time for your sponsors to ship or deliver products to you – don’t leave it until the last minute).

  • What you’re offering in return (this could be exposure on social media, in your newsletter, in your event marketing material or on your website; think about what you have to offer and always be generous).

Email one of your dream brands in each category. If you don’t hear back within one week, send a short and polite follow up message. If it’s a no, that’s ok, thank them and ask if it’s ok to contact them again in relation to future events. Remember, no doesn’t mean ‘never’! If it’s a yes, be sure to send them a heartfelt thank you and then give yourself some serious high fives – you did it baby!


5. Follow up

You’ve locked in awesome sponsors for your event. Congratulations! 

Make sure you keep in contact with your sponsors as the event comes to life. Create a spreadsheet or list to track your sponsor commitments and make sure you fulfil your promises. 

This is where you can really build trust and mutually beneficial relationships with brands – show them how much you and your attendees love their brand and tell them how grateful you are to have had them on board for your event. If they’ve helped make it special, let them know. They’ll appreciate it and be more likely to work with you again in future.


{Editors note} And I'm so excited to announce that sponsorship will have a whole new module in the next round of my Workshop Wonderful eCourse. The next one kicks off February 8, 2016 and you will have EVERYTHING you need to get incredible sponsors of your own! x

All photo credits belong to Event Head and Kate Di Blasi Photography