Feast of Merit

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

If you haven't yet heard of Feast of Merit, let me introduce you! 

Feast of Merit is a cafe in Richmond, Melbourne where 100 percent of its profits directly support YGAP’s movement of impact entrepreneurs who are improving the lives of people living in poverty.

So basically, if you want to help global poverty - eat here, have a drink here or hold an event here! We spoke to the gorgeous team about their work and how you can do some social good just by utilising their services. 

We would love to hear all about who Feast of Merit is and where it found its inspiration?

Feast of Merit is more than a restaurant. It’s a social enterprise owned and run by YGAP; a not-for-profit that finds, accelerates, supports and grows impact entrepreneurs who have launched ventures to improve the lives of people living in poverty. We champion social change through a farm-to-table philosophy, working closely with growers, producers and suppliers to bring seasonal, sustainable and ethical fare with a difference.

Feast of Merit was inspired by the traditions of Nagaland, a far north-eastern part of India, where people believe that wealth should be shared. In Nagaland, when a member of the community comes into wealth they host a feast for the whole village (including all poor and disadvantaged people). Everyone in the community is invited to join the festivities which continue until the host has shared their wealth. When the feast is finished and the community has celebrated, the host resumes life once more - with the Golden Cloak of Merit on their shoulders. The clock signifies the highest social value in Nagaland: hosting a Feast of Merit.

Tell us a little about what feast of merit offers

In order to generate as much revenue as possible for YGAP, Feast of Merit is constantly looking to expand. We now offer facilities and services which include:

Feast of Merit Restaurant and Rooftop Bar; Our restaurant offers world class cuisine, cooked by our kitchen team led by Head Chef Jarryd Goundrey – previously Cutler & Co. Dining Room and Art Series Hotel Group. At Feast of Merit, our menu changes with the seasons because we feature organic, sustainable and local produce. We recently opened an intimate and secluded rooftop bar serving a delicious Middle Eastern snack menu complimented with locally sourced wine and beer as well as delicious jugs of Pimms, Moscow Mule and Aperol Spritz.

Feast of Merit Functions; Our new function space at 111 Swan Street opened for business in May 2016 and is perfect for all events big or small including cocktail events, workshops, lunches and formal dinners.

For more information regarding the Feast of Merit menu, opening times, bookings and events please visit www.feastofmerit.com.

How do your services go towards making a positive impact both within australia and nationally? 

100% of Feast of Merit profits go to YGAP. YGAP believes in a world without poverty. A world where everyone can access a quality education, live in a good home, have a good job, and live free from preventable disease and violence. YGAP exist to find and support impact entrepreneurs around the world who are improving the lives of those living in poverty.

In addition to Feast of Merit, YGAP raise funds through running innovative fundraising campaigns and creating partnerships. As of today, 225 YGAP impact entrepreneurs have significantly and measurably changed the lives of 155,379 people living in poverty across Africa, Asia and Australia.

Feast of Merit’s new events space will enable everyone to connect, learn, support, and launch inspiring ethical projects. We care for our local community and want to ensure they have a great time and improve the lives of those in poverty while doing so.

We'd love to know how feast of merit have worked with events in the past

Feast of Merit has been hosting dinner events since opening in 2014. It is extremely easy to book tables of up to 10 people through our website or by calling our awesome front of house team. Our friendly staff and talented chefs provide a great way for customers to enjoy celebrations and our tapas style menu ensures that there is something for everyone- including numerous gluten free and vegan options. 

The Function Space now offers many new opportunities for events. We have already hosted events such as: formal sit down dinners, training workshops, meetings, cocktail parties, birthday celebrations, networking lunches, afternoon teas, wine tastings, photo shoots, fundraisers, staff parties, campaign launches, art exhibitions and more.

How can event orgasniser's utilise your services for their own events? 

The opportunities for events with Feast of Merit are endless. We are especially enthusiastic about hosting events for other social enterprises. Come to us with your idea and we can discuss a plan of action!

We have a range of different time slots for any type of function and beverage packages and food packages so you can choose what works best for you.


Amazing right?! I urge you to check them out here and visit them as soon as you can! 

All photo credits belong to Feast of Merit