Review // True North Meditones

By Rhiannon Colarossi

Tahlee Rouillon, founder of Sonesence, creatively composes exquisite Meditones. These wonderful soul-soothing sounds are a simple way to boost the everyday wellbeing of busy entrepreneurs and business owners - especially in the lead up to running your own events.  

So what exactly are Meditones? 

“Meditones are the catalyst of peace you have been craving. They effortlessly transform your brain by directly stimulating relaxed neural activity with a simple pair of headphones. These pure sounds ignite subconscious healing on an atomic level, giving you tranquil relaxation and deep meditation.” – Tahlee Rouillon

Three beautiful tracks comprise the True North album. Each possesses a unique beauty yet seamlessly connect together.  If I had to describe each track in one sentence it would be the following: 

1.    Lumi – brilliant if you are feeling a little flat or stuck
2.    And They Fed Me Stars – wonderful for unlocking and exploring your intuition
3.    Reverent Undulations – an excellent way to rejuvenate when feeling tired, busy or overwhelmed.

Meditones have a magical effect and their transformative power can be felt instantly. I had goosebumps all over within 10 seconds of listening for the first time.

The album has a beautiful way of gently transporting you from a feeling of busyness into a state of relaxation. Listening can make ordinary (and sometimes mundane) daily tasks feel like a breeze. I love popping on a Meditone whilst folding laundry or doing the dishes as it transforms these everyday tasks into rejuvenating me-time. I also highly recommend listening to the pure sounds of True North whilst in the shower, or as you are getting ready for bed in the evening for a peaceful way to end the day.

Having previously been unaware that such music existed, it has been an unexpected gift and total game-changer for me. I now love listening to Meditones and they’re fast becoming an integral part of my daily wellbeing practice. I’m also excited to have a new tool to share with my wellbeing community through The Wellbeing Web

Each day I’m blessed to connect with many brilliant women and one topic that often comes up in conversation is relaxation. Questions arise such as, How can I find time for me? How can I rest and relax with all I have to do? How can I learn to slow down? Do you have an easy meditation technique? How can I switch off from all the constant thinking? 

My response – first, you must nurture yourself and once you’ve filled up your cup, you will be so much better placed to give generously to those around you. Having discovered Meditones I’m thrilled to now be able to share this flawless relaxation tool when asked the above questions. 

The Meditones from True North are a perfect way to fill up your daily cup, ensuring you are feeling refreshed and relaxed every day. They’re a brilliant wellbeing tool and an easy way to induce the feeling of calm, patience, joy, connectedness, freedom and appreciation – an ideal way to reset your mood in an instant. You can buy your copy HERE and enjoy them as much as I am!  

Rhiannon Colarossi is a wellbeing coach for mums. She loves inspiring mums to nurture their everyday wellbeing. Rhiannon founded The Wellbeing Web after spending 10 years in education.